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Kartboy Shifter Bushings



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Kartboy Shifter Bushings ( Part Number: KB-003)
Kartboy Shifter Bushings ( Part Number: KB-003)
Kartboy Shifter Bushings ( Part Number: KB-003)
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Fantastic Product! 4 years ago
A must have for any car! Installed this on my 2004 WRX and made the shift feel so much better! Make sure to get the rear bushing with this to get the best shift feel possible!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
An Inexpensive Must 4 years ago
Paired with the rear shifter bushing, this combo is a must and it is even much more noticeable with a Group N transmission mount installed as well. Super crisp!
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Great Improvement Over Stock 4 years ago
Bought this along with the Kartboy short shifter and rear bushing. Made shifting much tighter and I love the new feel of it. It was a bit of a pain to get the old bushing out, but putting these new ones in was a breeze. Would definitely recommend, especially in combination with Kartboy short shifter and rear bushing.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Great! 4 years ago
Awesome product, must pair it up with the rear bushing and ss thrower. Shifting is night and day!!
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Worth it 4 years ago
These bushings are worth the effort. The rear bushing can be a pain to install. I believe they messed up there dimensions and tolerances when they manufactured the bushing I bought. Tough to start threading second bolt on rear bushing. Still, all in all, it is worth it. Definitely more notchy feeling. Still has a little slop but I think that is due to the pivot point ball bushing. No getting around that. You need this.
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Good stuff 4 years ago
After installing this with the rest of the short shifter kit they all work together really well. No complaints here. Easy affordable mod
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Great 4 years ago
Feels 100% different then stock a little more noise and vibration but not enough to worry huge imporvement
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Great shifter bushings 4 years ago
While I was looking in to buying my KB short shifter, I found that everyone recommended the KB shifter bushings as well. After installing them with the KB short throw shifter; what a world of difference! It transforms the shifting from a slushbox eco car shifter to the feeling shifting a Corvette. I'm excited to see what difference the rear shifter bushing makes as well, to complete the kit!
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Awesome. 4 years ago
I installed with the rear shifter bushing, Totally worth it. Just do it already you know you want to. Best mod ever.
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Awesome 4 years ago
Chris Ngo
Adding another 5/5 rating to this awesome item from Kartboy. Install was easy on my 2011 WRX. The feel now is so precise.
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Kartboy Shifter Bushings Subaru 4 years ago
I got the Kartboy Shifter Bushing install the next week i got them. i made a big difference in the shifter, More smooth and i would recommend it to any SUB owners
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great 5 years ago
awesome when paired with the rear bushing. use pliers to pull the old rubber one piece bushing out. didnt notice any increase in cabin noise
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Kartboy Shifter Brushings 5 years ago
Installed with other bushings and makes a good improvement. STI short throw shifter already installed.
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Awesome! Be sure to get the rear bushing too 5 years ago
I installed the bushings about a week ago and the difference is noticeable on the first shift! If you're going to buy a shifter rod, you owe it to yourself to take the time and install the bushings, they make a world of difference in the shifter feel and accuracy of switching between gears.
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best mod for the money PERIOD 5 years ago
I purchased the Kartboy front and rear shifter bushings together. They completely changed the feel of my shifts. No longer is there any slop or play to the shifting. The vehicle shifts tight and notchy. A world of difference! As always VERY happy with Rallysports. Fast delivery. Great Price.
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works as expected 5 years ago
Just I
30$ well spent. nothing to complain about.
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Easy installation and a definite need 5 years ago
These shifter bushings are a great upgrade if you need sharper and faster shifts. i race my subaru and it was definitely a great investment but i suggest you get the other bushing to pair with it.
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BUY THIS 5 years ago
Well worth the money, especially if your getting a short throw, ( i got front, rear, and short throw shifter from kartboy) and the difference is amazing. If your looking into it i would say get it, the difference is certainly noticeable and i enjoy driving even more.
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Lose the slop 5 years ago
Joe Polcari
A must if you install a short throw, I would argue this makes a bigger difference in shifting than the shifter itself...
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Stiffened things up 5 years ago
Shifter was getting a little sloppy after 140k. Tightened the throw back up. Stock bushing was a pain to get out, eventually ended up cutting it in half. This however comes in halves already so install was a breeze.
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nice 5 years ago
silver bullet
good tite feel.......
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FXT applied!! 5 years ago
Nice crispy shifts now... I had no idea how sloppy the originals were until these went in!!!
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Firm.. buy it 5 years ago
stiff and strong.. easy install 30min
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Awesome 5 years ago
Makes the shifter feel perfect. Just buy them and quit thinking about it!
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Worth Every Penny! 5 years ago
I installed this as a kit (Short shifter, Rear bushing, & Front bushing). I also installed some other bushings etc. I found this much easier to take out the transmission mount and supporting brackets as well as the heat shield. Once the heat shield was out of the way it took roughly 5 mins max to get the old front bushing out and get the new ones in. The old bushing is 1 piece so it does take a bit to get out, but it is rather soft so was able to just use my hands.
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Great Product 5 years ago
East to install. The factory one is a pain to get out. Really helped the shifting of the car feels more solid and a joy to drive. GJ Kart Boy
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Great first upgrade! 6 years ago
The front bushing with the rear bushing and kartboy short throw shifter are an excellent upgrade everyone should do. Even if your not an enthusiast, pay someone to do this upgrade. It makes driving the car so much better. The front bushings are excellent and very easy to install. Comparing these to the stock bushings you wonder why Subaru wouldn't put something similar to this in the stock vehicle.
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front bushing 6 years ago
johnathan d
Nice piece, super easy install. Installed this and the bak bushing l, the shifting is more notchy, and there is a slight whine through 1st n 2nd gear,, kind of like straight cut gears, but u forget after a couple days. Although after the install there was a small void between the bushing and the factory extra washer would have been nice.
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Easy install! 6 years ago
Definately worth the 10 minutes it takes to install. Taking the old bushing out was the hardest part but I found if you just jam the bushing along side of the part that sticks out it will help push it out. As always great service and another quality product from RSD!
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Crisp 6 years ago
These bushings along with the rear make the shifting much more crisp thanks rsd fantastic service and quick shipping
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Kartboy Shifter Bushings (Part Number: )
Kartboy Shifter Bushings (Part Number: )
Kartboy Shifter Bushings (Part Number: )