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Whiteline Front and Rear Shifter Bushings



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Whiteline Front and Rear Shifter Bushings ( Part Number: KDT957)
Moderate installation  24 days ago
5out of 5stars

This kit is made of great quality install. I put it on my 09 wrx and it wasn’t that difficult. The rear bushing fits around the driveshaft just fine. It was only a little tight. The old bushing were original to the car and definitely worn out so I can feel a difference in the shifting with the new bushings. Overall great product for the price.
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Transforms the feel in an amazing way 10 months ago
5out of 5stars

I have an 04 wrx. The previous bushings were worn pretty bad. The shifter felt weak and sloppy. It never felt direct. Once installed that completely changed. It's way more notching and gives a good reassuring feeling as you go to select the next gear. Highly recommend whiteline bushings. The install took a bit longer than expected. Due to the new rear bushing not wanting to slide over the linkage. Had to really convince it.
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Great bushings, great price 11 months ago
5out of 5stars

Needed an upgrade when my OEM ones made my shifting sloppy. These are great and quality. And the price isn’t expensive at all. Rallysportdirect shipping took 2 days and I was expecting it in a week. Definitely will buy products from them from now on
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2003 WRX Whiteline Shifter Bushings 8 months ago
4out of 5stars

The product is well made, I don't honestly think you would get anything different out of a $60 set of bushings as they are all made from the same material. I didn't really get the earth-shattering difference in shifting feel that others have experience, but that's probably because my stock bushings weren't really in super bad shape (I have low miles for a '03). They do smooth things out a bit when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Installing the new bushings is very simple. Taking the old bushings off is very hard, especially the rear bushing. In fact, legends say it is impossible unless you lower the driveshaft. Seriously though, don't let the price make you think it's a cheapo product, these are solid bushings and will serve you well.
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Shift solid 1 year ago
4out of 5stars

Bushings, replace old with new. Feel the difference.
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