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OLM Window Roof Visor / Spoiler - Subaru WRX / STI 2015+
OLM Window Roof Visor / Spoiler - Subaru WRX / STI 2015+
OLM Window Roof Visor / Spoiler - Subaru WRX / STI 2015+
OLM Window Roof Visor / Spoiler - Subaru WRX / STI 2015+

OLM Window Roof Visor / Spoiler

Subaru WRX / STI 2015+


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RallySport Direct carries a great selection of OLM automotive accessories for those of you who want to customize the look, feel, and value of your vehicle. 


Here, you are looking at the OLM Rear Window Roof Visor/Spoiler. This spoiler attaches to the rear glass where it meets the roof using automotive-grade double adhesive tape. This is a simple means of providing the exterior of your vehicle with a more aggressive look. 




  • Made using durable materials
  • Dark transparent finish
  • Flows well with the contour of the roof
  • Provides the vehicle with aggressive styling
  • Installs using pre-applied automotive-grade double-sided adhesive
  • Includes an alcohol pad along with an adhesion promoter





    Brand: OLM
    Color: Tinted Clear
    Installation Location: Rear
    Installation Method: Adhesive Tape
    Material: Plastic
    Mounts To: Rear Window
    Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year Limited
    Condition: New Product
    Return Policy:



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    It could have been so beautiful! 10 months ago
    4out of 5stars
    Nick G.
    Sadly the only review I can give after purchasing this beautiful piece of craftsmanship is that my wife didn’t understand that you have to look at the package RIGHT WHEN YOU GET IT! I had this on my wishlist to complete the look my window rain guards started. Seeing the great deal RSD was running for it, my wife pulled the trigger! It would be the perfect anniversary gift in a couple months. Fast forward to the night of our anniversary, and my wife brings in this nice sized, perfectly wrapped box, and presents me with it. I waste no time getting the paper off, and find myself staring directly at a red and black OLM labeled container that I knew could only be one thing! Then, just as quickly as my heart filled with joy, it started to beat erratically. Is that a crease I see on the box??? Yes… but there’s no way it really caused any damage… did it??? Unable to hold back my excitement, and fear, I quickly ran and got my box cutter, and sliced open the tape on one of the ends. As the flap opened I heard a little shifting noise inside. No big deal. I tried to tell myself…. It will be fine… IT WAS NOT FINE! When I pulled the sealed bag, holding my piece of functional artwork, out of the box, it released it’s form, and broke into pieces all inside the bag. 🤮 My wife started bawling. She thought she ruined our night. I was bawling inside, but didn’t want to make her feel worse. I held her hand and thanked her for the amazing gift, and let her know it wasn’t her fault. I then asked her when she bought it… Maybe she picked it up from Will Call that way… Then she let me know that it had to be shipped because they didn’t have it at the SLC warehouse. I asked if she checked it when the delivery guy brought it to the house. She said NO! 😭 She noticed the bent box, but didn’t think anything of it past that… I knew it was too late to call and petition RSD to send me a new one, or to file a complaint with the shipping company, because it was purchased months ago. I would just have to bend over and take it. Eat the cost of the part, which didn’t feel so inexpensive anymore, and take it as a life lesson. I can only fix the things I have control over. So, I did just that. I know my wife meant well, but she really should have checked it. Sometimes I even miss being married to her. But, I can guarantee you I will never make that mistake… and I don’t have to worry about her making it again either! Now, other than the piece being broken, it was made very well. The visor/spoiler is thick, and the 3M tape is still holding that part of the broken one together! I have no question it will hold itself on as long as the car lasts! I know this was a little long winded, but I hope everyone that takes the time to read my saga can learn from my ex wife’s mistake. I know I did.
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