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ATI Single Gauge Pod 60mm

MODEL # ATI 1801


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ATI Single Gauge Pod 4 months ago
I got this for the SPT boost gauge since I didn't like the cup style mount it comes with. I used it along with ATI's 52mm adaptor and I really like the look and fit. I do agree with the other reviews that the mounting tape that comes with isn't enough to keep it on the dash, so I used to small bolts to mount it to the gauge cluster cover.
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Mixed feelings 3 years ago
The gauge angle is odd and don't get fooled by this 3M dual sided tape - it wont hold it (perhaps it could hold the empty pod, but once you put a gauge in it - get ready for some custom mounts... I drilled two holes in the base of it and used 3mm screws (through and through)... holds perfectly. Fits well with custom pod, yet now I have a mix of colors on my dash...
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Just what I wanted 5 years ago
Before purchasing this, I combed the web for pictures and other peoples reviews. Research what you buy before and you won't be surprised. For me, this was a little snug fitting my 60mm Defi gauge in, but with a quick 3min file job to shave off just a pinch of the opening, and a little saliva, gaube popped right in and is snug as a bug. Plenty of room behind the gauge to stuff all the extra wire length from Defi. All in all, I'm a happy customer.
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Fitment issue 5 years ago
It's a mass produced plastic piece that is supposed to cleanly sit on a complex 3d shape. It kind of does but the tape they give you is completely worthless. Throw it away then go to autozone or a hobby shop and get 3M double sided tape about 1/2 wide and secure it to the dash with that. We used the Greddy Multi D/A gauge so we had to dremel the hole out a bit but the gauge fit fine despite being 62mm instead of 60.
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Bulky and out of place 5 years ago
To answer one of the questions, it does fit the contours of the dash very well, but it is just TOO bulky. There is A LOT of empy space behind the gauge. Also, 60mm is too big for something like this. If they were to make it 52mm, and get rid of the bulk (also texture it to match stock dash) it would be nice. Otherwise, it's too expensive for what it is. That being said, it *is better* than the universal gauge kinda looks like it belongs.
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Needs more work 5 years ago
It fits pretty good in my 11 STi but for the size of it the weight is heavy and the fiberglass that mine is made from is layed on really thick.. I ended up not even using it and it's sitting on my work bench because of this.
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Don't waste your money. 5 years ago
The material looked decent and looked okay on the dash, the mating edges were not contoured well, leaving gaps and needed to be heated for a better fit. When the gauge was installed it had a very odd position with somewhat of a downward angle. I had no luck with the included adhesive or high strength 3M adhesive holding this to the dash. I ended up using the Defi cup and mount that was included with the gauge, I recommend staying away from this one.
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ATI Single Gauge Pod 60mm (Part Number: )
ATI Single Gauge Pod 60mm (Part Number: )
ATI Single Gauge Pod 60mm (Part Number: )
ATI Single Gauge Pod 60mm (Part Number: )
ATI Single Gauge Pod 60mm (Part Number: )
ATI Single Gauge Pod 60mm (Part Number: )
ATI Single Gauge Pod 60mm (Part Number: )