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Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Radiator Manual Transmission



  • Q: Mishimoto Radiator  kiefergo167861 month ago

    Hi I have an A-Line Subaru STI will this radiator fit ?
  • Q: Mishsi Performance vs. Xline  Kwiksti4 months ago

    What is the difference between this and there X-Line radiator for the STI?
  • Q: Fitment: Will a killerbees dual tank clear?  JF6 months ago

    Will this with the killerbees dual tank clear the air pump on a 2012 WRX?
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      A:  This has not been test-fitted with the killer B Dual tank so we cannot confirm that it will clear. To give you an idea for size comparison, this radiator is about 0.9 inches deeper than the stock radiator depth.

      Karsten B. @ RallySport Direct 6 months ago  
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  • Q: Mishimoto Radiator   shaggi47 months ago

    Can the stock hoses be used with this radiator? Is there any fitment issues?
  • Q: Radiator fans  israelruvalcaba272 years ago

    Would I need to upgrade fans if I get the mishimoto radiator or can I use the OEM fans
  • Q: Durability?  Ears23055 years ago

    I've been thinking about bumping up the cooling efficiencies of my car. My concern is I live in Ohio, so we have hot summers then cold and very unpredictable winters. Will this radiator stand up to the potential salt and low temps, or would this be a fair weather part?
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      A:  These radiators tend to be far superior in both performance as well as durability over the OEM unit. Many of our customers use these in hot and cold temperatures without issues including here in Utah. You will always want to make sure there is enough antifreeze in the coolant mixture to prevent freezing but other than that this radiator will hold up just fine.

      Nick S. @ RallySport Direct 5 years ago  
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  • Q: Coolant?  travelguy2k5 years ago

    Do i still need to use the Super Blue coolant, or would a more generic option be just as good/safe?
  • Q: A/T?  Nate D.5 years ago

    I'm assuming based on the title of the product that this will not fit the 4EAT transmission, but do you offer any A/T options for this radiator?
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      A:  This radiator does not have a transmission cooler built in like the factory automatic transmission cars, but you can purchase the Mishimoto Universal Transmission or Power Steering Fluid Cooler separately in order to use this radiator on AT cars.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 5 years ago  
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  • Q: Thermostat?  3zero35 years ago

    Do you have to change the thermostat and all the plastic fans and everything will work fine as well?? Will the Grimmspeed Fan shroud with the tool tray fit over this rad.?
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      A:  This radiator is compatible with the stock fans and fan shroud. It is not required to change the thermostat, but is recommended while you have the cooling system drained. The Grimmspeed shroud is designed to work with most radiators and should work with this one as well.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 5 years ago  
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  • Q: Difference?  The Chad5 years ago

    What's the difference between this radiator and the xline radiator?