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STI Group N Pitch Stop Mount



  • Q: 2000 Forester S 2.5  e2jankow6 years ago

    Will this fit my car? 4EAT. My oe part is 41040AC000, same as the 2000 outback whch you've listed in confirmed applications.
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      A:  I am sure that this pitch stop will fit your Forester, but we cannot guarantee fitment at this time.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 6 years ago  
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  • Q: Prevents forward and back motion   Weazy8 years ago

    does the statement about forward and rearwar movement really mean side to side because of the boxer engine twisting not rocking like a normal inline 4
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      A:  You are correct about the boxer engine twisting, but this pitch stop mount is made to help reduce forward and rearward movement when transferring power to the transmission and drivetrain. To help the side to side motion we recommend changing out the engine mounts. :)

      guest561671092a8d25a1658c55d3 @
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      A:  This eliminates fore and aft pitch of the motor due to the design of the front differential the motor tends to pitch this way because it essentially wants to climb the front diff.

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  • Q: NVH?  vash3378 years ago

    is this what one should consider when looking for a "street" upgrade that wont be as harsh as poly/75a pitch stops? i want to decrease the slop, but increase the cabin noise as little as possible. thanks
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      A:  This would be the best pitch stop for someone in your position. It will have the least increase in cabin noise compared to any of the other units on the aftermarket. Reason is that it uses hard rubber bushings compared to other manufactures urethane that and is able to absorb more of the engines vibrations instead of transmitting it into the cabin.

      Kirill C. @ RallySport Direct 8 years ago  
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