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Kartboy Shifter Bushings



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Easy 30 min install  3 years ago
Did just what it says. My shifter is a bit tighter now and shift feels less mushy. For the price it's a great install.
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Shifter feel perfect now! 4 years ago
Had the KB bushings on my 5spd and swapped to a 6spd. Expected nothing but the best feel possible with kartboy and have not been disappointed. I love the crisp and accurate shifting, no slop at all.
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A must have 4 years ago
The StreetDream
Great feel
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Great!!! 4 years ago
These bushings definitely made a difference. The shifts are smoother and less slop. The front shifter bushings are not bad to install, rears took some effort to get lined up. Overall, highly recommended.
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Definitely Worth the Money 4 years ago
Installed on a 2013 STI with short shifter and rear bushing. Love these bushings! Smoother shifts, a lot less slop, and much easier to put in than the rear bushing. Although I must admit, if you're going to be installing these in conjunction with a short shifter, do it all at the same time. You'll save yourself an hour at the minimum if you're at all mechanically inclined. 5 stars
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Awesome! 5 years ago
Absolutely necessary! This is hoe the car should feel from factory!
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WOW 5 years ago
Iv had these in all three of my Subaru's, it is a must have if you want a firmer/ smoother shift with out the slop Pair this with the rear bushing.
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Great product! 5 years ago
Combined with the rear bushing and the Kartboy short shifter, it's an amazing night and day difference. Very well-made product and easier to install than the rear bushing, but make sure you get both to get the best experience out of it! 5/5
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HUGE difference on 2011 STI 5 years ago
This set of bushings was fairly easy to replace, and made a HUGE difference over stock in shifter feel. When people say it feels more notchy to describe this item, what is meant is that the notch into which the shifter needs to slide into for each gear is easier to find, and engagement feels smoother in general (it actually feels like it slides all the way into gear easier, rather than hitting the bushing and getting physically caught halfway into gear, as is the classic feel of most sick shifts). Small details like this can make all the difference in your driving experience. No joke, I thought the car felt brand new after installing both the front and rear Kartboy bushings on my 2011 STI Limited. Highly recommended.
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Nice 5 years ago
I combined this with the kartboy rear bushing and Cobb short throw. It made a huge difference and would definitely buy again.
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Great bushings 5 years ago
I got a 2011 sti and did these bushings front and back, there great feel and wish I did it earlier
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Inexpensive simple upgrade 5 years ago
Combined this with the kartboy rear bushing and OEM Subaru SS, great setup and easy to install.
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Solid 5 years ago
This teamed up with the Kartboy rear stay bushings cleaned up my shifts tremendously. These bushing modifications are a no brainer.
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Wow! 5 years ago
Installed this along with a Kartboy short shifter and rear bushing. It really tightened up the shifter. There is a whine noise but hardly noticeable with loud exhaust.
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Easy to install. Worth the money for sure 5 years ago
the sti hatch guy
Takes a matter of moments to put these in. I feel like there's a slight increase in nvh but nothing worth complaining about. Make like simple, if your putting in your short throw shifter might as well throw these in
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Why do the OEM bushings suck so hard? 5 years ago
Brock Samson
If you don't buy these along with the rear shifter bushing you're wasting your time with mods. GDs have a great ability to wobble and with the two bushings combined they are Captai...wait that's not right. They're awesome, that's what they are. Noticed a difference right away. This bushing was incredibly easy to install thanks to the split design.
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Great product! Absolutely worth the installation time/effort 5 years ago
Bushings and a short shifter are a must have on this car. Stock shifter is clunky and sloppy and feels more like shifting a truck than a sports car. These make a world of difference. Tip: If you're doing your downpipe, do these at the same time. As most have said, it's somewhat difficult to get to because the ownpipe is in the way. With the downpipe out of the way, putting both bushings in took no more than 20 min.
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Like it alot! 6 years ago
Bought the Kartboy kit for my STI -08 with bushings and short shifter. IF u are going for this, do the whole kit at the same time because installation of the bushings is alot easyer when u have removed the shifter. The feel when i shift now is like its suposed to be from the beginning, more destinct and alot more responsive. But be aware, DO NOT miss the chifts!!! If u do that u will mess up the syncros alot easyer then with OEM bushings!!!
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noticeable improvement over stock Front and Rear Bushings 6 years ago
le chocolate moose
Installed with matching KB rear bushing. Shifting feedback is tighter and notchier. Nice improvement from OEM bushings. Quite audible tranny whine. Sounds kind of like an industrial truck accelerating through all gears, especially 1st - 3rd. However, I like hearing what the tranny is doing, so this does not bother me in the slightest. Excellent quality, flawless customer service from RSD as always. Thanks!
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Nice little mod. 6 years ago
(Installed on and 04 STI) These are easier to install than the rear shifter bushings but can still agitate you if you don't have a lift. Just please undo the shifter inside the car to make the whole process much easier on yourself. Doing this will give you more wiggle room underneath the car. These helped make the shifts more precise and much more solid feeling. Remember I have done these and the rear and the pivot bushings. So overall these are worth the money if the cars shifting feels sloppy and you want to tighten things up.
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Feels and works Awesome!!! 6 years ago
Install took awhile because, I also installed the rear shifter bushing as well. A must have if you want a much better feel when shifting. Thanks again RSD. ALOHA!!!
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Awesome 6 years ago
great bushing for your shifter it a must have item thanks
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Kartboy Shifter Bushings combo 6 years ago
Andri sti
Exelent product. shipping was very fast. AA+
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VS. Perrin? 6 years ago
The car had previous owner that installed Perrin bushings but this takes the cake. I had thought it was OEM! can you imagine that there is a difference in quality of materials. Good stuff.
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great 7 years ago
its a must have
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Great product. 7 years ago
I bought this as part of the short shifter kit, and the whole kit was a very good investment. The gearbox feels much tighter. Only downside is a bit more transmisson noice. If you're going to buy this item, go for the whole kit. You'll need to remove the other parts to get access to remove this part anyway.
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Really is that much better 7 years ago
Wasn't sure how much it would really affect the shifting just replacing the bushings in my 08' STi, but I did front and rear kartboys and gotta say, worth every penny. You will get a bit more of transmission noise but for me thats music to my ears. You get to really enjoy the awesome STi transmission that much more.
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great feel 7 years ago
Installed these a few months ago and they still feel awesome. Definitely a good mod for the STi. You might as well do the rear bushing too while you're in there.
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Excellent Mod for price 7 years ago
I recently installed these shifter bushing on a '11 STI. The install itself was very straightforward and the benefits are noticeable immediately. Shifting into gear feels much more crisp. I did notice increased NVH over stock in the lower RPM range but this disappears as speed increases into higher gears. Search forums for the step by step instructions. I recommend installing w/ Kartboy Rear bushings since you are already down there getting dirty.
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Cheap mod for good feedback 7 years ago
I've had this for 6 years now and it crisps up the shifting. Subaru should have taken note and put this in from day one... Cheap mod, for a good feel and control! -Nigel
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