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PERRIN Lightweight Crank Pulley Red



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Still don't know  2 months ago
Lots of controversies on this mod, still don't know if its a good or bad thing. I still like it, I feel the difference. I had to order a new bolt cause would not torque it (My fault). Subaru has them for 8 dollars just in case you run into the same issue.
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Crank pulley replacememt 2 years ago
I replaced the crank pulley after driving the car 60,000 miles. It took a little more torque to get it off than the instructions indicated. I was skeptical at first that the reduction of rotational mass would make a difference in the performance. I found it to make a big difference. The engine is more responsive to the accelerator and feels great! When removing the existing pulley I pulled the nose cone off the front of the crank but was lucky the pin stayed on the crank. Be wary of that. Also bought the alternator and accessory pulleys looks great. I wish I could replace all the pulleys and idlers like the Raceseng 7 pulley set, but their cost is too high. Perrin should combine their 3 pulleys into 1 set with combined install instructions.
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Pain in the ass lol 3 years ago
I have an automatic frs and I thought that this would be a simple install but thats far from the case I need a special tool to install it to prevent the flex plate from doing something which they did not explain in the description or in the video so now I have to pay to get it installed AND THERE NOT STREET LEGAL EITHER UGH pain in my ass lol
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PERRIN Lightweight Crank Pulley Red (Part Number: )
PERRIN Lightweight Crank Pulley Red (Part Number: )