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COBB Tuning AccessPORT V3



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2014 Subaru WRX STI 2 months ago
If you are looking to make quick and easy gains for your car. Buy this accessport!! I first bought it when I was bone stock. Used the Stage 1 91 v334 boost select, and instantly felt power gains and less restriction. I then upgraded to stage 2 91 v334 boost select after an install of the turbo back invidia n1 system. Been running that for a few days and it feels great. Noticeable boost and power increases. I’m a new Subaru owner and I was reluctant on spending this type of money on something so tiny. It’s well worth it. Also for all you wondering, it is a QUICK install. Took 3 minutes to put stage 1 on and about a minute to put stage 2.
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Wow 4 months ago
So good I made my friend buy one for his car. He put that picture of Patrick with a hook up his butt from spongebob as his welcome screen and its worth all the money just for that. Who cares about all the extra power and tunability, Im just in it for the memes
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New to subaru? 5 months ago
I am new fairly new to owning a subaru but I love the community. I have been researching the Cobb AP for a while now and finally decided to get one for myself. I noticed a few things: 1. After you install a map you have a lot of play in your pedals (apparently it is because you flashed the ECU and it is learning all over again), THIS IS NORMAL! After a half tank of gas or so it is back to normal. 2. MPG went up a little bit. Nothing to be extra proud of but still saves you $$ at the pump. 3. If you plan on doing any pro tunes down the road THIS IS THE WAY TO GO! My tuner strongly advised i get this BEFORE i get a tune. 4. The maps come pre-loaded which is nice. 5. The ability to read gauges/monitor stuff from the AP is amazing. If you don't have a boost gauge, buying this will give you that.
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Easy installation and setup 5 months ago
Super easy to install and setup. More or less plug and play. The mount won't stick to anything for more than a couple hours so you will need to find an alternative adhesive. I used some command strips, working well for the last few months.
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Worth it  6 months ago
This is one of your best upgrades you can do. It's pricey, but worth it.
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Cobb v3 accessport 7 months ago
The v3 accessport is a must have for the launch control, code reader, gauges, and datalogging. I had one for my 2002 wrx and didn’t hesitate to get one for my 2012.
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Mandatory.  8 months ago
If you have a Subaru and are not using the Accessport, you are not only missing out on performance gains but risking detrimental engine damage long term. Stock tune is very lean and unsafe under load.
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Outstanding 9 months ago
It's COBB! If your dissapointed you are doing something wrong. Always great!
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This thing is awesome 9 months ago
Tells you everything you need to know, definitly worth the money got myself a tune in like 2 minutes and felt an complete difference.
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Awesome 10 months ago
Chris Tc
Highly recommend as first upgrade
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Worth it  1 year ago
Don't know why I waited so long get this, this thing really is MORE LIFE.
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Cobb Accessport V3- A Must Have! 1 year ago
Love this device from Cobb! I ran my 2012 WRX stock for 4 years, and once I finally got myself an accessport, I quickly learned what I was all missing out on. Not only does the Accessport V3 tune your car and make it a blast to drive, but it goes so much further. It's a digital read out for monitoring all aspects of your mechanical and electrical components, it's a diagnostic tool, and you get to configure fun things such as launch control and flat foot shifting. $650? Don't even think about it. Worth every penny. Only complaint is the mount that is provided. It will undoubtedly fall off immediately. The adhesive is just to small to bond to a service for an extended amount of time, but I easily corrected this issue by ordering an $11 suction cup mount from amazon. 5 stars all day long.
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Wow, you need this! 1 year ago
I've eyeballed the AccessPORT for a while now. I installed a Borla exhaust recently and was having some backfire issues. No leaks anywhere on my system so figured I'd try a tune. I bought the Cobb SF intake with box as well. Installed the intake and then re-mapped the PCM with Stage 1 + SF map. I was astonished how different(better) my car ran! Not only does it have way more torque, but the acceleration is by far smoother. Boost feels really nice! Not to mention I get to monitor it with the AccessPORT. Do yourself a favor and buy this. Even if your WRX is stock, there is a stage 1 map. Every WRX owner should have this. I'd also like to add that I checked out with Affirm and that was incredibly easy! Making a small monthly payment for all my parts now gives me the instant gratification of modding my car. Thank RSD!
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AP V3: Don't understand why some people dislike this 1 year ago
Love my new accessport, super easy to setup, install new maps to, and flash. Cobb support has been awesome in the past and I feel that this setup will suit my needs for some time to come. Plus the combined cost of an opensource tune plus the gauge setup I wanted to run would've been a wash so I just went this route as it would save me time and effort for Stage 1
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COBB AccessPORT  1 year ago
This should be the first upgrade on any vehicle. If you have other upgrades already, then you definitely need this. I drive at 6500 ft elevation, and this makes my Subie behave like a reliable racer.
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Cobb accessport v3 1 year ago
I Ordered this product on sunday night wanted it in 2 days and it was here on tuesday morning very efficient shipping method
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Accessport for wrx 1 year ago
Love my accessport! It's a great co pilot with a lot of useful features! I've already had to use it once to put my map from my tuner back on the car that the dealership took off when it went in. The fact that you can have up to 6 gauges on the screen at once and they are interchangeable depending on what you'd like to see is super helpful. Not mention the loads of input the accessport is monitoring behind the scenes that you can plug into your computer and see! My only complaint is that cobb took away the ability to change your own map.
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AP 2 years ago
Harry Williams
This thing is too amazing! I am currently doing a custom e tune. The wave of the future is here. LoL
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On of the most essential investments 2 years ago
This is probably one the most important investments you can make for your car. If you're an avid tuner, a weekend racer, or even a conservative driver, you can unlock your car to its full potential with this tool. I had a V2 so of course, I wanted to upgrade to a V3. The display looks awesome when mounted next to your aftermarket double DIN head unit!
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So simple! Why didn't I do it sooner? 2 years ago
Kent C.
I spent YEARS fumbling around with a tactrix cable, not sure of what to do and afraid that I'd blow up my own engine. When I was going to start modifying my Forester, though, I decided to do it the easy way from the get-go. Sure, it was a more expensive option right up front, but it's SO worthwhile. Cobb already has the maps for up through Stage 2 for most vehicles this is compatible with. And while the map isn't custom to YOUR vehicle, most decent tuners are set up to create multiple maps with this. Switching maps is easy, and if you've gone through the education they have for it at EFI-U, you can even modify the maps yourself, after learning how to do it. PLUS, the APv3 actually has up to 6 gauges you can set to show specifics of how your vehicle is performing, and you can pull and read codes with it, and datalog, and JUST GET IT ALREADY! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
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perfect 2 years ago
You need it, just buy it. Off the shelf tunes are a quick way to get to Stage 2. Noticable difference in even just the stage 1 pull vs stock. Then stage 2 is that much better. Plus the factory tune is very lean and potentially dangerous during hard driving, this fixes that.
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AccessPort V3 2 years ago
Great product and tons of features. I used one of the preloaded tunes for a couple of weeks while waiting for parts to come in and the performance is definitely improved. Just got a protune with all my mods and WOW. Definitely need this if you want to start modding.
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Amazed!!! 2 years ago
i received my accessport today and couldn't even wait i had to go to work and pick my car up. Took just a few minutes to install and re flash to stage 1 93 oct map. Instantly amazed. a few little bugs but they worked out as i drove it i'm assuming as it relearned the new ecu, for example if i tapped the throttle while at idle, it would drop back down to about 300-400 rpm and almost stall, it stopped doing that after about 15-20 miles. Other than that this thing is amazing its like driving a whole new car, pulls a lot harder, and steadier all the way to 7000 rpm. I'm terrified to even use it, but the launch control feature is pretty sweet. i decided not to go with the sf intake combo, then changed my freakin mind 2 days after i ordered this, so that will be here friday and ill do a follow up review on that saturday great job on this one cobb.
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Too Easy?? 2 years ago
Jim Connor
After reading literally hundreds of reviews, and making this purchase, I feel a little let down. CONS- The AP feels like a cheap piece of plastic in your hands. Feels like it could break at any moment (but doesn't)...Stage 1 did not delivery any noticeable power gains on the butt dyno, although the real numbers don't lie I guess.....the sticky tape mount fell off for me as it has for dozens of other people.......the EASE of install was a bit concerning. 3 min to install and you are done. With any other mod you would be left with busted knuckles, covered in dirt but you would feel the effort....waaay too easy to install. It takes away a sense of accomplishment from modding your ride. PROS - This is so easy to install its ridiculous!! I went back and checked everything 3 times just to see if I was actually done properly...nice work COBB....Powerband is so smooth it feels unnatural....butter.......for an OTS map I hit my EXACT target boost, with ZERO knock, first try. Engine actually seems to run smoother at WOT......Gauges are fantastic.......Launch control is crazy fun. Thanks COBB-
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best access port yet  3 years ago
have it installed in my 09 WRX hatch and it's very handy. it definitely does NOT replace a pro tune but it does increase performance and how well your vehicle will run while telling you everything it's doing. I have the 6 gauge layout which is nice and they basically have a gauge for everything with the car. it only takes minutes to install with minimal effort.
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Very happy with this product 3 years ago
I can make adjustments to the car, monitor many aspects of the car and log them for finer tuning. Makes you feel more connected to the car. It is a must have if you plan to modify the car. Probably should be the first thing you buy.
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V3  3 years ago
Thanks to RSD I've been able to fully enjoy and utilize my new access port v3.Love it wouldn't change a thing about it,does everything it claims to.If your contemplating STOP N JUST BUY IT,you can't do anything until you have one,so might as well suck it up and make the purchase....!!!!!!!stop staring at the price.
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Ap v3 3 years ago
Installed on my 08 wrx easily. Super easy to use and does everything I want plus more. The weight of the acessport is definitely on the lighter side, which is good for mounting purposes. That being said it seems like it could be a little more sturdy especially for the price. Overall happy with the purchase and would highly recommend to anyone planning on doing anything to their car get one asap lol
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Accessport v3  3 years ago
2013 subaru wrx sti Great buy Alot of good features
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08 Subaru impreza wrx  3 years ago
Installed this on my 08 impreza wrx and it came to life. Smoothed the power all the way through. Super easy to install and maintain. Ease of use is phenomenal no guess work at all. Just update it with your computer plug it in and have some fun. The gauges allow real time monitoring of anything and everything going on with your car. Best investment you can make for your car.
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