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COBB Tuning Bushing Pack

MODEL # COB 21132X


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Huge difference 9 months ago
Amazing product slight difficulty installing if you’re not using a lift. The difference from stock is night and day. Do yourself a favor and get these
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Short shifter bushings  2 years ago
Item looks good have not installed yet will update once I do
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Quality and Installation. 3 years ago
Out the box, all bushings appeared defect free. Installation wasn't too hard overall. Having removed just the oem heat shield, the front oem bushing was difficult to pull out due to the lack of space. I found that it was easier to take it out by removing the oem brace below it too. With the brace removed, I was able to unlink the arm containing the bushing and pry it out. Reinstall of the front bushing was simple and self explanatory. The rear bushing was pretty simple so long as you complete the install of it before assembling the front bushing linkage. I have yet to test out the upgraded bushings but just the comparison between the oem and Cobb show a huge difference.
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Much better than stock 3 years ago
I should have bought this a long time ago. Feels great. Wasn't too hard to install and I can't really tell any difference in sound.
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Great product 4 years ago
Great product also fits 5 speed manual version 4 sti
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Good 4 years ago
Cleaned up a noticeable amount of slop in my 04 fxt that has 165k. I already had my transmission pulled and my exhaust off because of a clutch install so installing the bushing only took a few minutes when installing the trans again. I did notice that the rear bushing could be a pain, so i heated it up with a hairdryer to make it temporarily more flexible (made instal easy). Only thing Im not happy with is that it raised my shifter about two inches higher in the car, feels like Im shifting a truck now.
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Bushings 4 years ago
I installed these bushings(front and back) along with a Cobb short throw shifter, definitely worth the buy! Shifts are a lot more crisp and precise, no more slop in the shifter. The rear bushing was a bit of a pain to installing as the bolt holes don't quite line up perfect, just keep working at it they'll go in. Don't forget to buy an input shaft linkage from the dealer if your shifter is really sloppy, I had to. Not quite sure if that's what it's called.
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Front bushing great figment, rear not so much... 2 years ago
I decided to do a short shifter setup from COBB and figured why not replace the shifter bushings as well? Installed the front bushing with ease but the rear one has difficulty lining up with the threaded holes on the chassis. If not done carefully, you could cross thread the holes. Take your time installing them. The bushings themselves are extremely stiff and are very good quality.
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Good but could be a little better 3 years ago
Easy to fit, take care with correct orientation of rear bush, also found the two round bushes to be slightly too wide causing the plate that bolts over them to not locate correctly, not a big problem but not ideal. noticeable increase in vibration through shifter but obviously to be expected, does make shifting more positive, replaced in conjunction with new oe linkage made a massive difference.
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Ugh. Harder to install than it should be.  3 years ago
It works great. Feels great. Looks great. The rear shifter bushing was incredibly hard to install. There is no room to force the bolt in and the alignment of the bolt holes is not right for my 07WRX. Good luck getting it in. It took me 5 minutes for everything EXCEPT the last bolt took 3 hours.
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A must do for a subi with almost 100k 4 years ago
The front bushings were a breeze. The rear on the other hand was a pain. I fought for hours before just taking one brass sleeve out and it went right in. I just could not get it to work with both sleeves without may be dropping the drive shaft and that is more than anyone is willing to do for bushings. But one it was done it did feel firmer and less vibrants.
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Good product, but fitment is a pain 4 years ago
The front bushings go in fine. The rear however looks like it should have been longer. It is very hard to get in there. After reading reviews and discussing with RSD I will try again, but i would shop around and read reviews before purchasing again.
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Kind of a waste. 4 years ago
Installed these hoping they'd clean up slop in my shifter, but barely felt a difference at all. To be fair, these are beefier and my OEM bushings were worn. Overall, if you want to get a better feel in your shifter, just drop the money for a short-throw.
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This is a must but PIA to install 4 years ago
These bushings are pretty much a must-do for every MT Subaru- they really make the shifter feel like it should. Don't hesitate- just buy them! Installation is (relatively) easy- 12mm socket for the old hardware (12mm flex & ratcheting wrench advised), 13mm socket/wrench for the new stuff, and done! Watch out for the heat shields- they're sharp!
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