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COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT

MODEL # COB 211350R


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Perfect knob 30 days ago
Feels great in the hand, stays way cooler than my old aluminum shift knob.
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Excellent  1 month ago
Well made, feels fantastic in your palm and rolls smoothly. I bought this because my OEM knob didn't get along with my short shifter well and this one is perfect. Looks classy, only warning is if you have larger hands this will feel significantly smaller than the OEM knob. Delrin material doesn't react AS quickly to temps but cmon, if its 100 degrees out your black shift knob is going to be hot.
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Best Upgrade Ever 6 months ago
Improved shift times of .63 seconds per gear. Immediate 10+ HP gains at the wheel. Cars driving next to me gained HP also. Wife sat in the passenger seat and became pregnant. Would buy again.
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Gotta get Cobb ! 3 years ago
I got this cobb shift knob paired with perrin shifter bushings and rear bushings. When i took it out of the box and grasped it in my palm, I quickly went to my car, put it on and went for a spirited drive. My GAWD , the knob felt so perfect, brought a smile on my face everytime i went to shift gears. At first i was deciding this cobb shift knob or the SPT/STi shift knob. I am completely satisfied and have no regrets. It fits perfectly in your palm when shifting. I have owned it for a few months now and it gets warm in the summer but not enough to burn your hand. It gets cold but not cold enough where you need to wear mittens/gloves when shifting. It is slightly shorter due to the fact is it round. Almost looks like you have a short shifter. It is lighter than stock but No Complaints overall !
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Excellent Confort of Shift Authority 3 years ago
I was a doubter- Expensive lil piece. But my hands are larger- Stock shifter was irritatingly puny. This fits and feels SOLID. Symetrical shape and rolls through the shift positions super easy. Finger tip cruising shifts- but when precision fast no gear selection is cruicial this really indexed my hand to the car. Totally worth it-quality feel.
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GET IT 3 years ago
I really didn't think that the oem knob was that bad on my 2013 WRX, but since I was ordering a Short Shifter, I figured I'd get this as well. It looks like it would be slippery but that isn't the case at all. It's a must have!
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Knobtastic 3 years ago
I bought this knob for my 05 wrx to go along with my kartboy short shifter and I love it so much great feel and hold. It looks amazing and modernizes the interior well
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awesome!! 3 years ago
Feels way better then the stock knob, a must have and looks great!!!!
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Much Better Feel 3 years ago
I thought the stock shifter was fine, and then I tried this wonderful thing. You can feel the shifter lever between gears, so shifting up and down is much cleaner and fluid. The feeling that this knob provides help you to get in the right gear quicker. Buy yourself one!
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cobb knob 4 years ago
Nice product. Seems to do well with not getting too hot in direct sunlight, but I live in the UK at the moment....perfect fit in '02 wrx wagon, and again with Kartboy shortshift.
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So comfortable! 4 years ago
Slipped right on in my 02 WRX, and looks way better than the stock shift knob!
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Love it 4 years ago
Nothing much to say, great knob, haven't had temperature issues save for the metal ring. Looks good, feels good. Highly recommend.
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Love it! 4 years ago
This shift knob is awesome. I had an aluminum one before this one which I loved the feel of, but it got too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This knob however keeps a pretty consistent temperature and feels wonderful. Definitely would recommend getting this!
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Excellent quality 4 years ago
Chris Ngo
The look and feel of this shift knob is so good. The ball shape feels natural whilst shifting. Only downside for me and this is more of a personal taste hence the reason why I still gave 5 star rating. Is that the shift knob is on the light weight side. Because of that more force is required to shift compared to stock. I may change my mind and get use to it. Apart from that it looks so good in the cabin.
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Love the Cobb know 4 years ago
Bought this with the cobb short throw, bushings, and knob kit. Installed this first without installing anything else and the difference (for me, in my opinion) was huge and was the best part of the whole kit. Never noticed how heavy the stock shifter is until I actually removed it and held the two in my hands. Great size and shape knob. Super easy install and looks very nice.
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Great knob. Lightweight, limited heat swing. Shorter shifts. 4 years ago
This knob is great. Very solid. Shortens shift due to it's lower height. Feels much better in hand than the cone shaped leather OEM knob. It doesn't get very hot like an aluminum knob would, and shouldn't get cold either. It is light and I feel it helps speed up shifts. If you hang onto it while in gear, though, you'll most likely have your hand go numb as it doesn't dampen the vibration like the heavy leather OEM knob.
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Great product 4 years ago
Easy to install, great look and feel very happy with my purchase thanks RSD.
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best shift knob 4 years ago
best shift knob ever
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COBB Knob 4 years ago
Great product! It's so much lighter then the stock knob. It also to me feels so much better while shifting! Would recommend if your looking to add a little style to your ride.
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Clean and Simple 4 years ago
This isn't going to stand out and be overly flashy and I'm perfectly fine with that. Cobb gives you the quality you've come to expect while giving you a nice finished look. I've bought a multitude of products from RSD and I have to say they are in a class of their own. Outstanding service, great prices, so look here first before even thinking about going anywhere else. A great company that stands by the products it sells, these guys do it right!
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Great Replacement Knob 4 years ago
Got this because i prefer a rounded grip. Instal Was incredibly simple. It was smaller then i had expected but that turned out to be for the best because it fits my hand perfectly. Recommend 100times over the stock shifter.
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Great Product!!! 5 years ago
Love this shift knob. I bought mine shortly after purchasing my 2011 WRX. I didn't delay writing a review on purpose, but just forgot. Even now I have no intention of ever replacing this shift knob. It is perfect!
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Excellent Feel and Fit 5 years ago
Works well, great feel to the touch. daughter-in-law loves the red
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Excellent Shifter 5 years ago
One piece of metal and is machined it has a great feel to it while shifting
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Very nice knob 5 years ago
Extremely easy to install and I like that it has the lip on the bottom for the sleeve to fit over (my last knob didn't have that). It is a little smaller and lighter than I anticipated... It feels really small in my big hands, but I got used to it pretty quickly and it actually seems to shift easier and faster/more smoothly now since it's small and lightweight. All-in-all a solid purchase and it should last the life of the car I would imagine. Definitely recommend this product.
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Awesome! 5 years ago
I always look to Cobb to make a proper product. I have had this knob for a little over a month and I love it. Since my color scheme on my 12' wrx sedan is black and red it fits right in. I have not had any wear on it at all and it feels like that won't happen for a while. I wish it was a little heavier but other than that, this is a great, sturdy, non-wobling knob!
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Great shift knob!!! 5 years ago
I always hated stock shift knobs. They just have a feel to them that degrades the fun of driving a manual car. The Delrin is great in the cold and hot weather and it feels great shifting to any gear!!!! A must have for anyone who loves to drive stick!!!!!!!!!
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wewt 5 years ago
Great feel, great knob to feel up!
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Cobb shifter 5 years ago
Very smooth, light weight and looks great. Once again good Cobb product
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lookin good 5 years ago
Bought it to top off my kartboy shifter, feel great an looks amazing. Definitly suggest this knob!
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COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red 5MT (Part Number: )