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GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley Black

MODEL # GRM 095015BK


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GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley Black ( Part Number: 095015BK)
GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley Black ( Part Number: 095015BK)
What a cool item! 2 months ago
Keep that extra weight off the crank!! Nice solid 1 piece design, significantly lighter than the factory unit. Held up to the elements very well. Gains in throttle response.
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exactly as advertised 8 months ago
Super excited to install this product! Great price and speedy shipping!
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Grimmspeed lightweight pulley 9 months ago
I bought this pulley along with the mishimoto radiator and shroud kit bc this would probably be the easiest way to install the pulley without having to buy a crank pulley tool. Worked out great as I had plenty of room with the radiator out. The performance of the pulley was pretty noticeable. I had always wondered why my Subaru had poor throttle response, it would be a little delayed. This made it rev a lot quicker and freed up HP that was being dampened by the heavy pulley. No it doesn’t ADD HP, just allows you to use the HP you have in a better manner.
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NICEEEE!!!! That's nice. 2 years ago
Kent C.
If it frees up ponies, that's awesome. If it looks good while doing it, it's even better. You can feel the engine turn a little faster on acceleration, which is a really cool feeling. Install is a bit of a pain, though - I would at least recommend you remove your radiator fans (or if you're running a thicker-cored rad like I am, maybe just pull out the whole thing) to get it in, but once it's in....oh, man. Oh, also, get a tool to help you with it. Not your dorky neighbor, but either the GrimmSpeed pulley removal tool (the one I used) or the Company23 one - either will help you get it done in like half an hour, and you'll feel like an absolute boss afterward.
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GrimmSpeed Pulley  3 years ago
I did the timing belt kit and figured, why not install a new, upgraded pulley while I'm at it. I notice a LITTLE faster revs, but nothing too crazy. Overall it's a solid upgrade for the money and I am happy with it.
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2014 WRX STi Hatch Install and Review 3 years ago
Install is pretty easy, be sure to get the Gates and GS Gates Adapter Tool. Make SURE you have a deep well 22mm 1/2" drive socket for the pulley bolt, your fan shrouds will get in the way if you use a short socket, short extension and wrench. Probably don't NEED the large metal removal/install/bracing (RIB) tool (save $ and spend it on belts) if you have a partner who can step on the brake while in 5th/6th gear for bolt removal/install. When you use both the Gates GS and RIB tool just put masking tape on the surfaces that contact the pulley. It will work as well to not mar the pulley. Don't mess with the little plastic washers that are just waiting to get dropped in the pan. I torqued in steps of 50/75/95 ft/lbs. When removing the alternator tensioner wrap a piece of tape on the bolt to remind you how far in(how tight) the belt was. I tightened back to the tape mark and added 1/2 turn in case of break in stretch of my new Gates belts. Car does rev quicker above 3000 RPM, below it does not seem to have much impact. But above, it is a nice clean faster rev to redline and the part is clearly simpler and superior to stock (paperweight).
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Works Great! 3 years ago
I installed this on a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i MT. High quality and installs just like the oem pulley. The engine seems to run smoother and rev matching is easier.
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GS pulley. 3 years ago
Solid piece. Def worth the money would purchase again. Didnt buy the removal tool. 5th gear with brakes pressed and someone with a breaker bar works just fine.
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GS pulley 3 years ago
Looks very clean, big difference compared to stock. Def worth the $$.
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Superlight 4 years ago
Looks clean Easy install Big difference.
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Quality Product 4 years ago
Very satisfied with product. Quality piece with a major weight difference. Since installing with the accesport, I have noticed a significant change for the better.
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Awesome 5 years ago
Fit perfectly on my 09 Impreza, really impressed
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Fits Perfect 5 years ago
Been running this on my '12 STI for 30K miles. No belt wear, still balanced, and car revs up great. Might be to much to pair with lightweight flywheel for a DD.
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awesome GrimmSpeed pulley! 5 years ago
i compared the weight of the factory pulley and this pulley - one in each hand - HUGE weight difference! with starting, there are no issues. no Check Engine Lights. no idling issues. RPMs do climb quicker! acceleration is noticeably faster! installation took seconds - place it onto the key by hand, insert the crank pulley bolt, tighten it - done. absolutely worth the price! yet another great GrimmSpeed product!!! shipping from RSD was very fast!
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Outstanding piece  5 years ago
This pulley is really well made (like most Grimmspeed products). It bolted right up and made a difference in throttle response. Highly recommended
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Love it. 5 years ago
Installed it on my 2006 subaru Baja. runs very nicely and feels smoother than stock. easy to install and looks great.
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Excellent Product  5 years ago
Great, cheap upgrade. Replaced my belts so I went a head and got this as well. Nothing to noticable with my 03 WRX other than the fact the revs go higher alot quicker. Well worth it!
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Great product 5 years ago
I chose this over other pullies because it was NOT TOO LIGHT. This is the best choice for a daily driver because it won't cause your car to idle funny or any other negative effects, I felt it actually improved my idle characteristics as well as made the car rev up quicker and fitment is perfect
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Great Product 5 years ago
WhiteKnight WRX
I Installed this pulley on my 08 WRX Sedan when changing belts. It is way lighter then stock! after install the car starts a lot faster/ easier and does free up some of the power for faster rev's. Nothing too noticeable though. Overall excellent product and would recommend.
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Great Product 6 years ago
I had this installed on my new motor and at first I thought it was a little heavy but when you compare it to the stock one, the difference is day and night. Excellent price as well!
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Awesome Product 6 years ago
The revs come on quite a bit faster, but I also have a few other mods added to the car. I 100% recommend the crank removal tool when removing the stock crank. Yes, it is a little bit of a pain to get everything aligned, but you will not regret getting it when it comes to breaking the bolt loose. However, with that being said, I wound up changing up my technique for the reinstallation of the new pulley. I tried to with with the install tool, but it was alot easier just to use the 5th gear method. Also on a side note, and this had NOTHING to do with the pulley install itself. But once I had the pulley installed, I immediately began experiencing power steering issues. Not entirely sure why, but I did some research and alot of people were saying that when you remove the belts, the tension is removed from the PS pump. Simple fix however, just replaced the o-ring on the PS intake line (youtube it). After that simple hiccup, all was back to normal. Not really relevant, but in case anyone else experiences this issue, check the o-ring first. And be sure NOT to overtighten it, or you'll just ruin a new one.
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Easy Install 6 years ago
I have a Mishimoto aluminum radiator with OEM radiator fan in place, so after I removed the fans, it was an easy install. I put the car in 5th gear, had my wife hold the brake and the nut came off pretty easy. I currently have a VF39 setup on my WRX, so adding this piece of hardware helped the motor rev up easier.
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Excellent product 6 years ago
2009 WRX Base w/52k on the odo (2d owner)...I installed the pulley this past weekend while doing some other work and, except for breaking loose the crank bolt, it was an easy job...I opted for the 5th gear and brakes method but my clutch was too fried to hold things in place...Once I dropped the tranny to replace the flywheel/clutch and bolted down the flywheel stop, it was easy to remove the bolt...Car idles much smoother and revs with a little less effort according to the butt dyno...Overall great product!
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Great pulley 6 years ago
Significant difference in weight !!! really lighter than the stock one ! And a really change in the car feeling ! really good upgrade.
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Great Pulley 7 years ago
I put this on while replacing the timing belt and related parts. It is soooo much more lighter than stock. After install and new belts, the car responds so much faster now, revs just a tiny bit faster. Looks great down there too! The GS tool you can buy to assist with installing this is very helpful. Just wedge the breaker bar attached to the GS tool under the front frame, and just your other breaker with a 22mm deep socket on the crank bolt, and after a ton of elbow grease, that bolt will break loose. Really good buy!
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Awesome 7 years ago
This product was a great addition to my 2003 wrx. Did this the same time I installed the timing kit. It idles smoother, excelerates smoother, letting off of the gas is even smoother. Not only is the smoothness a great benefit, but the quicker response is also amazing.
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Grimm Speed Pulley 7 years ago
Product is superior and well made. Installation was a snap after watching the video Grimm Speed has on their website. I would recommend using the installation tool since it a lot simpler of a install.
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G/S L/W crank pulley 7 years ago
Great product, fits perfect, finish is excellent, and after you bolt it up and go for a spin the ease in the cars ability to boost is noticeable. Part throttle and full throttle you will notice the gains!
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Nice product, but... 2 years ago
Well made, fitting is fine. They advertise it for 3.5 lbs less than stock, but it's only 2.6 lighter. 4 stars due to this "innocent" lie.
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Nothing but GS goodness 5 years ago
Pretty much the same findings as 95% of the reviews...solid investment for the $$$
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GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley Black (Part Number: )
GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley Black (Part Number: )