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Perrin Pitch Stop Mount Black

Part #: PER1 PSP-DRV-100BK
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.


Bushing Material: Urethane
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum

Mfgr. Warranty: 5 Years
Condition: New Product
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Reduce drivetrain shudder under hard acceleration by installing a PERRIN Pitch Stop mount. The factory pitch stop mount is designed to control the pitching of the engine and transmission under light to normal acceleration. Subaru's with power and drivetrain upgrades will need PERRIN's more aggressive option.

Under hard acceleration, the drivetrain is being twisted front to back from front axle torque twist. To control this front to back twisting, Subaru created a pitch stop mount. The factory pitch stop is made of plastic with soft rubber bushings, allowing for a significant amount of movement under hard driving conditions, creating drivetrain slop & shudder.

The PERRIN Pitch Stop mount controls the movement of the drivetrain in both on and off throttle driving giving the driver a more positive feel and literally putting more power to the wheels by eliminating lost energy.

The PERRIN Pitch Stop Mounts body is machined from 6061 billet aluminum and features a combination of 90a and 70a durometer. The bushings are as stiff as possible without introducing excessive NVH. (noise vibration harshness)

Not compatible with WRX CVT models.



Smooth and minimizes rocking
mmarranzino81429 2 years ago
Minimizes the engine rock by 80% especially after abruptly letting off the throttle under heavy accelerating. If you're looking for a smoother ride this is a must!
Verified Purchase

Daily Driver: Mild Improvement, however...
RoMo12 2 years ago
The improvement is mild at most under normal daily-driving. I can feel a slight improvement with the throttle response. Otherwise, there isn't much that was worth mentioning. It did, however, shine more when my STI was driven spiritedly through the curvy back roads today. Launching the car at 5300 rpm was rewarding, as always. It felt a bit more solid upon engagement and acceleration. Hard shifting did seem to have some improvement also. With the OEM, on the other hand, you can feel the engine twisting under launch, hard acceleration and hard shifting. Now, it is more of a solid thud; the kind of feeling that tells you clearly that the engine and transmission are engaged solidly. It's a satisfying feeling when driving hard. Lastly, I did not notice any increase of NVH. Overall, it's an improvement over the OEM pitch stop. But I would say, however, this upgrade is not utilized, if at all, for daily drivers. The benefits seem to cater more so for Motorsports use. Otherwise, it isn't a day and night difference at DD duties.

pitch stop 2010 wrx
tijeffleb 2 years ago
easy to instal intruction were easy yo read allot more smoother than the stock one big improvment

Pitch Stop Mount - 2014 WRX
Nayrb37 2 years ago
Perrin's Pitch Stop Mount is a significant improvement over the stock piece. Many people report increased NVH, however, I find everything more smooth after installing Perrin's Pitch Stop Mount. There is significantly less movement when shifting, especially when riding in a low gear or in slow traffic. Definitely one of the best upgrades I've installed.

Perrin Pitch Mount
Airjust21 2 years ago
great product by Perrin, and fast and easy transaction by RSD. I researched and read reviews on pitch mount as the stock one is kind of weak. I had that shaking, and my tranny (eng) would move a lot, you could actually feel it, specially with 503HP. I decided to go with Perrin cus the reviews I read. Wow I feel the difference, no joke, great upgrade and product from perrin. I love it. I recommend this upgrade, thanks RSD.

  • Q: Will it fit 14+ forester XT?  seantangwk 2 years ago


    I'm wondering that it would fit 14+ forester XT or not? Thanks.

    • A: This pitch stop is not confirmed to fit 2014+ Forester XT models at this time.

      Zach G. 2 years ago
  • Q: 2015 WRX Pitch Stop Mount - Torque Specs  kkaboli03 2 years ago


    I just received my Perrin pitch stop (for 2015 WRX) and noticed that the install instructions specify torques the 14 mm bolts should be tightened to. I was wondering if tightening to these specs was critical/necessary or if I can tighten these up with a regular socket and be good to go? If it is critical then I guess I will have to go ahead an purchase a torque wrench. I appreciate your time!

    • A: We recommend following the manufacturer's instructions when installing anything, but the exact bolt torque is not critical with this part.

      Zach G. 2 years ago