Company23 Crank Pulley Tool

Part #: COP 503


Brand: Company23
Color: Gold
Location: Tool
Material: Steel
Pulley Ratio: N/A
Weight: N/A

Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
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The company23 Crank Pulley Tool allows you safely remove your crank pulley without removing the radiator. It comes provided with 2 sets of removable pins so it allows you to remove either style Subaru crank pulley.

This tool is comparable to both factory tools #499977100, and #499977300.


Verified Purchase

If Thor lost his hammer (Mjolnir) he would use this
doc158 2 years ago
This crank pulley tool has a great heavy feel to it. Was able to fit a breaker bar and socket in the space provided and pop the bolt off with ease. I wish it was slightly longer since I had to use a block of wood on the floor to hold the tool in place (during rotation) to give the right amount of leverage. In case of burglary or intruder, this tool can be used in lieu of a baseball bat

mitch.hulburt17493 2 years ago
Having this ensures that removing the crank pulley is done safely. Highly recommend if you are doing any work by yourself.

Must have for the toolbox!
kevinz_sti 2 years ago
Like everyone else, it was cake to take the crank pulley bolt out and torque it back on.

Works as Advertised
lindmarkjohn99555 2 years ago
Worked as advertised and was essential for completing my timing belt job. Also worked very well to turn the top drivers side pulley into position (by gently using one bolt on the pulley face and one in a depression on the pulley carrier) as I did not have a large enough allen key to turn from the hub.

A must have
Dibblejr18911 2 years ago
Everybody working on their own timing belt or CSS pulley replacement should have one of these. Wished they had this while I was working on club members cars. Much safer than the other methods I used to use!

  • Q: Use with Perrin pulley on BRZ  boydrmmrjstn 2 years ago


    Can I use this tool on my Perrin lightweight pulley for my BRZ?

    • A: Unfortunately, Perrin's Lightweight Pulley does not have any bolt holes designed for this tool to work.

      Brady R. 2 years ago
  • Q: Use with aftermarket Pulley  redwrx0545381 4 years ago


    Can i use this tool with my Grimmspeed Lightweight Pulley?

    • A: Unfortunately we have not gotten confirmation of this tool working on the GrimmSpeed pulley but if the OEM tool works on the GrimmSpeed pulley then there shouldn't be any problems using this one.

      Nick S. 4 years ago
    • A: This tool was not designed to work with the grimspeed pulley.

      Company23 4 years ago
  • Q: Aftermarket pulleys?  circle eater 5 years ago


    Does this work with aftermarket pulleys like the Grimmspeed pulley?

    • A: I don't believe we've gotten confirmation of this tool working on the GrimmSpeed pulley but if the OEM tool works on the GrimmSpeed pulley then there shouldn't be any problems using this one.

      Tanner S. 5 years ago
    • A: C23 said it doesn't

      battled0142353 3 years ago