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COBB Tuning Rear Shifter Bushing

MODEL # COB 211325


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COBB Tuning Rear Shifter Bushing ( Part Number: 211325)
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Get this. You didn’t know you needed it 1 month ago
Reggie The Beast
Makes you realize how much more room for improvement there is. Night and day. Replace the other shifter bushings as well. More direct connection to the car
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
GREAT GREAT GREAT  3 years ago
Fit perfect. Went in with a little muscle and some lube. Night and day difference. Love it. In combination with a Cobb short throw shifter. front shift bushings trans mount and positive gear box bushings and motor mounts. Im thrilled with the results.
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Perfect fitment, feels good 3 years ago
Along with the trans mount, subframe bushings, and front shifter bushing, this part has made shifting 100x more enjoyable. Worth it for the easy install and relatively low cost.
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Quality product 4 years ago
As described product. Fits my 2015 STI great and install was easy. As others mention, bolt holes are slightly askew. I would recommend installing covered bolt first, then the exposed one allows more room to finagle and line up properly. With car raised the install was a 10 minute job max
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Exactly what I hoped for 4 years ago
Installed on a 2014 STI Sedan I did a lot of research because many companies out there make many awesome products. How did I choose? I don't mind paying when I know the quality is there. Install was a breeze, the COBB Rear shifter bushing lined up perfectly. I'm not sure why others said they had a hard time with theirs. I installed this with the BEATRUSH linkage bushing and the OEM STI Short Throw Shifter assembly. It feels like a completely different transmission now. Shifts are positive and the nasty 1st gear redline to 2nd is now a breeze. Best combo ever. Anyone doing this, I also LOVED the beatrush link bushing. YES there is NVH now, not that much but a little. It's something that I enjoy since this is definitely kind of car where I want to feel and hear things. RALLY SPORT DIRECT was amazing. Super fast shipping, came sooner than expected. Will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a firm shifter and not the sloppy OEM spongy feeling anymore. Thanks again RSD :D !
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get it 4 years ago
Stop debating and just get this, it's worth every penny. I paired this with the Beatrush front bushing and Kartboy lever and people always comment on how great the shifter feels. Yet another quality product from Cobb.
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shifter bushings 4 years ago
Worth the money.installed front and rear. Shifter feels more solid.
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Better quality than stock 4 years ago
Installed this in 2006 STI along with the group N transmission mount, front shifter bushings and Cobb short throw shifter. Shifting has much more resistance to it now but feels improved and more precise. Have not noticed any NVH increase at all.
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Improved shifter feel 5 years ago
Alittle hard to install but shifter feels more solid.
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No Additional NVH! 5 years ago
Everyone reports a very noticeable increase in NVH and this had me worried because my car is a daily driver. After installing the front and rear shifter bushing I had 0 percent increase in NVH. I was very surprised but maybe this is only with 2004 wrx models? Very happy with the product and of course RSD's fast shipping.
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Patience 5 years ago
This one compliments the front bushing. During install, start with the passenger side and make sure the bolts are perpendicular with your ratchet.Patience is key but if you get the angle right about 35 min to install after the car is up of coarse
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Awesome Feel 5 years ago
Another quality product from Cobb. Very pleased with this purchase! Thanks RSD!
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It'll give you stiffie. 5 years ago
Combined with the Cusco trans collar mount, it really cleaned up the shifting in spirited mountain driving. Sometimes 4th could get hard to find and I had the inevitable 2nd gear cold start crunch. Completely cleared both issues up. 4th is direct and although I do have to double clutch to get into 2nd on cold start at least it wont let it crunch.
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Awesome improvement, tricky install though 5 years ago
I installed a Cobb RSB along with TS front SB and TS positive shift kit with Group-N trans mount. The difference is night and day. There is a little more NVH once I installed all of the above, but now the shifter (kartboy STS) clicks into place and all the slop that was once there is now eliminated. This really should be one of your first mods. It was quite difficult and tedious to get one of the bolts to thread and took me about 20-30 min. just to get the bolt to align properly. Definitely worth the money though.
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Don't wait!!!!  6 years ago
This should be the first thing you do next to a quality short through!! Do wait get it
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Combine with front bushings! 6 years ago
If you get the rear, you should probably replace the front bushings as well. It will save you time and will have a much more connected feel with both. It would be nice if Cobb or RSD offered a package deal for the pair! Overall I'm very happy with this product!
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great upgrade 6 years ago
combine this with the shifter, group N trans mount and whiteline postivie shift kit. Takes out all the slop and shifts much better. Worth every penny!
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Buy the Short throw and these bushings 6 years ago
I have the Cobb Short throw and bought the front and rear bushings. I was running with just the short throw for a while because i didnt want to attempt the under the car mod laying on the ground. The short throw is soooo much of a difference and is awesome, but there is definitely slop left in there, added these bushings about a month later, and it feels like the gears grab much easier now. I would recommend them 10 times out of 10. AWESOME difference if you ask me.
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Perfect! 6 years ago
Just install this with the Beatrush Shifter bushing and the shifter is now way tighter than i expected, goes in gear perfectly, and like it alot! the rear bushing was kind of a pain to install since i did the install in snow lol
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Install hints for 11' WRX / 07' STi 6 years ago
So I installed this along with the round shifter bushings on an 07' Sti and 11' Wrx within about a week of each other. The newer WRX was a breeze to install, you only have to remove the heat shield (4 bolts) and slide it out the side for installation. If you unplug the electrical for the 02 sensor, keeping the sensor installed, you can work the shield out the side out of the way. You don't have to to remove the driveshaft/ exhaust. You also don't have to drop the cross-member; everything can be done once the heat shield is out of the way. (This car did have a catless DP)Be careful on the orientation of the bushing in the install pics. The WRX was a breeze to install compared to the Sti, not sure if the 6 speed or the model year was the difference. For the Sti (07') I didn't remove the exhaust (cobb Dp) or the driveshaft. I did have to drop the cross member, don't try to do it without; trust me... Well the cross member gets in the way of installing the round shifter bushings (not enough room), not the rear bushing so you could do it if you are not replacing the other bushings I guess. WRX took like 45 minutes and the Sti took a little over an hour because of dealing with the cross member and space constraints. Result was a better feeling shifter in both cars and a lot less slop.
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Easy install and great product 6 years ago
I installed this on my 2006 Forester XT and could not believe the difference it made in shifting. Very easy to install without removing any other parts. I would suggest doing this and the front shifter bushing together.
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removes slop 6 years ago
Zach B.
definitely makes the assembly seem more like its supposed to be bolted to the car instead of held on by hopes and dreams
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upgraded! 6 years ago
Should be an ease to insdtall now that i have the exhaust and drive shaft out the way. Thank RSD
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Pain to install, but absolutely worth it 6 years ago
Like the front shifter bushings, this is a no brainer concerning cost to benefit ratio. Was an absolute pain to install, mainly due to the fact that because there is almost no deflection, it is very difficult to get both bolts to thread at the same time. The trick is to thread them PRECISELY together at the same time, no small feat thanks to exhaust being directly in the way. It may have saved some time to remove the midpipe, but I guess I'll never know for sure, cause this thing is likely to outlast the car. Great product!
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Huge improvement 6 years ago
Saleem lasi
Was a bit tricky to install due to clearance issues and when one side if fully threaded in the other side the bolt wont go in, but i just threaded both in together just a little bit then went at it, feels sooo different! such a huge improvemet i dont know why i didnt do this earlier
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nice up grade 6 years ago
very please with product.. love the solid feel on my car
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Solid Engineering 6 years ago
Solid piece. Shifting feels more solid especially with short shifter. Less slop. Slap it into gear and you know its in gear. Expected install to be a bit easier and the instructions need to be more detail though.
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Great! 6 years ago
Install isn't too bad. Make sure you have a socket extension for one of the bolts. Also I highly recommend getting some grease for the re-installation because it can be a real a pain to get the rod back in.
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great 6 years ago
El rapido
after installing and driving a few times wondered to myself why i took so long to get this was a huge improvement over what i had before. rsd guys advice and service was great thanks guys
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More Cobb awesome 7 years ago
Thomas M.
Do yourself a favor and drop the exhaust and prop-shaft center mount to get to these two little bolts. Stupid hard to reach, though you can get an air ratchet in there if you remove said bits. Definitely worth the money.
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