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Beatrush Duracon Shift Knob Black 6MT



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For 2015 Forester 3 years ago
It fits the forester and yes the forester is a 6 speed, so cool. Made it a little faster too, that's not true, but it is a nice shift knob. Mine lined up perfect, if yours doesn't just make it work, seems like a no brainer. Buy the
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Nice classy knob 6 years ago
I really like the clean look of the knob and it feels great might be kinda slick for some though. Install was easy and it fit perfect just a few wiggles back and forth to get the numbers straight
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great knob 6 years ago
I too had a fitment issue but instead of adding washers I filed down the shifter a little at a time until it was perfect. The quality on the product is top notch as well at the feel and look. I bought another one for my 5 speed
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Easy Peasy 7 years ago
Just installed this shift knob, so far so good. I didn't need any washers or anything, lined right up perfectly :)
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shift knob 5 years ago
it looks very nice but i dont like the thing that i have to made some mods to perfect aliniation becuse de numbers were upside down and is a very bad thing for a good piece with a good japanese manufacture
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Beatrush Duracon 6spd shift knob 6 years ago
I gave it 3 stars because of a fitment issue. Screwed all the way down the shift pattern was upside down and at a 30 degree angle facing away from the driver seat. RallySport cust service was awesome in communicating with me on a fix. Which, according to Beatrush, is to put a pencil eraser in the knob and cut it down little by little until you get the numbers to line up. They are going to start including the eraser in the packaging. Only problem I had was the stock shift lever is hollow, so whatever I put in the knob to take up space ended up inside the shift lever and the knob numbers never lined up. Maybe with a short shift kit that has a solid shift lever this idea would work well, I don't know. I ended up using a 3/16th drill bit to take material out of the inside of the knob and got it perfect....shift pattern is aligned just as knob is bottomed out tight. Now, the knob itself feels and looks great. I'd give it a 5 Star rating if it weren't for the necessity to bore a little material out to align properly.
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Beatrush Duracon Shift Knob Black 6MT (Part Number: )
Beatrush Duracon Shift Knob Black 6MT (Part Number: )
Beatrush Duracon Shift Knob Black 6MT (Part Number: )