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AutoStyled Subaru 5 Speed Shift Knob Black w/ Red Aluminum Center

MODEL # ASA1502030103


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AutoStyled Subaru 5 Speed Shift Knob Black w/ Red Aluminum Center ( Part Number: 1502030103)
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Overpriced. Difficult install. Rattles. Don't recommend.  5 years ago
2out of 5stars
This knob is obscenely overpriced. You could get a knob of better quality from any other brand for half the price, or less. Let's start with the medallion on top. A cheap, flimsy piece of soft aluminum that arrives already warped in the packaging, and is required to be installed because of the recessed area where it goes in. Ironic how this piece of blatant advertising for the company is not only cheaply made, but also is an incredible eyesore; its high gloss black doesn't match the satin black of the delrin portions on the knob, and up close the silver letters contrast oddly from any of the anodized parts. The red body is significantly duller than the bright pictures on the website would have you believe. Not a huge deal, but since it doesn't really match well with the red trim inside of a WRX or STi, it's just another thing about this knob that makes it lackluster. The aluminum is allegedly a bit weightier for easy shifts, but I'm almost certain the stock knob weighs more. Shifting-wise, it doesn't feel much different, other than the solid material transferring a bit more feedback from the shift gates, which is about the only positive thing I can say about this knob. The lip for retaining the boot is larger than on the OEM piece, making it extremely difficult to slide it on. Only way I could get it was to struggle the boot on before the knob was screwed on, then I had to blindly line it up and thread it onto the lever threads. And then it was also extremely difficult to thread the knob with the boot on, because it was gripping so incredibly tightly. It's a good thing they had an Allen screw on top of the knob, because I didn't have enough leverage with my one hand holding the boot in place and my other bare hand trying to thread the knob on. The necessity of an allen wrench makes the cheap medallion even more of a liability, because if you ever want to remove the knob and change out for another one, you'll have to pry it out with a tool and will likely end up scratching the knob, and definitely bending the medallion beyond repair. And the rattling! As tight as the boot fits around the lip, something still rattles incessantly at highway speeds. The only way to stop it is to squeeze the boot to the base of the knob very firmly with your fingers. I got this knob with a 10% off sale, and I still feel gypped. Whatever, it's a shift knob, it works. But for the price, I am outrageously disappointed. A $100+ knob that is of much lower quality, in my opinion. The price alone is what inspired me to write this chapter-book of a negative review. If it were a $50 knob with the same short-comings, I'd be fine with it, but for something costing 3x as much, you better believe I will flame this piece of junk.
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