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PERRIN Lightweight Crank Pulley Black



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Works great 7 months ago
Only true difference I felt with the car was only as you’re letting out the clutch pedal and how the engine responds - the whole feeling is different between the stock pulley and this one as you would expect. I can’t speak to fuel mileage or power increase as it wasn’t a substantial difference to me
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Perrin Crank Pulley 2 years ago
Light weight Perfect fit and function this is a great part!
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2016 STi Install 3 years ago
Install very straight forward. Detailed Instructions so you don't mess up. RSD does a great job about providing everything you need to install, and install correctly. Do get the install tool to make the job easier and faster. Throttle response before pulley and after, phenomenal. Add a pitch stop mount and you're set!
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Excellent product 4 years ago
The install was a breeze and matched the instructions exactly. It's not a night and day difference but I seem to be getting about an extra 20 miles per tankful before the fuel light comes on. The motor seems to spool up a little quicker, similar to the difference between running with the A/C on vs. off. I would definitely recommend it.
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Awesome! 4 years ago
Very happy with this purchase both looks and performance!
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Went black, never going back 4 years ago
My crank has been pulled by the more common white, yellow, and brown varities over the years, but I must say, this black one pulls harder than them all! If you are like me and looking online all hours of the day and night for something to pull your freshly polished crank, give this black one a try for a change.
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Great!! 4 years ago
It gave me quicker rpm and less fuel consumes.
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Great product 4 years ago
This is a great mod. I paired it with a set of Tomei equal length headers and the results were noticeable from the get go. Revs increased slightly, smooth shifting, and looks nice when you open the hood up and see the quality of the product delivered by Perrin. The only downside is that I have thrown a CEL a few times but after conferring with my Accessport determined it was not a damper to performance and proceeded to clear the code.
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Works beautifully on a 2013 STI 4 years ago
Allows for quicker shifts and I actually noticed it makes shifting slightly more forgiving (Decreasing rotational mass allows the engine to match the transmission's rotational speed easier than with a heavier pulley since you don't have to force as much 'stuff' to rotate quicker or slower to engage with your transmission) This was my first 'performance' mod and I am very pleased.
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Love this pulley works great 5 years ago
The pulley works great. Had no problems putting it on and the Car seems to run a little smoother with it. It accelerates smoother is the biggest improvement and revs slightly quicker. MPG went up very slightly. Very Very happy with it
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It does what it says, no complaints 5 years ago
Certainly a slight improvement in response while accelerating, as well as decelerating (very slight, comparable to a hundred lb weight loss like they say. best improvment imo is how much faster the revs drop off throttle (ie when shifting) alowing for faster up shifts (less time waiting for revs to match), and rise (when blipping throttle to rev match downshifts. I was concerned with replacing my crank shaft's harmonic damper (for absorbing vibration/resonation) with a machined billet of aluminum (that rings like a singing bell if u strike it). Not sure if these fairly miniscule results are worth any actual risk to the cs/motor, though that risk is somewhat unclear. I havn't noticed any percievable issue in the short 3k mi i've had it on. It also gets very hot much faster than it's heavy rubberized oem counterpart, and so does the belt. But like I say no problems thus far, only cheap easy drivability gains : )
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Good product 2 years ago
When the hacks installed the Grimspeed vibration dampener they broke off a front piece. I had another shop install this Perrin vibration dampener. No problems with either product as long as the mechanic knows what he is doin
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looks cool 4 years ago
Great craftsmanship, really light compare to the factory pulley but not sure if its actually improving any kind of performance on my car. Btw no check engine light but i am on a stock flywheel
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