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COBB Tuning Short Ram SF Intake System

MODEL # COB 715100


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COBB Tuning Short Ram SF Intake System ( Part Number: 715100)
COBB Tuning Short Ram SF Intake System ( Part Number: 715100)
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Cobb Air Intake for WRX 2 months ago
The Cobb Intake for my 2012 WRX is such a great purchase! It adds a little bit more power but also it added the Turbo whistle i’ve been wanting. I was debating on whether I should get it with the air box for better temperature ratings but I heard it silences the turbo, so without it it just sounds a whole lot better when you speed up. Installation was fairly easy. The first bolt I had to unscrew was the most difficult to to the fact that it was in such a tight small space and needed a long enough extension for the ratchet to unscrew. Not to mention this was literally my first time doing anything like this engine bay relate by myself, I don’t know much of these type of things. With the help of a YouTube tutorial on installing the Intake it was pretty straight forward and easy to do. Afterwards the other only difficult thing was sliding in the blue intake tube to the rest of the stock I take leading to the turbo, seemed like it wasn’t big enough for the other tube to slide in, almost feeling as if there was no need for the hose clamps since it was plenty of tight. Then again, it’s there for the hose to be secure. Again, the whole installation was pretty easy and with those of you who have experience in this type of stuff it’s no problem for you guys. This is my first time doing this by myself, other times I had help and basically watched them install anything for me. Looks clean and quality of the product is very great! I recommend this to anyone and everyone but DONT FORGET TO TUNE THE CAR AFTER! ITS A MUST! The Cobb Accessport is what you will need for it which you can also purchase in this website!
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Looks Great In The Engine bay 3 years ago
Installation is super easy and it looks great in the engine bag. Added this and tuned with the Cobb access port. Loving it so far.
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Vortex in a box 4 years ago
Just installed this on my 13 sti. Can not be anymore pleased with the product and sound. Easy to install and the outcome is amazing. Highly suggest anyone looking at this intake to get it.
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2011 WRX Premium 4 years ago
Looks great. Sounds great. Great performance gain and better gas milage with the right tune. Really brings out the sound you wanna hear from the turbo.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Amazing Sound, performance 5 years ago
This product is top notch. I ordered this with the air box and it fits nice and snug. Tuned mine to Stage 1+ 93 and the results are awesome. My boost levels are up just over 17psi and air flow through the intake is second to none for its price! I highly recommend to any WRX owner!
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Winning 5 years ago
This is an incredible product. Bought in conjunction with the air box, it has given my WRX an awesome sound. Running it with my Stage 1 + SF tune on my AP but can't say I've noticed a distinct increase in power. The swoosh sound is where its at though. Super easy installation. And as always, thank you RSD for the unrivaled service!
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Wwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooopppppp 5 years ago
This think will suck people off the streets it so Really impressed with Rallysportdirect, I live in South Africa, ordered the stuff and received the goods in exactly 1 week! That is impressive. The intake was easy to install, didn't even look at the instruction, everything is pretty straight forward. Car is going for a tune this weekend, after which I can put foot and scare people =P
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Awesome 5 years ago
This intake really changed the performance of the car with the cobb accessport stage 1.. Install is easy and simple, and I love the being able to hear the spool through the intake. Great product, should be #1 upgrade!
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Fantastic 5 years ago
I love this intake. The sound is great and isnt even close to overbearing. Felt immediate gain when installed.
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Easy install. Great results 5 years ago
Took about 30 min to install using only hand tools. The performance is noticeable when paired with the cobb AP. Sounds and looks great.
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I cant get enough of this intake 5 years ago
This thing doesn't just look good but sounds good and the quality is up there. I have had this on all three of my Subaru's. That should tell you right there you need to buy this with a Accessport.
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Very very good 5 years ago
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2011 forester fxt 5 years ago
Love this product. Has great quality very easy to install and it looks and sounds great.
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Great Product 5 years ago
Love this product.. Thanks rallysport
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GREAT AND EASY!! And QUALITY!!! 5 years ago
Love this intake!! Best qualityy!! Love it!!
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nicely 5 years ago
Easy to install along with airbox and sounds great on my 09 STI, compliments my BOV nicely
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Nice intake 5 years ago
I have a love hate relationship with this intake. I love how it makes the stock BPV sound awaken. However, sometimes the air sucking noise can get a bit annoying. Overall I like it (most of the time).
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Great Product 5 years ago
Although my wife swears it sounds like the car is scraping the rode (because she clearly doesn't know what turbo suction sounds like), I get as much of a rush from the sound as the motor does. Complimented with Cobb Accessport, I'm pushing noticeably more horsepower. Can't wait for stage 2.
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Recommended 5 years ago
This is by far the best CAI. I have suggested it to three other friends and they all love it.
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Good sound  5 years ago
Cobb makes excellent products,super easy to install. You can really hear the turbo spool up and gives thencar a nice deep growl under load.
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Excellent Piece of Equipment 5 years ago
Freshly installed on my STi and I'm loving it. I was afraid that the sound would be obnoxiously loud but am glad to report that's not the case. Don't get me wrong, the sound is furiously awesome, but nothing to be weary of. Great intake--easy to install.
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Subaru WRX 2013 5 years ago
Best Air Intake on the market. Hands Down
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Love the sound 5 years ago
Really brings out the sound of the turbo awesome buy amazing quality
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Love it! 5 years ago
Easy to install! Looks great! 100% satisfied!
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service and quality  5 years ago
i live in toronto and rally sport has been amazing! wish theyd send me some stickers to rep them up here but neways haha ! got the cobb intake and wow!! what a difference in sound and power! ran it eith the proper cobb map and was good to go! the sound is unreal!! gets me everytime !!! great customer service aswell A+++++++++
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Cobb Quality 5 years ago
Easy install, quality parts, exact fit. I can definitely hear the turbo breathing now.
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Another Quality Cobb Product 6 years ago
Fits perfectly, and is easy to install. Adding the SF intake and Airbox + reflash just makes things that much more fun!!!! Also, Thelouder sound is music to my ears! Thanks RSD!
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Short ram intake 6 years ago
I love it, I love it!! the sound it produces is amazing, and I am very happy with my purchase.
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Great product 6 years ago
Purchased this with the box and access port. Noticeable power increase with the stage 1 flash, great sound, and easy install.
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Love it 6 years ago
Purchased this after picking up a AccessPort, and I'm amazed with the power increase, and sounds amazing. Definitely recommend to others.
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COBB Tuning Short Ram SF Intake System (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Short Ram SF Intake System (Part Number: )