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COBB Tuning Stage 1+ Drivetrain Package w/ Black/Red Knob



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Fantastic Improvement, Does Add Noise  19 days ago
I bought this primarily to smooth out things shifting in my high mileage WRX (nearly 210,000 on an '11). It did just that better than I could have imagined, highly recommend you buy this as soon as you buy the car, new or used. The shifter adjusts two different ways to get proper clearance for all the gears as well as desired height/length of throw. Keep in mind the rigidity of the parts (primarily the bushings) is what makes the improvement but that will transmit noticeably more transmission noise into the cabin. Recommend Dynamat if you want to reduce that, some people like the sound though. This kit has 5 stars for a reason, COBB knows what they're doing.
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It's great 1 year ago
Really cleans up the shifting. Was alittle hard for me to get used to with the shifts being so firm and direct now but it's great now! Install was not hard at all if you know your way around, even if not it's pretty simple and straight forward. As for the shifter bushings, installing the front wasn't that bad. For the rear, good luck my friend.
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Cobb short shifter and bushings 2 years ago
Rycal subie
The cobb short throw shifter is excellent. Due to the adjustable feature anyone can find a position and height that they like their shifter. Rally sport direct and Cobb offer extremely detailed installation instructions so just about anyone who can turn a wrench can install. I would recomended this product to anyone who wants their Subie to be even more sporty. Bushings are not a must but I highly recommend getting them so your shifter assemble is all aftermarket.
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Shorten your shifts 3 years ago
This product is well worth the money... I absolutely love this upgrade. Very easy to install only took me bout a half hour. It took all the slop away that the factory shifter had, and shortened the shifts alot it definitely changes the dynamic of the car. Highly recommend!
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clean up your shifting! 4 years ago
installed the stage 1 + on my 2011 wrx sedan and cleaned everything up and shortened my shifts by about a half inch. you can set the height and position of the shifter when you install, mine sits I=nice and low and right smack center and its great. I highly recommend this little set up!
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