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Mishimoto Radiator Hose Kit Black



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2006 STI 2 years ago
I've had these on the car for several months now. So far, I've had no issues with them. I bought them when Mishimoto was doing a large sale so I couldn't pass up the deal.
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great product and great company  4 years ago
Alex B.
I've run these on my car for over year and have been pleased with them. They do look go in the engine bay. I did upgrade my radiator this past weekend and made the mistake of over trimming the top hose and causing it to contact the P/S pulley, it was my mistake, just got carried away with the razor blade. I contacted mishimoto to see if I could just buy the top hose. I was shocked to find out that they were going to send me a complete set, with these trick not cut clamps at a very good price. What a great company to help their customer out on a problem that wasn't their fault. I will buy their products again.
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Quality 5 years ago
As I move through my engine making mods and doing maintenance I will continue to rely on mishimoto. So far all of their hoses have been awesome, whether they are holding boost, or coolant. I know I can count on them to do the job. I just wish they had included clamps.
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Came Loose 4 years ago
These hoses look awesome with the engine, and hold up to all the pressures of pushing the car at auto-x. Be sure to buy good, snug hose clamps though! My lower hose came loose and resulted in the car nearly overheating many miles from home.
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2inch clamp does NOT fit 4 years ago
The 2inch clamp recommend does not fit. So leaking coolant while waiting for new clamps to come in. 1.75 is needed
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MIshimoto radiator Hoses 5 years ago
the upper radiator hust must be cut about .75 inch. otherwise, it WILL hit your alternator pulley and shred the hose. i caught before any problems arised. i installed these w/mishimoto radiator on 02 bugeye. RSD had excellent shipping!
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Nice part 5 years ago
The hoses themselves are very well made and look great. My only complaint would be that they need to be trimmed significantly for the mishimoto x line radiator, which was a bit surprising. Also, I followed RSD's recommendations below and purchased 2 clamps only to fine out that they must be maxed out to create a seal on these hoses. 1.75 would be the proper size. All of the clamp size recommendations I've followed off this site seem to be inaccurate, which causes a lot of frustration
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