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PERRIN Brass Shifter Bushing



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PERRIN Brass Shifter Bushing ( Part Number: PSP-INR-016)
Easy and worth it.  1 year ago
For the money: this is an awesome and almost stupid easy install part. I noticed the crisper shifts as everyone else states. Literally 5mins as I was already under there doing the short throw boomba shifter
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Wonderful Addition 2 years ago
I installed the Perrin pitch mount, pitch mount brace, transmission mount, Boomba STS and this Perrin shifter bushing. Shifting has never felt so good, although, I also attribute that to the addition of my new STS. Smooth shifting, almost no slop, and it's super inexpensive and easy to install this piece.
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Shift bushing  3 years ago
This thing is beautiful! The part it replaced was relatively soft rubber. This part was installed at the same time as the perrin short throw shifter linkage and the perrin bearing, hard to say what gains are to be had from this product, but if your under the car changing parts out anyway, this is an easy and cheap add on. I would recommend this product.
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Perrin Gold hahaha 3 years ago
I love this affordable upgrade. 1 of 3. Perrin shift stopper and Perrin short shifter adapter is next. Plus, I have the Sti short shifter. Get combo upgrades for the new WRX. Easy install if you have a lift or have buddy with a job with one. You'll spend about forty minutes on it for your first time. A must upgrade,
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Subtle but definite improvement 3 years ago
Really can't beat the bang for the buck on this one. Definitely makes shifts crisper, particularly going into or out of 3rd and 4th gears. In all gears, rather than the weird springy feeling at the gate, you can feel it crisply engage the gear. Note that this bushing won't affect any of the 1-2 gate or 5-6 gate side play, it just helps feel going forward and back into / out of gears. I also have the Perrin Shifter Stop on order to help with the side-to-side play.
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Great, inexpensive way to improve shifter feel 4 years ago
Summary: $22.50 for more direct, crisper shifts. This is a no-brainer. Makes the shifter feel more solid and a little less sloppy, makes shifts feel very nice. Install: You'll spend more time gathering tools than actually installing the bushing. *Obviously you can simply follow the Perrin-supplied instructions to the T and accomplish the installation. The following is just my tips on how I did it. You'll need: -Your jack & jack stands or a lift or ramps NEVER WORK UNDER A CAR THAT IS SUPPORTED BY ONLY A JACK. USE JACK STANDS OR RAMPS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A LIFT -12 mm box-end wrench -A pair of needle-nose pliers -A screwdriver -Paper towels. 1. I removed the shift cable cover plate with the 12 mm wrench, removed the retaining pin with the needle nose pliers, removed the large washer, then slid the metal ring + stock bushing assembly off of the peg. *The instructions supplied by Perrin tell you to remove the large clip that holds the shifter cable to the transmission, but I did not do this so I find this to be an unnecessary step. 2.With the metal ring + stock bushing free from the peg they were mounted on, I stuck the screwdriver in the hole in the middle of the stock bushing and pushed the bushing out of the metal ring. 3.Take your new Perrin shifter bushing, lubricate it per the instructions with the supplied grease. *Some people recommend popping the new bushing into the metal ring and then sliding that assembly back onto the peg, but since I did not remove the large clip from an earlier step, I could not get the bushing to slide onto the peg, as it was at an angle. 4. Instead, I put the bushing directly onto the peg, then slid the metal ring onto the bushing. It went on very easily. Just make sure you put the bushing on with the flange against the transmission, make sure the bushing is tight to the transmission, and the metal ring is tight against the flange on the bushing. 5. Grab some paper towels and wipe the grease off of your hands. This will make the next step much easier. 6. Reinstall large washer, retaining pin, and shift cover plate. Once I had the car in the air, the install took all of 15 minutes. 5/5. Would install again.
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Great for the cash. 4 years ago
Easy cheap little mod. Use jack stands or a ramp. I installed this with the pitch stop and shift stop, but I can tell the shift from 2-3-4 is attributed from this bushing, and wow is it crisp. for under 25 bucks you can't go wrong.
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