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PERRIN Pitch Stop Mount Red



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Perrin pitch stop brace 2 months ago
RSD shipped the order out quickly, and was on my doorstep just 2-3 days after purchase. The instal was simple for me since I already switched to a FMIC. I chose to instal the perrin brace at the same time just so that I don't encounter issues there in the future.
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100% recommended!  4 months ago
Very easy install, only took 15-20 mins. Makes the car feel much more solid. It is definitely a must have!
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Best one out 5 months ago
Red looks nice and it’s the one of the best pitch stop mounts out. Installation is straight forward. Use the silicon lubricant that comes with it.
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Pitch stop Mount 8 months ago
Night and day difference dont under stand why Subaru put that plastic thing in there. Car shifts so much better.
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Unexpected diferance  8 months ago
Bought this pitch stop for my 2008 STI hatchback. I also installed the Perrin transmission mount as well. Quality was awesome, made of aluminum and the stock is plastic. The busing are much stiffer than OEM as well. I feel my shifting is little smother due to this upgrade. Installation directions were great, even had torque settings. Easy to install even for a beginner.
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Nothing better for the money 8 months ago
Hardest part of the install was removing my verticooler. After the install all of my clutch chatter was gone, and I had a lot.
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Look perfect to me  10 months ago
Love it
Look so good to me! ! And do the job.
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First mod 11 months ago
bunto sti
Great piece , perfect fit one of my first mods of many on my sti
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Must have  11 months ago
I didn't think it would've made a difference, but trust me it does. 1st to 2nd shifts are smoother somehow, I'm still shifting the same way I always had but it's not choppy and jerky anymore. Spirited driving feels a lot more stable because the engine doesn't feel like it falls on its face everytime you let off the gas in between shifts. As for NVH, I felt NO difference. Maybe because I have Tein coilovers with dampening almost to max and Invidia Q300 catback and downpipe. Overall, this is a must have product. No matter if you're stock or modified.
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Perrin Pitch Stop 1 year ago
Massive improvement over OEM. Also, eliminated and all of my clutch chatter.
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Easy install 2 years ago

Easy install, does what it should do. I had a minor shake during takeoff, but after installing this the shake was gone
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Awesome 2 years ago

Production is built solid looks amazing. Install was easy any one could do it. After install you can tell the engine isn't "flopping" around when you rev feels more stable solid and planted in place.
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superb in quality and performance  2 years ago
Such a little piece, yet makes such a big difference and makes you feel that much better that a flimsy piece of plastic is no longer part of the car, especially one that holds the engine in place. Very easy to install, and instantly saw improvement in shifting and a better overall feel when driving. Less movement of the front end especially when hitting bumps. Magnificent! Would buy again.
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Stopped all that movement!  2 years ago
Noticed right off the bat my shift lever no longer wobbles around during acceleration! Highly recommend it. Super easy to install!
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Much Needed 1 year ago
Just wrapped up a clutch and flywheel upgrade and upgraded a few other things as well while doing so. Comparing the perrin pitch stop to the stock one with 124k miles , it was very much needed. The quality of this appears top notch, can't complain.
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Perrin Pitch Stop Mount Red 2 years ago
Excellent product work perfectly in a STI 2011
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Perrin Pitch Stop Mount 2 years ago
Once intercooler was off, installation was a breeze. Much more beefier and sturdier than oem. A little more engine noise and less engine movement than before.
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PERRIN Pitch Stop Mount Red (Part Number: )
PERRIN Pitch Stop Mount Red (Part Number: )
PERRIN Pitch Stop Mount Red (Part Number: )
PERRIN Pitch Stop Mount Red (Part Number: )
PERRIN Pitch Stop Mount Red (Part Number: )
PERRIN Pitch Stop Mount Red (Part Number: )