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Autometer Center Gauge Pod 52mm

MODEL # ATM 20018


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 11 years ago
RSD Customer
good fitment and matching.tight fitment for gauges.needs caps for screws or something because they show when installed.
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Improvise 7 years ago
Like a couple of people looking at this product, we all want a good deal. This is one of those it's a good deal but requires work kind of deals. With a little creativity, you can make a decent pod with the acquired pieces. I'll post a pic here soon as I fitted the pod to the OE clock with headlight sealant (rubbery so it could flex if i hit a bump) and filled/ sanded the drilled holes with super glue. I also shaved the gauge holes to properly fit the Prosports. Still have yet to hook up the oil pressure in the pic but it shows what you can do with a little bit of effort and a bad color matching paint job.
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Cheesy at best 7 years ago
Poor fitment and very cheap looking. Save your money for a decent quality gauge pod.
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Pretty Disappointed 8 years ago
Got this and was pretty disappointed. It looked cheap, and felt cheap.Couldnt get it to line up right, and screwing it down was tough. It does need at least caps to cover the screws because looking at the screws makes it look even cheaper
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