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COBB Tuning SF Intake and Airbox

MODEL # COB 715300



Verified Purchase

Very noticeable
Tony 27 days ago
Noticed the difference right off the back and installation was super easy. Great quality product from Cobb, extremely happy with this purchase. This with an access port and a quality exhaust system would surely enhance that Subaru rumble you love so much.
Verified Purchase

Awesome Sound Difference
Natelmeier96677 2 years ago
The sound difference between this and the stock intake is amazing. Between that, and the upgraded look under the hood I love this mod. I am not 100% sure about any actual performance gains though.
Verified Purchase

great sound
dseufertj65078 2 years ago
great sound, looks great installed. the air box keeps you from failing state inspections in some states

Awesome Product
niteshd69045 3 years ago
After reading all the reviews and feedback I decided to go for COBB Intake and got it installed. The only issues I faced was I did not reset my ECU because my car is under warranty (30K only and warranty expires at 60K). I drove without any issues for couple of days until my engine check light went on. Took the car back to the dealer and found ECU went into Lean mode - (Code: P0171 - System Too Lean Bank 1) because of airflow. We tried to change the O2 sensors to better ones and updated new ECU firmware from Subaru but still did not help... As per Subaru it is not a big deal regarding the code and it should be fine, so I end up getting a Mac Tool Scanner to reset the code and go on...

willtauch98488 3 years ago
Okay... so i bought this intake and airbox along with a cobb ap v3. took a bit of wrist work to get the stock hose out but after that, installation is super easy. I put instulation tape on the airbox because i have been hearing heat soak stories. after the intake was in, the accessport was a breeze and after that, a little joyride around the block was INSAAAAAANE!!

Nightwing 3 years ago
The simplicity of installation and the performance of the parts was too good to be true. This does require you to retune or remap your car. My 2013 Hatchback has seen a much smoother range of power. The choppy torque of going hard in the beginning is now a thing of the past. You won't know what I mean until you try it.

Excellent Product
boostaru 4 years ago
Very satisfied with a quality product and customer service from RSD!

Cobb SF Intake and Airbox
Twoflower 4 years ago
I love this product. I have combined this with the Invidia Q300 Catback and the Catted Invidia Downpipe. The hiss from the intake gives the car a feeling of life, like it's breathing. And the performance (with a pro tune) is significantly increased. Ive gone from 250whp to 294whp (approx 305bhp to 360bhp). The overall noise of the car is a little louder than expected but I like it. It certainly turns heads as you accelerate. Once again, great service from RSD. I live in Dubai and the whole process has been utterly painless.

Looks and sounds great on my 2014
rex864 4 years ago
Took maybe 15 min to put on another 5 to install the cobb ap and I was up and running, sounds great and car feels great.

Well done sir...
tommyshibby 4 years ago
This intake is awesome as tits! Highly recommended to anyone modding. I tuned to stage 1 sf with air box 93 octane and immediately notices a power difference, I also feel like it spools up quicker but it could just be me. The only downs is that the filter will get annihilated if you are doing donuts and rallying down dirt roads. P.S. I bought this 3 months ago and I bought it for $315... now you decided to bring the price down! Still worth the price though.

AP and Short Ram cocktail.
Mr.Fission 6 years ago
This kit was easy to instal. 45 min. Max. The sound had me hooked from minute one. The AP was just as easy to get going. I will say this, you need a filter recharge kit. I had to run to the local parts store and grab one. NBD, but it would have been nice to know. Overall, great transaction, great gear. Ill be back.

sounds sick
bradyallinson 6 years ago
this intake is awesome, works very well and sounds really good and the air box is very well made top quality product.

dgm2011wrx 6 years ago
This intake is a great way to give your car some extra power. I wouldn't suggest getting it unless your pairing it with the access port. This is the key to getting the power out of it. With the access port and the sf intake w/box and I am know peaking at 17.4psi and leveling off at 16.2psi with the stage1+sf map!!! Thanks again RSD!

Worth The Money!
jayfassett69668 7 years ago
This was my first purchase from RSD. Transaction went smoothly and the package was delivered on time in great shape. Install went quickly and it was easy to follow the enclosed instructions. GREAT customer service at RSD! After flashing to the stage 1+SF map I was amazed at the amount of power unleashed and how smooth it was. I will be buying more goodies from RSD soon!

Easy Install, Aweome sound!
ronan_j 7 years ago
Well it was a complete pain getting the intake in the first place and the customer service reps at COBB are annoying. They never know when any of their products will be available. I finally found a distributor who had one in stock and once it actually showed up at my door after a month of waiting it was a quick and easy install. 20 minutes or so. It was well worth it. The sound is awesome, and I personally love how clean the engine bay looks with the airbox combo. I also think the Stage 2+SF map is way better than the basic Stage 2 map, but it could just be a placebo effect. Either way, I haven't been disappointed by any means.

attractive and quality piece
mistahtan 7 years ago
Totally recommend this intake, the airbox is very nice to look at. I love the sounds and the ability to hear the bov. Powerwise, didn't notice much. I'm running it on Cobb Stage 2 W/ SF Intake. This intake is a pretty good bargain considering you get a free ots map from cobb if you got the accessport.

good overall exerience/very nice product
willbaker51525375 7 years ago
Item came very quickly and was very simple to install. i put this on a 09 wrx and it sounds great. i decided not to get the air box with this but i will be getting it because my intake temps go up fairly quickly while stopped. next order i have, i am going to get one!

The Way It Should Be
guest55c8cc8ccaae52f460a7e041 7 years ago
Thank you RallySportDirect! This was my first purchase from you guys and it was a wonderful experience. I'll be buying from you again! All I have on my 11 WRX is this intake and the Stage 1 SF intake map from Cobb. The car feels and sounds wonderful. A much overall better feeling then stock. I think the instructions from Cobb for the install could have been slightly better, but overall it wasn't that bad. Overall I would highly recommend this intake and the Cobb Accessport to any WRX owner!

awesome sound
11sti 7 years ago
I didnt order my sf intake from I ordered mine from cobb but anyway this thing sounds awesome I didnt notice a big increase in power but this intake is worth every penny it is my favorite mod. I highly recommend ordering one along with an acessport best 2 mods you can do for both sound and power.