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Auto Meter A-Pillar Gauge Pod Double

MODEL # AUT22592


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Auto Meter A-Pillar Gauge Pod Double ( Part Number: 22592)
Gauge piller  10 months ago
5out of 5stars

So I bought this after doing some research on different types and this was one of the best ones I seen that being said there where a few modification that need to be done. First one was getting the gauges to fit, I got 52mm gauge so looking at the listed items specific information. I was surprised to find that the gauges wouldn't go in, but a file made it work out just fine. Second, was attaching the piller to the original A piller it says it just snaps on but not for me, I ended up using black screws to attach it 6 screws every 5 inches and 1/2 inch up so they are all uniform and I have to say it looks damn good. So I'm the end I love the piller but there could be a review of the speciation and maybe a rewrite of it.
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A-pillar  2 years ago
5out of 5stars

This pillar fits perfectly and looks good. Install was very easy.
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 11 years ago
5out of 5stars

If your going to get a a-pillar pod I would recommend going to Autometer I got the glowshift pod to begin with and it didn't fit right at all with the pillar I sent it back and went with Autometer and have been satisfied ever since. All you need is a little paint and clear coat to finish things off.
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