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Takata Drift II 4-Point Harness Green Snap-On

MODEL # TAK 74000-H2


  • Q: ASM  skylerl3 years ago

    Hey guys, you have in the specs that this harness doesn't have submarine protection, but in the description it says: " The belt features a center push button release buckle and their shoulder belt ASM system to prevent submarining". Are these still protected against submarining?
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      A:  The ASM shoulder belt design will help to reduce submarining, but it will not completely prevent it. The specs indicate that the harness is not compatible with an anti submarine belt add-on.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 3 years ago  
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  • Q: 02 wrx  roberto.estrada856134124 years ago

    Do I need to buy a harness bar or can I just install it like that ?
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      A:  You will need a harness bar or appropriate roll cage to properly install these harnesses.

      guest56ad69792a8d256e198b66b5 @
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  • Q: Isofix install  RCMS4 years ago

    Wich Takata model should I purchase if I'd want to install the harness on the Isofix of the back seats?
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      A:  These could work for that, we recommend a harness bar for proper install as well as to ensure safety.

      guest57853c642a8d25b5018c44a7 @
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