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PERRIN Lightweight Crank Pulley Red



  • Q: Tool  2014 soobie wrx10 months ago

    Is there any install tool i need to buy to install this?
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      A:  Yes, We do recommend getting the Gates AC belt installation tool for easier installation.

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  • Q: whats in the package when purchased?  evade3g881504 years ago

    I know that the purchase is for the pulley but will a new bolt also come with the pulley?
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      A:  Hardware is not included with this Perrin Pulley. You would either reuse or replace your OEM bolt.

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  • Q: Tune?  Cbarks135 years ago

    My question is will this throw a CEL on my dash? I've heard that it would without a tune. I have a v3 AccessPort but I wanted to go ahead and ask if I needed a pro tune or what after installing this?
  • Q: Possible Thrown CEL?  ShaBorse5 years ago

    Compared to other pulley upon installation, has this product been verified on throwing CEL?
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      A:  In most cases, this will not throw a CEL code. In the case that it does, once they are cleared, they should stay off.

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  • Q: Install tool  Grat13325 years ago

    on the perrin website they have an optional tool for the placement of the belt onto the pully. am i going to need to purchase this from them seperatley?
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      A:  The stretch belt tool is needed for 2008+ models and the tool part number is GAT 91031. You can type that part number in the search box to view the tool.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 5 years ago  
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  • Q: Installation and Tune  snowbound896 years ago

    I've been looking around at pulleys and noticed that the Perrin seems to be the lightest weight pulley out there. My question is, how difficult will it be to do yourself. There does not seem to be a good tool like the GS one has. Also with such a decrease in weight will a tune be needed?
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      A:  Installing a crank pulley on a Subaru is not very difficult and I would plan on about 1-2 hours for installation time. There is not a pulley tool for this right now, but there are other ways to keep the engine from spinning while loosening and tightening the pulley bolt. Tuning is not required.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 6 years ago  
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