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Beatrush Shifter Link Bushings



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Definitive difference, anooying install 10 months ago
First of all after you install the from shifter bushings you can definitely notice a difference in the feel of putting the car in gear and also when you are driving the car and releasing the clutch any "jolt" from the transmission is minimized and the ride is noticibly smoother. I installed this part myself seperate from the rear shifter bushing so I could feel the difference in each part. The install is simple but anooying to remove the old bushing I ended finding the trick is to use the bolt it is mounted on to push it out. Also when putting this part on the bolt ensure you put the first half on with the guide tube and web you put the second half on you use the table of a screwdriver to leverage the bushing onto the guide tube because it is hard to get clearence for the bolt to grab the threading with the washer on. All in all simple install!
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Beatrush Shifter Link Bushing - 2013 WRX (Daily Driver) 2 years ago
Tony I.
Install: Install was straight forward and simple. I did not require the additional thinner center "spacer"/"sleeve" that is supplied with the kit as the main shifter bushing "spacer"/"sleeve" is snug to the shift bracket bolt. I also used my own lithium grease for the install as a precaution when installing. I am still using the factory rear bushing. Post install: The shifter feels noticeably different. The shifter has less excess movement and slides into gear with less effort through all gears. No additional NVH in the cabin that I notice at this time. This part was worth my time and money.
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Another great Item From Beatrush 2 years ago
superb quality item, So I installed all at once. (recommend doing all these at once) Whiteline Rear Diff Positive Power Kit Inserts Whiteline Gearbox Positive Shift Kit Beatrush Shifter Link Bushings Kartboy Rear Shifter Bushing Perrin Subframe Lockdown Bushings Hard for me to differentiate which product did what, But MAN, I can tell the difference, With a 2011 Fully built WRX (EJ257 block, 380HP) and no suspension upgrades, These products were amazing. PROS - Rear end is muuuch tighter/sticks to the road during turns and taking off from stop - Acceleration is improved greatly, and feels like you have more power - Feels like power is going into the ground more - Very little drive line shock - Shifting is solid - went from feeling like a semi truck, to a Indy Super Race car CONS The rear shiftier bushing, was hard to line up with the existing holes (turn a little by little on each side)
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excellent product 3 years ago
Awesome product, easy install.. looks great.
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Buy This!  4 years ago
Do you want a notchy shifter feel, because this is how you get notchy shifter feel! Installed this on my '14 WRX along with a KB SS and COBB rear shifter bushing. The Beatrush is by far the most noticeable modification of the group. There is zero squish when shifting into and out of gear. You will feel much more input from the trans. Slight whine through all gears but easily drowned out by the radio or exhaust. Excellent product!
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Awesome 4 years ago
I really like the beatrush stuff, it is solid. Well worth the money, much tighter shifting than before. (2014 WRX) Once I got the stock, I couldn't believe how flexible it was compared to the beatrush bushing, no wonder there was so much wiggle in my linkage. I do have about every other drive-line tightening mod you can get, engine mounts, transmission mounts, rear shifter bushing, pitch stop mount, multiple undercarriage braces, sways, strut tower bar, rear diff inserts and sub-frame inserts, short-shifter, and the 1 piece carbon fiber drive shaft. But, still felt the difference with this bad boy, great addition to the car.
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MUST HAVE.. 4 years ago
Mike H.
KB is good.. BEATRUSH is better in my opinion.
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Beatrush Shifter Link Bushings (Part Number: )
Beatrush Shifter Link Bushings (Part Number: )
Beatrush Shifter Link Bushings (Part Number: )
Beatrush Shifter Link Bushings (Part Number: )
Beatrush Shifter Link Bushings (Part Number: )