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ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers - Subaru STI 2008-2014
ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers - Subaru STI 2008-2014
ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers - Subaru STI 2008-2014
ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers - Subaru STI 2008-2014
ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers - Subaru STI 2008-2014
ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers - Subaru STI 2008-2014
ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers - Subaru STI 2008-2014
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ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers

Subaru STI 2008-2014

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Part # S007-S
msrp: $1,349.00

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Features & Product Details

RallySport Direct is very proud to provide you with another quality coilover option brought to you by ISC Suspension.


Here, you are looking at the ISC Suspension N1 Street Comfort Coilovers that are now available for your application. This is a great way to improve your handling, balance, ride quality, and stance of your vehicle all in a ready-to-install package.





  • Single Cylinder Mono-Tube design
  • 32-way adjustable
  • The mono-tube design damper will provide consistent valving without the risk of cavitation
  • These are high-pressure to reduce body roll and are 100% efficient through all temperatures
  • Larger pistons allow more oil flow which creates improved damping and to sustain higher forces
  • Three valving options include Street, Street Sport, and Track Race
  • Valving will increase in stiffness from lowest to highest depending on your driving style
  • Piston and rod design 
  • Shafts are valved according to the spring rate 
  • Shock Dyno-tested
  • Ride height adjustable by as much as 3 inches
  • Height adjustable by the strut body
  • 6061 aluminum alloy locks and brackets
  • Top hats come pre-installed
  • Front top hats are camber adjustable
  • Spanner Wrenches included for height adjustment
  • Specifications

    Brand: ISC Suspension
    Adjustable: Yes
    Camber Adjustable: Yes
    Caster Adjustable: No
    Dampening Adjust Type: 32 Way
    Damper Type: Monotube
    Drop Height Front: 0.0-3.0in
    Drop Height Front Metric: 0-76mm
    Drop Height Rear: 0.0-3.0in
    Drop Height Rear Metric: 0-76mm
    Height Adjustable: Yes
    Independent Height Adjustable: Yes
    Spring Rate Front: 448lbs/in
    Spring Rate Front Metric: 8Kg/mm
    Spring Rate Rear: 336lbs/in
    Spring Rate Rear Metric: 6Kg/mm
    Top Hats Included: Yes
    Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime
    Condition: New Product
    Return Policy:
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    ISC Suspension N1 Street Sport Coilovers ( Part Number: S007-S)
    08-14 ISC Coils 3 years ago
    5out of 5stars
    Hello I just wanted to drop some knowledge on these coils. I have installed a bunch of this specific model on this chassis for friends of mine (I've personally had them on other Subaru chassis) and they awesome. The install is very straight forward and easy as Subaru suspension is real easy to remove and install. They definitely stiffen up your ride but are still smooth and comfortable. Just make sure you set the spring preload correctly and add some anti-seize to the threads where the collars are and enjoy.
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    Lifetime Warranty 3 years ago
    2out of 5stars
    May 28, 2019: (3/5 rating) Finally got around to getting these installed. I can't tell the difference between these set and OEM setup. I have the dampening to 25 / 32 and still feels like OEM suspension. However the life time warranty will help over time. Also, I wish RSD would stop censoring reviews. May 4, 2021: (4/5 rating) After having this set of coilovers, I'm very glad I purchase them. The front passenger shock is now failing. The coilovers are 32-way adjustable but for some reason, I can only adjust the front passenger 24-ways. I reached out to the tech support and they quickly RMA'd me a replacement shock. I'm very glad I got this since they come with Life-Time Warranty! As far as performance goes, do not expect MAX STIFFNESS. They are more stiffer than OEM. Suspension really comes together once front / rear sway bars are upgraded as well as control arms. May 22, 2021: (1/5 rating) Recently, the passenger side / front coilover failed and ICS sent me the replacements parts to rebuild the coilover. So I decided to pay a local reputable professional performance shop to rebuild a damaged coilover and adjust height. What I thought was going to be something straight forward, turned out to be a nightmare. Found out the rear coilovers were complete seized up. No adjustment was possible just after 3 years of purchase. Then, I found out ICS shipped the coilovers with the top hats for front coilovers installed incorrectly, even though the instructions say they are sent already installed and pre-loaded. The adjustment knob could not be removed from the coilovers. They are completely seized. So the coilover that was rebuilt is set to soft setting and I cannot adjust until I get a replacement adjusting knob / screw from ICS. The knobs are supposed to come off easily but they don't move at all. Considering I bought these in 2019 and already having this many issues, I was advised to trash them and get a new set. What a complete waste of money!
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    • Q: Isc drop height  teninch5152 years ago

      Do these really drop 3in in the back? I’ve had bc, raceland, and now megan racing coilovers and the backs never lower as much as I’d like. Not trying to waste my time
    • Q: Height  tim_89115692273 years ago

      Do these come out of box set to max height? Or do they have to be adjusted right out of the box?
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        A:  You will want to adjust these once they're on your car/out of the box, and the kit does include the proper wrenches to adjust them.

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    • Q: Question  Neuspeed3 years ago

      Why does RSD censor reviews that don't have 5 stars?
      • 1 of 2 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  We do not censor reviews that do not have 5 stars.

        Marcus E. @ RallySport Direct 3 years ago  
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      • 1 of 3 people found the following answer helpful

        A:  RSD most definitely censor reviews. I know first hand!

        Neuspeed @
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    • Q: Control arms  Wayne3 years ago

      Will these require upgraded swing arms or do they work with OEM?
    • Q: Isc coilovers   Zzzzz4 years ago

      Can you adjust rear camber with these?