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Kartboy Pitch Stop Mount



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2012 WRX, money well spent! 1 month ago
Night and day difference in the jerkiness of low speed, low power driving. If you have a 2.5 you know how annoying low speed traffic is. Should have come this way from the factory. In hindsight this should have been my first upgrade.
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Pitch stop 10 months ago
Kartboy pitch stop
Very easy the install, now i feel the car with more precision, i was skeptical about the ship to mexico but that was pretty fast.
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A Real Difference Maker 2 years ago
Michael N.
I have been skeptical about these parts as I did not think it did as much as everyone said. Looking at it when I got it, it seemed super beefy, but again I didn't think it would do much. When I pulled the stock one off and put them next to each other, holy difference! Again, wasn't sure what it would really do. Installed it, started the car and yeah more noise. I was expecting that. Now it was time to go for a "test run". Yup, there is a huge difference. A lot less movement and made me more confident with the shifts. Granted I have a 4EAT, but still there is a lot less movement during the shifts and off throttle. I would highly recommend installing this on your car.
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Suprised me 3 years ago
Removed all the "lurch" of the engine whithin the car. Transmits the sound of the starter engaging into the cabin of the car- but I like being able to "feel" the engine compartment for differences. Also made the clutch engage more precisely due to the master cylinder spanning the gap from the firewall to the shifter fork right next to the pitch stop. Stock bolts are too big for the sleeves in the bushings- need to swap those. Otherwise- is a nice addition to my car.
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Amazing product! 3 years ago
Trevor C.
One thing to note depending on your vehicle year, you will notice the sound of your car starting will be more noticeable. Also In 1st and 2nd gear there is a very soft whining noise that comes through from the gears moving. This will vary on every car model, overall works great.
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Great Product Here's a tip though 3 years ago
The install of this part is very easy should take less then 20 minutes but plan for several hours in-case you are like me and several others who managed to brake one of the bolts to the turbo inlet. I tried the install this on a cold car and from what I have read online it would have been less like for me to break the bolt if the car was hot. I ended up having to drill out the bolt. Whether you get lucky and get the bolt out fine or if you break the bolt the recommendation is to get slightly longer bolts and put them in from under the turbo inlet. Then use washers and nuts on the top to secure the inter-cooler to the top of the turbo. Next time all you have to do is remove the nut and the bolt can stay in the turbo housing. Hope this helps. As for the increased noise I am still getting used to it, might take a while. Overall very happy with the part so far.
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Wife Approved 3 years ago
Threw this bad boy on my slow car, now it feels and sounds like a race car. Start up is more noticeable, and honestly I like the sound, at first it was shocking as even I didn't expect it to be as audible in cabin. It is most dramatic at start up and then its hardly noticeable. Don't get me wrong you do turn up your engine volume knob slightly. Nothing passengers will say anything about. The main point is my wife didn't say anything about it. Kartboy Pitch Stop = Wife Approved
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Great product  4 years ago
Works as described no increase in nvh
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More Punch! 4 years ago
This is a small upgrade that makes a big difference. I notice that my engine readily revs and pushes more power to the tired than with the previous oem flimsy pitch mount. What a great mod, well worth the cash! Car: 2006 Legacy 2.5i
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Great product! 4 years ago
Replaced my OEM with this pitch stop mount and it is a night and day change!! no more jerking motion when I'm in a lower gear. small up-grade but large improvement!
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Pie 4 years ago
Very simple install and great quality.
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Easy Installation 4 years ago
I own a 2007 2.5i Impreza installing the pitch stop is as easy as removing the stock part. The installation didn't take more than 5 minutes. I got some increase cabin noise that I did not hear with the stock part, but I can live with that. There was a slight difference noticed compared to the stock part, but slight is better than no change. Overall I love the part, how it looks and would recommend others to jump on it.
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Stiff and High Quality (TWSS) 4 years ago
Seriously though, great product and does as advertised. Easy install and great performance.
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dont pitch me bruh 4 years ago
Does what it says. easy install. The whole car seemed to pitch less under acceleration. Its worth every penny.
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Kartboy Pitchstop 4 years ago
I have an 04 STI with 96,xxx miles. First things first. As for the NVH...there will be more noise on start-up and while at idel at a stop light. I haven't noticed and vibrations or harshness. This part is a MUST have! I noticed immediately how responsive the gears are when shifting through most all the gears. The car takes off much smoother and with each shift there is no jarring feeling! It also feels like the car puts down the power better to the wheels. This was worth every penny!
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Great 4 years ago
Makes the car feel so much better while driving, noise is moderate but very bare able.
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Great fitment, big improvement, no increase in NVH 4 years ago
Made a big difference in reducing movement of the engine/drivetrain. I did this single modification and did not notice any increase in NVH or vibrations. Super bang for the buck. Would absolutely do this as one of the first modifications to my car again.
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Perfect little add-on 4 years ago
I bought this pitch stop mount not really knowing if it would affect the performance on my WRX, however I do notice that there some NVH noise when starting up. Sounds pretty cool from inside the car (not noticeable from outside). I feel as though it does add to the acceleration of my WRX, so I would recommend this as quick upgrade (took about 10-15 min to install).
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Great quality as always! 4 years ago
Regan M
Installs easy as others have said and excellent quality! I have only one gripe, due to the solid state of the mount, when you are banging through the gears it transmits more force from transmission causing a bit more noise, it gets picked up by the knock sensor pulling timing for a second. Other than that perfect!
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Easy Install 4 years ago
Went on easy. Do the back end first and use a little wd-40. Didn't notice too much of a vibration or noise difference.
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pitch stop 4 years ago
Car seemed to buck at WOT. no more of this problem with the new pitch stop. Easy install (bolts took a bit the crack loose) quick painless and worthwhile upgrade.
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Works as advertised! 4 years ago
Just finished installing this bad boy in my 2012 STi and it works wonders when shifting! Great product!
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Solid! 4 years ago
This is a sturdy (understatement of the year) piece of kit. Pop it in and imagine the world around you transforms into a smoother, more responsive respresentation. In other words: This thing is kickass. Easy to install, solid construction and (on sale) worth the money spent.
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This thing is awesome! 4 years ago
I could definitely feel the difference. My WRX feels so much more flat on the road when I hit the throttle. Thanks!
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Edit for previous review. 5 years ago
world1 level1
In my previous review I forgot to mention that with this mount, transmission response is a lot smoother. Especially with down shifting. Some people refer to the bucking bronco feel of stock transmission. Yes, this mount really does help this problem and makes a lot smoother. Not to mention the rpm drop is smoother too.
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Wow 5 years ago
Everyone says this part didnt do much for them but wow, this one little piece made a very noticeable difference for me in the way of added smoothness inbetween shifts. Install was a pain for me because it was my first time taking the intercooler off and the turbo to IC hose was stuck as hell, but once that was done it was a piece of cake. BUY THIS PART!
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Great chassi addition  5 years ago
Easy install, great feed back of weight transfer
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Pitch stop mount 5 years ago
Easy to install, took an hour start to finish, torque values are easily available online. Increased NVH on startup, but minimal.
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Fits and works great on a 2011 N/A Impreza 5 years ago
world1 level1
Yes, I own a N/A 2011 Impreza with no mods, other than suspension mods, and this pitch stop does fit. So far I have noticed a difference in acceleration. Not huge, but it is noticeable. As for the noise, as posted in all the other reviews, yes the start up is louder. However, it only lasts that second, and if you keep your door open when starting up the engine, no one will know it's there... At least yet.. One thing I notice, which I don't think anyone else has noticed, is I can now hear a noticeable difference in sound when driving. It is not loud, but it is a difference in sound anyone can notice. I think I can notice it because I do not have a catback exhaust or a CAI or SRI. My assumption is, if you own a turbo, with mods, you will probably not hear what I will hear in a rather quiet N/A Impreza. I like the noise, a lot, however, just throwing it out there since there is a noise difference while driving besides just the start up noises. Oh and no vibration. Some people wonder about the NVH, I have only noticed the noise. Hardest thing about the install was breaking loose the factory bolts. And of course I had to disconnect the intake to get access to the stock pitch stop mount. All in all, as long as you have a good wrench and sockets, and of course have a friend help you, this install should be fairly easy. Obviously installing the Kartboy pitch mount is cake. Read up on torque values if you care about torquing, which yes I have done. For the money it is great and I can't imagine you can go wrong. I mean the stock pitch stop mount is hard plastic with rubber bushings. I am sure the performance is probably better in turbos, however, if you own a N/A where you really cannot mod stuff since it does more harm than good, this is a great mod that will still benefit.
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Hells yeah. 5 years ago
Brock Samson
Love this. Noticed the difference almost immediately. I was having some vibration issues with a lightly built motor.
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