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PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever Black



  • Q: Rattle noise  M.187 months ago

    I installed this with my kartboy shifter but it still rattles and makes noise like crazyy! Cang figure out why
  • Q: Fitment w/a Kartboy SS and Cobb Shift Knob  emummert54 years ago

    Are there any fitment issues with the Perrin Reverse Lockout on a '08 STi with a Kartboy Short Throw Shifter and a Cobb Shift knob?
  • Q: This is for ... ??  Heartless824 years ago

    I'm sorry but i don't understand the reason to install this ... someone can explain me? Thanks ! ;)
  • Q: Plans to release this for the 2015 WRX  ubersoph5 years ago

    Or Perrin have you tested this for fitment on that car? The 2015 WRX has a nasty tedency to rattle from this assembly from 2nd to 3rd gear and it's driving me nuts!
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      A:  This has not been confirmed for the WRX models yet unfortunately but it is possible it may fit. We cannot guarantee fitment at this time.

      Nick S. @ RallySport Direct 5 years ago  
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  • Q: Wrx  Dan Harper6 years ago

    Would this fit the cobb short throw for the 11 wrx or is there something else on the market to hold the shift boot up when using an aftermarket knob
  • Q: fitment compared to OEM  Alec6 years ago

    i have an aftermarket knob (flossy) and was wondering if the part that slides up into the knob when going into reverse is to the same specs as OEM. Or in other words, is it aftermarket knob friendly?
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      A:  If your shift knob works with the OEM unit, it will work with the PERRIN unit.

      Perrin Performance @ PERRIN 6 years ago  
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      A:  This lever will work with any shift knob that is compatible with the stock reverse lock out lever.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 6 years ago  
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  • Q: KBSS?  11dhillons6 years ago

    Will this work with the kartboy short shifter?