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PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black



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Perrin reverse lock out. 3 years ago
It was a straight forward install. Not too bad. Just make sure to put some grease where it will ride on. If you don't it won't slide back down on its own. I used a bearing grease.
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perrin reverse lock out 4 years ago
08 sti hatch,put a kartboy short shift with front/rear bushings and a very annoying rattle came about when shifting from 2 to 3 so I put the perrin reverse lock out on and it is solid! I highly recommend buying this if you get the shortshifter and bushings. Plus it feels way better than the stock.
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Finally got rid of the rattle  4 years ago
Ever since I installed my kartboy ss I had the annoying rattle for the shifter, but no more. Well made looks good and mated up perfectly with my kartboy ss and sti duricon knob. Like the other reviews said don't use too much grease or at least a less tacky grease to keep movement l smooth.
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A must have for STI owners with short throw shifters 4 years ago
6 months ago I installed the Kartboy short shifter and bushing combo. The rattle from the reverse lockout cable has been obnoxious ever since. I finally bit the bullet and picked up this reverse lock out lever and now I wish I would have done this from day 1. The fluid motion of the 1 piece design is excellent and the rattle is 100% gone. 2 pieces of advice... 1) If you are installing a short shifter on your STI, buy this and do them both at the same time. You will not regret it. 2) Do not use the grease provided in the packaging. It's very thick and prevents the Perrin lever from sliding back down the shifter on its own. Go buy some $4 bearing grease and use that instead. Then the reverse lock out lever slides up and down just like the stock one.
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Grease 4 years ago
I used bearing grease instead of the sticky grease. It goes up and down like stock.
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Perrin Reverse Lockout 4 years ago
Really like the Perrin lockout. Fits well and really looks good with the factory matching boots.
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Another Fine Product from Perrin 5 years ago
Well made piece not to bad to install. I have mine mounted to a Cobb Short Shifter with no issues works great.
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Quality piece and no more shift cable rattle. 5 years ago
This part is much more solid than the oem plastic piece. Install is simple and yes the screw is slightly larger than the hole on the reverse lockout cable but you don't need to dremel (as per other review) as the end of the shift cable is soft metal so you just thread the screw through and it ensures there's no slop in the cable hole and screw. Perfect solution for those who have installed a short shifter and get the end rattle in the stock reverse lockout lever.
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Good buy  7 months ago
I had this installed the same time as the Kartboy shortshifter. I read that some customers had a problem with rattling with the factory reverse lockout when they installed the shortshifter. So I bought it to avoid any repetitious work for the install. I forgot to warn my mechanic about using the supplied grease, so the return is a bit slow, hopefully it'll loosen up over time. Other than that, it is a solid and better built than the factory piece which was quite worn on my 14 year old STi. My only regret is cosmetic, after purchasing the Perrin, I found that Raceseng makes an anodized red one, which would have looked better in my car, oh well.
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Installing the Perrin Reverse Lockout Lever 1 year ago
Rally Armor OE Classics Mudflaps
The well constructed and precisely machined lockout lever has two O rings on the inside to prevent it from rattling once installed on the shifter. However, in some cases, it is not a simple "plug and play" install. It is important to note that some aftermarket shifters may have a slightly wider diameter and/or the plastic sleeve on the shifter may be thicker than what is found on the stock shifter. It will be necessary to sand the plastic sleeve with fine grit sandpaper to allow the Perrin reverse lockout lever to fit and smoothly slide on the shifter. Once that is done, the reverse lockout lever performs better than the stock lockout lever.
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No more rattling! 3 years ago
I got this because the stock lockout rattled so much, loud exhaust and drivetrain bushings must have caused it. It does its job and install wasn't bad at all. DO NOT USE the grease Perrin provides, it is way too sticky and tight. Use a normal all purpose grease and it will be fine. Also if you have a small enough philips head then you do not have to remove the shifter console.
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Well Machined Part, Slight Modification for Install 5 years ago
Part is a solid, single piece and feels as good as it looks. One install snag was that the screw provided by Perrin to hold the reverse lockout cable was too large a diameter for the existing hole in the reverse lockout cable. A quick widening with a Dremel and voila we were in business. If not for the screw issue, would have been 5 stars.
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Machined very nicely, slight fitment issue 3 years ago
Having an issue with it not wanting to slide back into place. It seems to be like a micron too narrow and I have to actually push it back into place. I'm going to try to replace the spring under the car with something heavier to see if that helps. Overall it's incredibly nice. Wish Subaru supplied something like this instead of the cheap plastic. The supplied grease is like glue, though. Actually made it worse.
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PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black (Part Number: )
PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black (Part Number: )
PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black (Part Number: )
PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black (Part Number: )
PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black (Part Number: )
PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black (Part Number: )
PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black (Part Number: )
PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black (Part Number: )