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COBB Tuning Shifter Bushings

MODEL # COB 211320


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COBB Tuning Shifter Bushings ( Part Number: 211320)
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Improved shifter feel 5 years ago
This was very easy to install compare to the rear shifter bushing. Shifter feels more solid now.
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Easy install. Great results 5 years ago
Straight forward install, just follow the provided instructions. Shifting went from sloppy and cumbersome to crisp and thoughtless. My wife was learning to drive a manual and the before and after feel for her was quite noticeable. No searching for the gears at all after the install. Also installed the rear bushing.
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This can be tough  5 years ago
Make sure you disconnect your shifter whether short or stock. You can get pissed off and frustration like me trying to pry it out with a flat head under the car, being 6'6 it wasnt fun. BUT this is a key to get the stock bushing out. It took me maybe 3 minutes. Use the stud it comes off of and push the bushing against the stud and the rubber lip. Be patience and push at different point and it will pop. Bushing really help with any play compared to stcok.
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Put a smile on my face! 6 years ago
The bushings on my 02 were really worn-out so when I replaced these the difference was night and day. Really easy install, especially if you do the trans mount at the same time. With the trans cross member removed, its much easier to get in there for the install. This product eliminated almost all the slop in the shifter. Im looking into a tic 5mt shift linkage to complete everything. Overall excellent upgrade at a fair price!
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great upgrade 6 years ago
combine these with the shifter, group N trans mount and whiteline positive shift kit. Takes out all the slop and shifts much better. Worth every penny!
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SUPER EASY Spend the 30 bucks 6 years ago
I bought these a few months after i bought my short throw shifter, and DANG do they make a difference. These front ones are a sinch to install, back one.... not so much. I did them on a lift and it wasnt too bad.... Anyway, the gears grab much smother now. 5 stars for sure.... huge difference for only thirty dollars. A lot of bang for your buck if you ask me.
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Great 6 years ago
Sweet product really tightens up the shifter, when combined with the rear shifter bushing. A must have part.
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nice and stiff 6 years ago
Zach B.
easy to install. doesnt remove any slop from the shifter assembly, just removes some of the squishiness. good product.
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No brainer 6 years ago
For the cost, you can't beat the benefits. Solid shifting and relatively easy install.
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very happy 6 years ago
love the way it feel did both front and back on my 2013 wrx couldnt be happier.. i didnt seem to have any trouble doing it at all it took me about 30-45 mins to do it but then agin i got a new car..
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Nice 6 years ago
F&R Bushings = Nice improvement with little to no free play thanks COBB.
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It's not the easiest install but worth it. 6 years ago
I installed the front and rear bushings at the same time I did my exhaust. It did make it a little easier to have the exhaust out of the way so I could remove the heat shield. I also did not have as much trouble as some of the people have had getting the factory bushing out. I just pushed on it with a flat head screwdriver and gave it a little elbow grease and it popped out. All said and done the shifter now feels crisp and clean. I am very happy with the result. Thanks COBB!
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Bring a friend 6 years ago
Grab the rear bushing while your at it. It's cheap and compliments this bushing. Be warned that it is a pain in the ass to get the old bushing out. I ended up getting a hacksaw to saw one half of it off then i heated up a screw driver and stabbed it into the old bushing to pry it out.
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Much better feel! 7 years ago
Bought these and the rear shifter bushing, while the install was a pain, it's definitely worth the difference in the feel. Now you know when it's in gear and no more spongy feel.
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AWESOME 7 years ago
Very good solid feel!!
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awesome 7 years ago
had installed the cobb short shifter without bushings and was good tho lil hard to get into gear at times, but after installing the bushings to the front and rear you can really notice the difference in how easy it is to glide into gear, lil tricky to get rear bushing in but overal is a easy mod
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awesome 7 years ago
needs both front and rear for perfect feel with short shifter
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Cobb front shift linkage bushings 04 WRX 7 years ago
For what they are, they made quite a difference in tightening up shifts. I like the feeling of a transmission that I KNOW is in gear. Very notchy and firm shifts. I combined this product with Cobb's adjustable Short-Throw Shifter, 1 qt of Motul and 3 qts Redline Lightweight Shockproof Gear oil and love what it did for the driving experience. Feels like a different Transmission!
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yes!!! 7 years ago
this made the gear lever stiffer. this done with the rear bushing and the cobb adjustable short throw shifter is a must!
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I installed this in my car about 3 weeks ago along with the rear bushing and the COBB short throw shifter. Overall I will say the shifting is amazing. However, they are noisy as hell. If you are prone to picking every little sound in your subaru apart, then they might not be for you. PITA to install. Great product though.
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Completly different feel! 7 years ago
Amazing product, not to hard to install after you take off the heat shield. Make sure you grease the new ones when you install them
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Nice product 4 years ago
Installed both the front and rear at the same time. A lot stiffer now but some increased cabin noise due to the increased stiffness of the bushing now not allowing as much sound vibration reduction.
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A lot better than the stock 7 years ago
After getting the one piece stock bushing out, it was easy to install. Feels so much better when shifting. Great quality product. Would recommend to anyone. Best with the rear bushings.
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easy to install  7 years ago
the bushing are really easy to install and took me honestly 10 min. I did have a problem when tightening the nut back on, it broke the end of the threaded stud and I was barely putting any tension, SO BE CAREFUL WHEN TIGHTENING. but other than that the product makes your shifting feel about 100 times better than the stock bushing very precise.
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Good but not Great, Amazing, Huge Improvement 6 years ago
Installed along with the rear stay bushing. Reverted back to a stock shifter in order to feel the entirety of the bushing combo do it's work without an aftermarket short shifter. There is SOME improvement in a reduction of slop which makes this upgrade good but not amazing. It definitely does not eliminating side-to-side compliance (slop)--. A bit more solid in shifts not in the wonders a short shifter does but does reduce some slop. Installation is very very easy.
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Just ok 7 years ago
It's a shame the instructions don't tell you the stock bushing is one piece instead of two. There also isn't much room to remove despite what many others say. Installation is a breeze for the most part. Can be done without removing the crossmember or any braces. Overall I didn't really notice that much of a difference. Shifts do feel a little more solid but nothing major at all. Cheap mod so it's not a big deal.
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