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COBB Lightweight Crank Pulley Blue Most

Part #: COB 300102B


Brand: COBB Tuning
Color: Blue
Location: Crank
Material: Aluminum
Pulley Ratio: Stock
Weight: 1.25lbs

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 year
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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RallySport Guarantee
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Improve the performance in your vehicle by replacing your factory crank pulley with the COBB Tuning Lightweight Main Pulley. This particular pulley has been fabricated from billet 6061-T6 high-grade aluminum, and it has been anodized blue to provide extra protection against rust and corrosion,

Lightweight crank pulleys reduce rotational mass without affecting the balance of the flat 4 motor. This pulley is almost 4lbs lighter when compared to the factory unit and the result is improved throttle response while maintaining the factory pulley diameter to help with installation. 



Sweet pulley
kphumph54799 3 years ago
This is the 2nd pulley I've purchased from Cobb, first one for my 04 rs and again for my 2010 Forester XT. Both AT cars, definitely improves throttle response and I've also gained better fuel mpg. This is one of the best performance mods you can do for the money.

great pulley!!!
kphumph54799 3 years ago
I first bought this pulley for my 04 RS back in 2005 when Cobb was located in Murray Utah. Enjoyed so much I bought another for my 2010 Forester XT. Noticed an improvement in gas mileage, but the reason you buy something like is for the performance and it does increase throttle response. It also adds a little bling to the engine bay.
Verified Purchase

Crank Pulley
timdog197053895 3 years ago
Absolutely the best company I've ever had the pleasure to work with! I issues with my first pulley, the keyway wasn't wide enough. They sent a replacement for it within a week and the replacement worked perfect . Couldn't ask for better service
Verified Purchase

awsome 4 years ago
used this with the gates belts and got instant change in performance 5 stars all day from cobb wish i could give more stars.. oh yeah give u a sticker for extra 5HP lol
Verified Purchase

awsome 4 years ago
used this with the gates belts and got instant change in performance 5 stars all day from cobb wish i could give more stars.. oh yeah give u a sticker for extra 5HP lol

  • Q: Tune?  lilgiff9824634 2 years ago


    Do you need a tune of you install this pully on a 2014 wrx hatch? Will the accessport work?

    • A: A crank pulley does not require a tune.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
  • Q: Harmonic Balancer?  Mother_Bell 3 years ago


    Working at an automotive shop I was advised not to get this because it would cause more vibrations because apparently this is the harmonic balancer, can anyone clarify if this will cause any damage due to vibrations?

    • A: The only time that we have seen issues is with this piece being paired with a lightweight flywheel.

      guest57853c642a8d25b5018c44a7 3 years ago
    • A: The boxer engine is naturally balanced as is the straight 6 and V-12 engine configurations.

      Fidrat 1 year ago
  • Q: vs Perrin?  redwarblade26426 3 years ago


    Which is lighter? This or the Perrin one?

    • A: They both actually weigh about 1.25 lbs!

      Brady R. 3 years ago
  • Q: Light flywheel + this pulley  Doug35506 4 years ago


    On my 02 wrx i currently have a 12lb flywheel. Would this pulley plus the flywheel cause a CEL?

    • A: We cannot confirm whether or not this will cause a CEL, but it is a common issue when someone has both a lightweight flywheel and lighter crank pulley that they run into throwing a CEL.

      Stevens Henager 4 years ago
    • A: what is a CEL? How does it damage your car? I have this pulley and need a new flywheel

      Dmansuba 3 years ago
    • A: Check engine light. Certain CEL's will throw the car into limp mode and prevent normal operation. Lightweight pulleys with a lightweight flywheel have been known to throw CEL's. Normal weight flywheels are not reported as having issues.

      Rawr 3 years ago