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Kartboy Short Shifter and Bushing Combo




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Do it!
Ron 3 months ago
Super easy install. It took 45 minutes after watching some youtube clips. My wrx now has a better feeling to it when shifting. Biggest recommendation is to add some grease where the linkage and rubber boot meet. The shifter raises the linkage a little bit and rub when shifting making a squeaking noise.

Short throw shifter and bushings
Nate 5 months ago
Just got around to installing this package over the weekend and wow! What a difference it makes in the stock WRX shifting feel. It's short, crisp, and you can even hear when you click it into great now. Do this before you do anything else on your vehicle.

Kartboy Short Shift
kevinc6639 1 year ago
Very easy install, start everything by hand before tightening and it will go smooth. I didn't realize that there was that much slop in the stock set up. Shifts are smooth and solid.
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Great product!!!
2 years ago
Kartboy short throw shifter is super easy to install and shifts are precise and noticeably shorter. Paired with the bushing kit you can't go wrong. Looks to be solid with no chance of ever getting weak as far as the way it is made. Great shifter especially for the money.
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On point
Thegreat08 2 years ago
The feel and workability of this short shifter is excellent. Just installed mine along with a clutch swap and couldn't be happier! Just keep in mind there's a snap ring you need to remove preferably with snap ring pliers to make the change. Dykes can do it too, but it's a pain!
Verified Purchase

Great Combo
Spinnich 3 years ago
Installed on a 2012 WRX Sdn. , not a terrible install but some things you'll want and might not have are a C-Clip Pliers, a 12in. extension, universal adapter, and a fair amount of white lithium grease. No noticeable NHV increase like some people have said but this might be because I replaced the grease with new grease and made sure not to over-tighten the bolt that holds the shifting rod to the linkage.

Exactly what i was looking for.
flyingtar 3 years ago
To be honest, i wanted a short shifter. I wanted the improved shifting speed/feel of the shifter with the harder bushings. I didn't want an adjustable one, because I know i would spend countless hours adjusting and testing. Not saying thats a bad thing. Anywhoo... Great shifter, drops the height by about half an inch, maybe slightly more. Lowers the shift difference by about half the throw. With the addition of the harder bushings the shift feels much better more precise. quick tip if your going to buy this. The install can be done primarily from the inside of the car. Don't go through with removing the trans support mount, just undo both the rear bushing and the front bushing. Pull it all out through the top when you pull the shifter itself. Install in reverse order.

J_Pipe 3 years ago
I hated how far I had to throw the shifter in my 2013 WRX from the day I got it. I decided to get this and have no regrets. I don't really think I needed the bushings, but I have gotten used to them at this point. If you don't have an exhaust or listen to your music loud, you may not like the extra noise that the bushings make but you should still get the SS.

Exactly what i was looking for
flyingtar 3 years ago
I was looking for a shifter that would shorten my throw without dropping the hight dramatically. This did exactly that. For my 11 scubie, the hight difference is about half an inch, not that big of deal. But with the new bushings and the shorter throw. Everything is much more precise. The only thing i recommend is that you apply a little grease to the boot around the top of the gear stick. The increased hight of the short shifter makes it rub slightly. (it makes a squeaking noise if not greased.

Great bang for the buck
Aramis 3 years ago
I upgraded from a factory STS to this combo on my 2012 WRX. Install was pretty straightforward except for the rear bushing. It's pretty hard to get the bolts to thread in straight since the bushing holes seem just a bit too close together. Use lots of grease so nothing squeaks or creaks once you're done. Shifter feels GREAT now, I'm noticing the vagueness is gone from 5th gear and the gear positions are very positive. Knob isn't too low and the shift boot looks just fine. Very happy with this.

installed on a 2010 wrx
klopez204 3 years ago
After installing the short shifter and bushing I notice the throw to be slightly shorter, and the shift between gears is a lot more solid

Willofalltrades 3 years ago
This kit made the shifter what it should have been from the factory.

Make this your first mod!
odevlin81487 3 years ago
This shifter is mint! Throw, feel and looks on my '14 WRX are all improved 100% Install took about 45 minutes on a lift, minimal tools required. Had to fight with the new rear mount a bit as the bolts are splayed out a little but anyone with a little mech know how can easily handle this. GREAT PRODUCT!

Easy Install. Improves shifting dramatically
ryanmalmoe33458 3 years ago
Absolutely love the feel of the shifter now. A must buy for all WRX owners. Shifter travel/play is a lot shorter and you can transition through the gears way faster than with the stock shifter /bushings. For Install: Do it all at once (bushings and short shifter) and take the whole assembly out. I had to take it out because the rear shifter bushing would not slide off because there is just no room under the car to remove and replace it. Other than that, install went smoothly. RSD as always great customer service and fast shipping. Thank you!

5th gear no longer in BFE
jeremy_rawe23201 3 years ago
One thing I hated with the stock shifter was the ridiculously long throw especially for 5th, and the amount of play in the stock shifter was pretty bad. Installed the shifter and bushing and now the shifts are crisp and short, and when going into 5th gear with a passenger I no longer have to worry about awkwardly touching their knee when going to 5th. Should have bought this a long time ago!

mitoda66542 3 years ago
Bought these with the bushings, feels great. Some people do mention about the harshness and notchy feel, which I agree. It took me a little to get used to it, but I'm loving it now. I wish it could be just a little shorter, but much better than stock.

mitoda66542 3 years ago
Bought these with the bushings, feels great. Some people do mention about the harshness and notchy feel, which I agree. It took me a little to get used to it, but I'm loving it now. I wish it could be just a little shorter, but much better than stock.

Great Shifter!
dondoblados 4 years ago
My car is a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i hatchback. I bought the shifter with the bushing and they're awesome. It's nigh and day from the OEM shifter. The Kart Boy is so much more direct and precise. One tip, when you plan on installing the bushings. It will be easier to remove the shifter linkage from under the car. Great customer service as well from Rally Sport Direct!

Crisp Shift
ChrisRNine 4 years ago
The shifting feels so much more mechanical and makes the car very fun to drive, especially in stop and go traffic. When paired with the Kartboy shift knob, it makes it feel like you are driving a completely different car.

Easy install. Very nice upgrade
adrianwalkosz72731 4 years ago
Like everyone says, great upgrade. Much less travel and smoother shifting as well. Took about an hour and it was no problem at all.

Great Short Throw Shifter
douglas33075 4 years ago
I purchased this with expectations that it’s just another short thro shifter. I also purchased the bushing as well. The whole installation took about approximately two in a half hours. Installation was not very difficult since there was plenty of online forms and video to assist me with the process. Installation on the bushing was a long process, but just be patient take it one step at a time. The rear bushing is much more challenging than the front one. Pro: Overall much smoother and crisp shifts with approximately 40% less travel and my biggest improvement is 5th gear is very short. Definitely worth the money. Note: If you have access to a lift I recommend using it because it made the installation a lot easier. Cons: None, I wish I have done this sooner

Easy Install on the 14 WRX
parapd 4 years ago
After reading the reviews here, and watching two different people on You Tube installing the bushings, because there is no directions with this kit. It took longer to lift the car, prep, and take the car down off of the jacks to install everything. The 14 WRX was easier than in the you tube videos, the vehicles in the videos were a 07 sti, and 10 wrx. Much easier to complete this by taking off heat shield, and o2 sensor. Front linkage is only held in by a flange nut, on the rear 12 mm socket, extension, and crescent wrench you can extend. Guide the rear in with bolts, tighten a little, then tighten both once you have both in. Do both the bushings, and short shifter at the same time, with the shifter out inside of the car, the linkage comes right out. Watch the you tube videos!!!

10rex408 5 years ago
This is a must for anyone that doesnt have it yet. The difference in shifting with this kit installed is like day and night. installation only took me about 1hr for both bushings and short shifter. the rear bushing is a bit difficult to put on but just take your time and dont get frustrated lol. RSD shipping is very quick. thanks guys!. will definitely be buying more parts from here.

It's a Short Shifter!
a3ng25 5 years ago
What can I say. It's a good short shifter. Does what it should. You can feel it going into gear much more so than with the OEM. The only thing I've noticed is that right turns where i shift into second and remain holding the shift knob...the left-pressure seems to make it give off a little rattling noise; small and not obnoxious but noticeable.

great modification
jsantos1082 5 years ago
I installed this short shifter over the weekend and it took about an hour as i took my time. I had a OEM short throw from Subaru and you can really tell the difference between the two. i havent installed the bushings though, will eventually get to those later on.

I'm amazed!
DarthSubaru 5 years ago
On top of upgrading my exaust and installing a cobb short ram intake I opted to get this short throw and bushing combo along with the Kartboy black shift knob... I'm amazed at the difference it makes. I have so much more control and i'm now spend 40% less time shifting. I'd recommend this mod to anyone who wants that extra little bit of awesome out of their car.

Worth the money
Kenja84 5 years ago
Love this kit. Easy install. Only took about an hour without using a lift! Definitely recomend this. And RSD for awesome customer support!

Very easy install.
Silver 2012 WRX 5 years ago
Throw is MUCH shorter, as well as crisper shift. Would buy again.

A good call for my 2012 WRX
icer3265491 5 years ago
Hard to say what hasn't already been said but here is my two cents. I had it installed at the dealer during an oil change for about $60 bucks I think a month ago. At first I actually didn't like the lever being lower (coming from the stock STI short throw) but as of today I love everything about this upgrade. I can be casual on the shift and still be quick enough to get minor clutch kick in every gear. The bushings are amazing. Not much else I can say but I love it. I run the SPT exhaust and have noticed no additional NVH. Looking back I probably should have done this upgrade sooner.

Great upgrade for '11 WRX
a.blaketurner 6 years ago
I purchased this as a set and reviewed each item individually. My shifts feel much more crisp and about 30-40% shorter than stock. I couldn't be happier with the overall feel. I made notes from the install on each of my reviews. What I'm even more impressed with is RSD's customer service. Each time I've chatted with them online, they've given me good, solid, no-nonsense advice with absolutely NO pressure. And all this advice is handed out with no preconceived notion that I'm going to be making any purchases. RSD has won my business. I'm confident that whenever I have a question or concern it will be taken care of by an outstanding group of professionals. RSD knows what customer service is all about and I couldn't be happier with my purchases and my experience. Good on ya, gentlemen.