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Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo



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Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo ( Part Number: KB-003-5COMB)
WOW 5 months ago
Can't tell you how much these improve the shifter feel. Much tighter and precise compared to the OEM bushings and its easy to tell why. Install isn't terrible but isn't the easiest thing I've ever done.
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Shifter bushings 2 years ago
Installed the bushings to replace the OE rubber. Had the whole transmission out for other services so the swap was super easy. Huge change in shifter dynamics for the better all the gears feel right where they should be again with a solid notchiness that was missing. No short throw installed yet but after these I don't think I'll be in any rush to make that jump.
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Solid addition to the Kartboy short shifter 2 years ago
the front bushing was easy to install but the rear took me foreverrrrrr. I have big hands so it was hard for me to get to the rear shifter bushing. Advice: if one side of the rear bushing goes on easy and the other is hard, start with the hard side then move to the easier side - if that makes sense.. Performance for the price was on par. I would say the short throw shifter makes the biggest difference in shifting feel. These bushings add some "snappyness" to the equation.
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Amazing 2 years ago
I have never installed this part when I have changed out my shifter, and wow what a difference it has made. Feels amazing and install really wasn't all that bad!
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A slight pain, but worth it 4 years ago
I followed Cobb's instructions for installing KartBoy's parts. For a WRX it dosn't suggest removing the heat shield. But DO IT! It hakes the bushings so much more accessible. You don't need to remove the o2 sensor either, just unplug it and remove heat shield. Anyways, the front bushings are a breeze, the rear not so much. the holes them self do not sit perfectly perpendicular to the face of the sheet metal you are screwing into. (if that makes sense) The two bolts, will be at a very slight outward angle, making the rear install a huge pain. I had the best luck by threading both rear bolts at the same time. I also installed these a few months after the short shifter, so I really got a feel for which mod did what. The improvement wasn't as drastic as the short shifter, but it's the added notchyness that really completed the puzzle. For $60 I couldn't be happier. Thanks Kart Boy!
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must have for subby owners 4 years ago
Fits perfectly cleard up that shifter slop thanks RSD for great service.
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Ahhhmazing bushings!  4 years ago
Swapped out my stock bushings to these kartboys and man does it make a difference! Just need that short throw and it'll be set. Install is not that bad just reach in there and remove em ...if your hands fit haha but overall this product is a great buy!
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Incredible Change!! 4 years ago
Was so hesitant about which company to go with for this combo. I can happily say now that I chose the right company! I have this with a Kartboy shorty and as soon as I put this package all together on my 04 WRX it was as smooths as butter!! Been using this combo for about 2k and its like new. Had no issues with the swap other then the ring that keeps the shift link in place. Other then that...Great investment and a MUST have!!
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Great product sick shifts! 5 years ago
installed these on a n/a 2003 Subaru forester along with the kartboy short throw shifter. I did the shifter first and Loved the decrease in height and throw. And then I did the bushings front and rear and I love how they really tighten up the shifts and there is much less play. but I did notice that when doing the short throw first, it lowered the shift knob and kept it centralized in the H pattern of the shift pattern. and then after i did the bushings it lifted the shift knob back up higher and tilted it towards the radio so Neutral is now almost halfway between neutral and third gear, to most this is no big deal but it bothers me. Im going to try and move the rear bushing down farther to match the factory location. If you look at the picture below or above of the old bushing and the new one, you can see that the stock one is lower than the kartboy one, I will post up pictures if I find a good solution.
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crisp clean shifting and the shifter wants ti snick into the next 6 years ago
The kartboy combo shifter bushing is a great value and the install was simple. The hardest part of the install was removing the stock front bushing. Make sure you have the right tools for the job because I had access to a lift and a master tech's range of tools and the install was super easy.
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OEM Factory Bushings 6 years ago
Got these bushings for my 01 AUDM Bugeye WRX and by saying that I am very satisfied with how my car drives now is an understatement. By improving shift feel, it is a must to go with the Kartboy Combo Bushings rather than just getting the front/rear as it will not yield the same effect as this - tried driving the car with OEM front w/ KB Rear and vice versa. IMHO Subaru should use this as their OEM bushings. It's not a family car, so NVH is out of the picture.
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Great product, tough install 6 years ago
While I can't say how much of an impact these made directly because I installed my Cobb short shifter at the same time, my shifts now feel great. Very crisp and solid feeling. But they were a pain to install, mainly because of the location. Especially the rear bushing, which requires some doing to get those bolts on there.
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Worth Every Penny! 7 years ago
Just installed front and rear bushings on my 2010 WRX, easy install and great performance!! Watch your hands on the cat and heat shield, very sharp!
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A must! 7 years ago
These bushings are pretty much a must-do for every MT Subaru- they really make the shifter feel like it should, and not like you're pushing it through goo. I would NOT drive a Subie without them. Just did them on the wifey's Forester as well, and what a difference on older, worn bushings! Never owned a Subie long without doing these. Don't hesitate- just buy them! Installation is (relatively) easy- 12mm socket for the old hardware (12mm flex & ratcheting wrench advised), 13mm socket/wrench for the new stuff, and done! Watch out for the heat shields- they're sharp! I have the scar to prove it :) Mark W.
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Front and rear bushings 3 years ago
The product it self is of high quality much stiffer than the oem shifter bushings. And the end results and price/install effort is most definitely worth it. Shifts feel so much smoother! That being said the install is not as easy as some have stated, I had the car on jack stands which a lift would have made things 10x easier. I would highly recommend that you install the new rear shifter bushing before you try and do the front bushing. The front was a piece of cake compared to the rear. Try and line everything up just perfectly and hand tighten the 2 new bolts provided in the kit to hold the rear into place I had a particular hard time getting one bolt to lined up and start to thread , its a very tight space to work in and the rear bushing is significantly larger than the old one making it a bit difficult to squeeze in there.
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not much difference over stock 4 years ago
good product, but there wasnt a whole lot of difference over the OE bushings(even with 30k miles on the clock) just be sure to be patient with the rear bushing, span between the holes is about 1mm too narrow so getting both bolts its can be tricky
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Go Cheap and Get Cheap Results 6 months ago
I learned my lesson by going a little cheaper and getting the Kartboy bushings. I did see the other reviews stating they had trouble aligning the rear bushing into position, but eventually got it to work. I didn't realize that they must have had to strip the threads in order to get it to work. After trying to install it over and over again, I finally positioned myself to have a good view of the alignment. The positioning of the holes were WAY off! Maybe I got an extra poorly manufactured unit, but there is NO way I'm going to force a bolt and cross thread/strip it into the body of the car. Even if it would have eventually worked, if it isn't working smoothly, I'm not installing it. However, as they should, the front bushings worked out well (for now). So if you REALLY want to go cheap, just go with the front bushings and re-grease the stock rear bushing. It made a slight difference with just the fronts, which is why I'm giving it two stars instead of one.
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Clearance Problems 3 years ago
I received these bushing in the Kartboy short shifter busing combo pack. The front bushings fit no problem but the rear would not 1) clear the driveshaft, and 2) fit the oem bushing mounts. A friend of mine replaced the same rear bushing on his 2000 impreza rs and it was the same problem. That being said, Rallysport's shipping and service is superb and I enjoy dealing with them.
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Front bushings fine...rear bushing fitment terrible 4 years ago
On my '06 Legacy GT, the new rear bushing was ridiculous to get on. There is no way, at least on my car, that this part should be considered compatible. For those just wanting to upgrade their rear bushing simply because of age/miles, I'd strongly consider the STi Group N bushing instead. May not be as stiff as this one, but the value of OEM fitment in this case goes a very long way. Front bushings were fine. That being said, Rallysport Direct's service and shipping continue to be unrivaled in the aftermarket world. Thanks for the great service!
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