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Gates Radiator Hose Lower

MODEL # GAT 22885


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Gates Radiator Hose Lower ( Part Number: 22885)
Works great 2 years ago
For the lower radiator hose you may need a bit of trimming. Reason I did mine was that it wanted to kink or bend at a radius I wasn't really comfortable with. But once I trimmed it a hair, and then started the car, the pump and heat took care of the kink. Just remember it may look a little more severe because there is no pressure or fluid in the system. Well worth replacing. Do worm screw clamps as well to ensure a snug fit. Just remember you're clamping down on aluminum, so use your best judgement on tight but not so tight you crack something.
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Slight trimming may be needed 3 years ago
I'd say I took off maybe 3/4" in total (some from one side some from the other). When I placed on the bottom the length made the hose kink a bit more than I was comfortable with. Some trimming and letting the car put pressure in the hose after all was said and done. It looks regular and is operating just fine.
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Quality Hose 5 years ago
Fits great! I cut it to add a water temp sensor and it is still going strong after 4 months.
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Great Fit 5 years ago
Just installed both upper and lowers after timing belt install and both fit perfect no kinks and i like the fact these hoses are alittle thicker than stock. And i used the factory hose clamps as well. Perfect as usual from Gates!!
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Excellent Product 5 years ago
Great fit, no kinks, plus slittle thicker than oem hose. No kinks or issues. Once again gates fulfilled my needs with quality and price! Thanks RSD
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Nice replacement for OEM on 2005 WRX 6 years ago
Along with a new radiator (Koyo OEM type) I bought new hoses and T-bar clamps. The lower hose might benefit from a 1/4 trim to avoid what seems is a bit of flex that slightly flattens the hoses profile when cold and not under pressure. When hot, it looks fine. I didn't trim mine though. Also, get no bigger than 2 T-bar clamps and tighten them well. I had to re-seat the clamps and re-tighten them three times before the leaks stopped. Now all is fine.
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Not a perfect fit 3 years ago
Bend in hose
Currently installing this hose with a mishimoto radiator. Doesn't appear to be a direct drop in. I've attempted to twist it around to get an optimal fit but doesn't seem that's going to work. Going to pull this out and trim it like a few other folks have mentioned.
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Great fit! 4 years ago
Quality product. Probably a touch too long, but not enough to be of concern. Straight swap for the OEM hose on my 2006 WRX STI (ADM).
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Does the job 5 years ago
I have STI 05, Had to cut the bottom hose just a little to make it work, but overall it works and its cheaper than 100 bucks for name brand hoses.
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You will need a new hose clamp. 7 years ago
circle eater
Nothing too special here. It's a radiator hose. I noticed it is slightly thicker than the factory hoses which is good. The only draw back is my factory hose clamp would NOT fit over the hose where it connects to the engine, so you will need a slightly larger hose clamp there. I bought both the upper and lower gates hoses, and this is the only connection point where my factory clamps wouldn't fit no matter what I did.
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Wasn't molded correctly. 6 years ago
The hose was thicker and seemed like a better hose altogether than the stock hose. However, I ended up using the original stock hose again since this one wasn't molded correctly. There needed to be a bit more bend to it. I think it was just a defect. When I did get it attached, it was kinked/pinched at the bend.
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All bad. 5 years ago
The hose was bigger and wasn't molded correctly either (weird bend, as mentioned in previous reviews). It was so much bigger that the original clamps were not useable with it as well. Bought new clamps and next thing I know its slowly leaking. Putting on old stuff tomorrow
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