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AMS Performance Intake Black w/ Breather Bungs

MODEL # AMS AMS.04.08.0002-2


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AMS Performance Intake Black w/ Breather Bungs ( Part Number: AMS.04.08.0002-2)
Before buying this Intake, READ! 4 years ago
This intake is great, I purchased through these guys and it arrived just as fast as I ordered it. If you're going to put this on an Evo X and you're a noob to these cars, please get it tuned. The car is so sensitive to mods. A recommendation is to tune through a tactrix cable 2.0 or cobb access port. A BIG ISSUE is that there is a DIY for this intake but it doesn't include the heat shield. PUT THE HEAT SHIELD ON FIRST BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE INTAKE OR ITLL BE A PAIN IN YOUR ... TO PUT IT ON! It goes below the are where the OEM Intake is. The bar that holds the OEM intake in, you must remove that and replace it with the bolts that hold in the AMS Intake. Its very audible and the gains are decent. I recommend it! The only hard part is tightening the coupler that holds in the intake toward the engine/turbo. Make sure its on there tight! Other than that I hope you love it just as much as I did.
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Excellent Quality 4 years ago
Overall an excellent, well-made product. Uses high quality couplers, excellent fitment and the replaceable breather bungs is a nice touch. Only minor nag would be the lack of installation instructions (It can be downloaded from AMS), but the installation is pretty straightforward. For those 2011+ cars, watch your AFR with this intake because the factory tune is leaner than the 2008/2010 models. I was seeing about 12:1 AFR between 4000-5500 RPM @ WOT on a 2014 with only this intake installed with 93 Octane and 70 degrees Fahrenheit weather. Either use the mapping from a 2008 or get tuned to avoid leaning out.
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Great Upgrade 5 years ago
I've accumulated about 10k miles with this intake. I run the Cobb Stage 1 tune with it (no other mods). It runs well, although sometimes I over-boost when I get into it. I'd recommend a pro tune with this part, even if you have no aftermarket exhaust or other mods. Fitment on my 2012 GSR was solid (although longer hoses would've been preferred). Removing the stock air box was tedious. But the new AMS intake bolts right on with no issues. It looks sick compared to the stock air box. Turbo spool is very audible through this intake. This is one of the better after market intakes.
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Nicest intake for the Evo X 5 years ago
Fitment is right on. Only wish there was a choice for it to come with a three inch coupler for the FP, MAP turbo inlets.
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cant go wrong with AMS 5 years ago
installing this was easy, and it brings your bov to life! my wife can probably do it without instructions! removing the factory air box was a pain though.
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AMS is the way to go  7 years ago
First thing that really got me was the care taken with the packing it was enough to withstand a bomb going off. AMS really wants your parts to be perfect when you get it and i really like that. i bought some stuff from ams for my old 06 evo and it was the same deal perfect products not a scratch on anything i will only be putting ams parts on my new evo. As far as the intake it was night and day on a bone stock 2011 gsr it had to have added 20 horse power for sure the evo in stock trim would loose boost getting to higher rpms and now it just pulls all the way to redline. As far as sound it made the turbo sooooo loud its all you can hear. when boost kicks in, it sounds like an after market turbo the whistle is that loud it also relocates the BOV so thats a good deal louder as well it took me about an hour to install in a freezing cold garage. It made it so i cant wait to put my next mod in the motor and its for sure gonna be from AMS
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