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Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper Mount



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So pretty under there.. 12 days ago
This pitch stop mount is perfect. Bling bling and it works great over the stock mount I had before.
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Beatrush 4 months ago
Easy install torque to spec or else you'll be spinning. NVH isn't bad gives you that race feeling I can hear the transmission more. Also can hear the engine crank a lot louder at start but it's nothing terrible. Only mount I have and can definitely feel the power to the wheels a lot better. High quality piece definitely recommend from stock
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Best pitch stop out there. 9 months ago
Same sermon dofferent Sunday? Not anymore! This pitch stop mount has been a priceless addition to my Subaru (98 impreza daily driven). Acceleration and take offs are cleaner and quicker and doenshifts and deceleration are waay quicker and smoother. Also when revving high the engine doesnt make this shaking sound that it did before either! This is the HIGHEST quality pitch stop you will find ANYWHERE. Forged aluminum (40× stronger than regular CNC) , high quality 90a urethane bushings, and a superior design for the highest strength and rigidity to weight ratio possible. Aside from just this mount i can recoomend beatrush as a whole. DO THIS 'mod' before adding any more power to your subaru or before driving it hard! I chose this over the perrin and kartboy ones. NVH isnt too much to discard. It sounds a little more "onboard". The real noise difference is turning the car on, and how much cleaner and alive it sounds and feels in the higher rpm's!
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Beatrush Pitch Stopper 2 years ago
Improved throttle responds, braking, and clutch feel. Less rattle when shifting, braking, and acceleration. I highly recommend this product.
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Beautiful piece, easiest install, almost no drawbacks 2 years ago
seriously even this piece which is supposedly the stiffest you can get is barely anything. gear whine isn't a big deal. engine start (starter motor) sounds literally like its behind the stereo and ONLY noticeable with windows up. windows down and you can't hear it at start up. I installed this piece first of the trifecta and this did clean up the shifts by about 20-30% it does make initial shifts and then when you accelerate firmer but not by a huge amount. you can definitely tell there's something different I guess i would say it feels less floaty? must have piece and I just purchased the beatrush engine mounts from RSD and will install that as soon as i get it on a weekend.
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Pitch Mount 2 years ago
Installed this on my 2008 STI, I have to say it definately helps with the engine not moving back and forth during hard acceleration and shifting. The stock one felt like it moved the engine way more. Definately worth the money!!!
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Great upgrade 2 years ago
I was debating for years getting this brand (because it's the most expensive) but let me tell you, it is AMAZING super quality, strong, holds the motor down Increased NVH (especially when built motor is cold lol)
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SO Amazing! 3 years ago
"for reference" [2012 fully built wrx stock trans] So ive been contemplating buying this for 3 years, I thought.. (expensive, and is it worth it?) let me tell you.... IT IS WORTH THE PRICE. Beatrush made a High quality part here!!! I mean just holding it before install you think your holding a brick of GOLD. Does it work? -YES! PROS- Amazing increase of feel/acceleration 4 Min Install You can hear everything the motor is doing! Overall less "slop" and helps slightly with drive line shock CONS- Increase of NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) [built race motor so I don't care]
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Great product 3 years ago
Made a noticeable difference in clutch engagement feel and feels like the engine moves around a little less
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Best pitch stop on the market  3 years ago
Installed this when I changed out my tmic, extremely simple install. 2 bolts and you're done. Slightly move nvh but it is amazing
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Amazing..!! 3 years ago
Excellent product!! Removed quite a bit of the pitch and only adds a little noticeable NVH. You can definitely feel the difference as it'll feel solid and stable, while also feeling more throttle response and better shifter feel. After installing, was wondering why I hadn't made the purchase sooner.
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awesome 4 years ago
This is a very high quality part. It is incredibly light and feels strong, especially compared to the stock part which is all kinds of flimsy in both the arm and the bushing. Some added NVH but I like it, especially how it sounds starting up.
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2015 STI Limited  4 years ago
Just installed this pitch stop on my 2015 STI!! All I have to say is that it's an amazing piece! The drivetrain is solid and less bucking/jerking in low rpm range, especially in 1st and 2nd gear. I also have the kartboy SS with front and rear bushings also a great piece! Next mods Beatrush tranny mount and Motor mounts.
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Increase in NVH.  4 years ago
Did this install at the sometime i installed my GrimmSpeed TMIC. Very easy install once TMIC is removed. NVH is higher, a noticeable change in starter sound and transmission whine but nothing terrible. I like it :)
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Pitch Stop 4 years ago
Easy install. Great piece. Cabin noise is more noticeable especially on start-up.
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Very easy to install !!! 4 years ago
I love this piece. Didn't know the OEM was made of plastic !! Glad I put this is. Didn't notice that much more NVH.
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Night & Day difference from stock 4 years ago
High Quality product from Beatrush. Solid mount with Solid bushings. Once installed, there is a lot more cabin noise when first starting your engine but alot less engine movement. Great upgrade for your money and installing taking only less then 20 mins. 98 Subaru 2.5RS Coupe
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Nice piece - works 4 years ago
Just installed it. The part looks like a quality piece. Obviously beefier than the original; I was shocked at how light and flimsy the original pitch stopper is. It was the first time I've pulled the TMIC myself and it was easy. The pitch stopper went right on. I immediately took it out for a short test drive and the difference is immediately noticeable. Yes, there is slightly more noise. In fact, I noticed a difference just starting the engine! I thought maybe I left a hose off or something. Don't get me wrong, it's not loud. I can hear more gear whine, etc. But again, not loud and my passenger's probably will not notice. As far as shifting goes..I noticed an immediate difference there as well. Feels more firm, less jerkiness at really now RMP and 1st gear creeping along with traffic. Shifting feels more positive and power transfer a little more immediate as well. I'm very happy I installed it!
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art in the engine bay 5 years ago
This is an awesome product, kinda wanted to frame it after I unwrapped it. Does what it says and can't complain about that.
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Love Beatrush Products 5 years ago
A beautiful piece. Much stronger and lighter than the stock pitch stop. It looks so nice it makes me want a FMIC so I can see it better. I didn't notice a lot of extra cabin noise. Totally worth it.
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Quality Piece 5 years ago
It's too bad it's hidden because it's a nice piece. I wanted the Beatrush because of the urethane bushings mainly plus this one is so much nicer than the other ones. You will hear more engine noise and ticking (injectors). But it helps eliminate the engine movement when shifting hard.
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Solid 5 years ago
Great investment, far superior to the stock mount, stock mount is a joke. Like everyone else states, did transfer some engine noise to the cabin, but with every upgrade my WRX is beginning to feel and drive like a real sports car. Upgrade your engine mounts and transmission mounts along with this, and you will be VERY happy with the results.
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Almost looks to good to install.  5 years ago
11' Sti
Came all wrapped and brand new. Looks real nice. Easy in install and great quality. Thank you RSD
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Noticable Difference 5 years ago
12 GR Sedan wrb
Great Upgrade.
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Solid 6 years ago
I compared various pitch stop mounts and found this one to be of the best quality. The mount stiffened up the all around driving feel. There is a bit of added NVH in the cabin, but I love it. Combined with the Beatrush rear diff support bar it adds for a way more solid ride. Fits perfect on my 1999 Impreza 2.5RS.
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Very solid 6 years ago
Great product! Nice looking in the engine bay. Only downfall is more engine noise but hell, who buys an sti for quietness? ;)
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Beatrush Pitch stop 6 years ago
Excellent product. Like another here said, it won't even take a beer to install. The handling and feel is greatly improved, not sure how much on a stock impreza but combined with other mods it is wonderful. It does however increase cabin noise at start up mostly, also some additional noise when shifting gears.
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Beatrush Forged Pitch Stop Mount 6 years ago
Looks very nice, and good quality. Installed on my 2009 WRX Sedan. Huge increase of cabin noise, especially when starting the car. Definitely less rocking which is nice. Very much worth it if you can handle the increased noise.
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Great Product 6 years ago
This was one of the best mods that I have done so far. Throttle response is greatly increased. Cabin noise is slightly increased, however it is a fair trade off. I would recommend this to anyone looking for more performance.
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Worth the wait! 7 years ago
Waited almost a month for this thing to come in but it was sure worth the wait. Fits perfectly in the factory location and is certainly a nice piece to look at. Too bad its covered up by the top mount intercooler, well for now anyways:p
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Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper Mount (Part Number: )
Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper Mount (Part Number: )
Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper Mount (Part Number: )
Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper Mount (Part Number: )
Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper Mount (Part Number: )
Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper Mount (Part Number: )
Beatrush Forged Pitching Stopper Mount (Part Number: )