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Stage 1 Performance Package - Subaru WRX Sedan 2008-2014 / STI Sedan 2011-2014

Stage 1 Performance Package

Subaru WRX Sedan 2008-2014 / STI Sedan 2011-2014

Stage 1 Performance Package - Subaru WRX Sedan 2008-2014 / STI Sedan 2011-2014
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When you've been hit with the mod bug, you start to wonder what it takes to reach a certain power level. You may start by researching car forums, social media, and you might resort by consulting with other friends and enthusiasts on what path to take. Even though the answers might vary, you will find that for the most part, there are going to be relevant ingredients that are going to be very familiar in this topic of discussion.

RallySport Direct can help guide you through the initial steps on what it takes to get more horsepower, torque, and performance that will start changing the overall dynamic of your vehicle, and transform it into something really competitive. 

This is the Stage 1 Performance package. Here, you will have the opportunity to get the infamous COBB Accessport, along with choosing the high-performance air filter of your choice, which cat-back exhaust system you'd like, and which stock downpipe to cat-back adaptor to use.

Starting with the V3 COBB Accessport, The Accessport is one of the best-selling and utilized ECU tuning devices employed by many cars on a worldwide scale. The latest Accessport features   a large, full-color higher resolution screen to monitor up to 6 parameters in real time. The Accessport is fully customizable which includes adjustments to the colors, the layout, as well as the mounting options.  Additionally, the V3 Accessport features more processing power, more memory, and more storage to flash faster while giving the user the ability to save all the maps and logs.

Here are some additional features:

·    Realtime Tuning: Changes can be made to the map in real-time while the engine is running. This speeds up the tuning process and allows for quick changes to powerful features such as launch control, flat foot shifting, and map switching.
·    Adjust idle: Adjust engine idle on the fly to help compensate for aftermarket accessories such as light weight flywheels, as well as upgraded cams. Separate Accessport menus allow for idle speeds to be adjusted for AC ON and AC OFF        functions.
·    Adjust Timing (STI Models Only): You can reduce the timing on the fly to compensate for bad pump fuel.
·    Flat Foot Shifting (STI Models Only): Keep the throttle on the floor during shifts and maintain boost levels between gears with the customizable RPM setting.
·    Launch Control (STI Only): Set the RPM threshold for performance launching the car from a  stop. This builds boost and generates instantaneous power from the line. 

Next, you will have the benefit of choosing the Drop In Air Filter of your choice. Even though the factory air filter is effective, it can be very restrictive. The panel filters that you can choose from have been designed to allow your engine to breathe better. This means you will decrease the spool time of your turbocharger, and the results will be improved throttle response, which nets more horsepower and torque. 

Then you will have the choice of which Cat-Back Exhaust System you'd prefer. There are many fine choices that have been designed with smooth mandrel bends that greatly reduce exhaust turbulence. Additionally, the piping on the exhaust system has been increased to release any restrictions held back by the factory exhaust system. Combined with the Accessport and performance panel intake you will notice real-world performance results along with an aggressive exhaust note throughout the entire RPM range. 

Then you will have the choice of choosing a Blow-Off Valve to your preference. This is one of the more fun and addicting modifications as the mechanical is pleasing to the pups and a guilty pleasure to the elitists. Aftermarket blow off valves have been designed to release pressure quicker than factory units. And factory units can leak boost over time causing your turbo to work harder, and in worst case scenarios cause premature wear on the turbocharger. The right blow off valve will result in better performance because it keeps the turbo spooling faster during shifts. 

Lastly, you can choose which OEM Downpipe to 3" Exhaust Cat-Back Adapter you would like to make installation smooth and straight forward. 

In conclusion, once everything is installed you can use the maps provided by COBB to tune your vehicle and enjoy the performance results. Plus if you decide to go further down the path of modification, the Accessport will be ready to accommodate those modifications so you can enjoy your vehicles full potential. 



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  • Q: Stage 1 performance package 2009 wrx sedan  2009wrx5 years ago

    I was wondering if his package can be put onto a stock 2009 wrx? If so does it increases horse power and how much?
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      A:  This kit is a great upgrade for a stock 09 WRX. Power gains can vary depending on octane, but generally hover around 8-10% gains on peak numbers, with more noticeable gains in the mid range. Cobb's site will have map notes for your vehicle with more details as well.

      Marcus E. @ RallySport Direct 5 years ago  
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