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Apexi Power Intake JDM

MODEL # APE 507-F001


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Apexi Power Intake JDM ( Part Number: 507-F001)
1995 JDM WRX 3 years ago

Looks and sounds great. Fits perfect on my import WRX with the EJ20G. Great Product.
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Just as described 4 years ago
Great price, in stock, great phone service, and fast shipping. Installation was really easy and fit perfectly (96 EJ20G). No noticeable power improvement but I haven't done any other mods to support this one (yet). It sounds awesome, looks great under the hood and is of excellent quality / easy to service. Clears up room as well, which makes it easier to work in there. Very happy with the product.
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2 year update 5 years ago
I reviewed this when I first bought it over 2 years ago, but figured I would post an update (if thats allowed). The intake has held up well, I am specifically impressed by the filter and how much better built it is than the parts store brands (Spectre) that eveyone runs nowadays. Its even a step above K&N for durability. No noticeable dirt slipping by, and the element survived rubbing on ky hood for a month with nary a scratch. I would say that I was dumb for suggeting you dont use mounting brackets, this can cause the rubber intake elbow to tear. Just use one of the brackets if both dont fit, the long lower one will definitely fit.
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Awesome! 6 years ago
Apex-i did a great job with this product and everything did hook correctly and in the right spot, and it help with top end power for a 1992 Subaru Legacy turbo.
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Good Intake for any early 2.0 or 2.2 7 years ago
I put this on my '93 USDM Legacy turbo and love it. It cleans up the engine bay nicely and sounds awesome. Only thing is for US cars the mounting brackets don't fit, but they aren't needed and I feel better without them due to the way the engine rocks under load. There's also a need to tee 2 vacuum lines together (canister purge and boost solenoid), but other than that this is the most pain-free solution for eliminating the intake resonator on EJ20G and EJ22T engines.
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