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STI Group N Pitch Stop Mount

MODEL # STI D1040FE000


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slight improvement over the OEM one 1 month ago
slight improvement over the OEM one
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👍 Smile Index 2 months ago
Reggie The Beast
It’s goood. I have the “N” engine, trans, and pivot stop. No power gains, but it makes you smile. One of the upgrades you feel every time that makes you like the car even more. Be warned though. It will make you want to get more bushing type upgrades. Install couldn’t be easier... I just watched the guys.
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Good upgradd 5 months ago
So I recently upgraded to Group N motor mounts in my bugeye and figured since I'll be removing the pitch stop already, why not upgrade at the same time. Which I did I purchased the Group N Pitchstop to match the motor mounts. I daily my car and commute to work everyday so a full solid pitchstop wouldn't be necessary or wanted. Pairing these with the motor mounts makes a world of difference. No more motor movement or twisting. Less body movement and a more solid pull when under boost. Visually they are exactly the same as stock so this isn't a dress up piece but there is an immediate notice in bushing stiffness in the stock mount. I don't consider this a "have to get" part but many people overlook supports and mounts when building a car. If you're doing motor mounts already, throw the extra $50 and get the matching pitch stop to completely the full motor support. 10/10 recommend with the matching motor mounts
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STI group N pitch stop mount 1 year ago
Mathew Moriarty
I installed this product and felt a big difference! Helped firm up the movement from the engine. I enjoy this upgrade alot!
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Nice mount 2 years ago
I bought and installed just because i was doing motor mounts. So far has done with it needs to complaints. Good idea to just get these replaced. Not sure how to rate ease of install, 1 being easy? Or 5? Either way, install is obviously easy.
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worth the money 3 years ago
Easy install, does exactly what it should do. This unit does fit my 2000 Impreza 2.5RS
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Stiffer 3 years ago
Installed in a 05' EDM STi. Noticeable increase in NVH, due to stiffer connection to firewall. Engine vibration could be felt more on the brake pedal. Definitely a good upgrade from stock when stiffer mount is what you want.
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Good Upgrade 3 years ago
Excellent Quality. I installed this on a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i MT. Not sure how much it improved driveline movement but it transmits a bit of engine noise into the cabin, which is nice.
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Does its job, part of the essentials 3 years ago
It's a solid piece for anyone who uses their car as a DD and backroad warrior, not for racers. The bushings are much stiffer than the factory chewing gum, but the plastic could still break if you're beating on your car like drag or auto-x. I can't speak to the actual difference it made, since it should be part of an essential drivetrain upgrade package (this, eninge/trans mounts, subframe bushings, etc.) and I installed it as such, but you can feel the difference in stiffness with a screwdriver through the crush sleeve.
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Excellent quality 4 years ago
Chris Ngo
Excellent quality, which is just as you'd expect from an OEM part. So easy to install. There is a slight increase in engine start up noise. Other than that it's quiet like stock. However the stiffness can be felt. Not night & day difference. But noticeable. Very happy with my purchase after regretting my Torque Solutions pitch stop.
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a cog in the machine 5 years ago
Great piece, bought the whole STi Group-N Mount package. Feels way more responsive overall. Less pitch during acceleration and deceleration.
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Much Quieter than Beatrush 5 years ago
I had the forged Beatrush dogbone and for a few weeks the racecar straightcut gear noise I heard through the firewall all the time was cool. And then slowly I realized I heard this noise ALL THE TIME. With the group n engine mounts, this made my grabby clutch action worse and made the car lurch and buck when slowly letting the clutch out in traffic. This is on the stock clutch for an 11 wrx, not an unsprung three puck racing clutch. So moral of the story, if you are an old man at heart but dislike the stock link, this is the choice for you. Forged or cast aluminum with polyurethane inserts are far too loud for me.
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nothing wrong 6 years ago
I put this in my svx with the stock automatic, it took a few weeks for it to break in but after that its been completely silent. Havent noticed any more nvh.
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Good on any budget 7 years ago
Thomas M.
Got this piece along with all the other STi GroupN goodies, and together they have made a world of difference. Even though the outer plastic bit of this stopper looks the same as the stock WRX piece, the rubber bits inside are MUCH stiffer. Very noticeable decrease in front to back pitch of the engine over stock. A little hard to get to (I had to remove the intercooler), but worth the effort.
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OE quality 7 years ago
Contrary to other reviews, I've done the legwork and confirmed via SOA that this IS stiffer than OE. Not much, but slightly. It's a good replacement for a worn dogbone, and a nice, streetable upgrade for a newer stocker. Not much extra NVH, and a bit less engine motion. To compare to OE, but a bolt through each bushing side-by-side, and try to wiggle them. The Group N bushings are decidedly stiffer. The part # confusion is that minus the STi logo, the plastic of the dogbone is identical- the bushings are the difference! I have to go with Kirill C. on his assessment- if the engine moved that much, I'd be willing to bet the mechanic forgot to tighten one end or somesuch to allow THAT much movement! I'd have made him pay for it! Anyway, STi Group N stuff is all top notch- Mark W.
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2013 Subaru WRX Hatch 2 years ago
This firms up the engine under WOT and i noticed that there was less jerking during shifting aka less pitch. This upgrade by itself is subtle but noticeable. I'd imagine that if you installed the other Group N mounts together the difference would be greater. Install is easy, just a pain to remove the intercooler. No noticeable increase in NVH.
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As Advertised 5 years ago
Great replacement from the stock piece that appeared to be made out of silly putty.
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Not as strong as I thought it would be 6 years ago
Half Crazed
I put this on to help cut down on the bucking that these cars have due to the sloppy drive train. It did cut down a bit but still has enough softness so that your NVH isn't much worse... though I don't care about NVH too much, even as my DD. Couple these with the Group-N motor mounts and transmission mount, it makes for an EXCELLENT upgrade. Why Subaru didn't include these in the first place makes me wonder...
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not an upgrade 4 years ago
if you have a 2012+ STI this part is already installed as oem... the very same one, with the same duro..and exact same part numbers on the bushings themselves.
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Cost me a radiator hose 7 years ago
I thought this would be a good buy but I was wrong, since it was STI and was cheaper than the others I got this but when my mechanic put it in and gave me the old one, they looked identical except for the little STI on the new one. The engine still rocks and when I reved a bit high the engine rocked forward and hit the radiator hose and put a hole in it, 40 dollar repair that never should have happened. Stay away from this
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same as 2011 wrx.... 7 years ago
I bought this for my 2011 wrx thinking it would be a nice upgrade without all the cabin noise the alloy/metal ones make. Fyi this is a direct replacement of the one already installed on my car. It has the same part number an everything. Great oem replacement other than that dont waist your money if you are looking for an upgrade
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