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GrimmSpeed Phenolic Thermal Spacer 3mm

MODEL # GRM 018001


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GrimmSpeed Phenolic Thermal Spacer 3mm ( Part Number: 018001)
GrimmSpeed Phenolic Thermal Spacer 3mm ( Part Number: 018001)
Does what it says 1 year ago
Lowered intake temps a few degrees and was almost no effort to install because I already had the TGVs off. Even fit over the alignment pins for the gaskets so they didn't slide all over. Would've gone with the 8mm but I heard some things about clearance issues with TMIC.
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2006 STI built longblock 2 years ago
I threw these on while I was having my heads redone. After many, many WOT pulls, my intake manifold don't seem to be collecting much heat.
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Good stuff 4 years ago
My intake manifold is MUCH cooler after installing the spacers, even with the hot Phoenix weather. Might as well install these if you happen to have the manifold off.
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What can I say, they do their job! 4 years ago
Amazing temp difference in the intake manifold after a hard run! If your intake manifold is off there's no reason NOT to install these! Just don't forget to order 2 sets of gaskets!
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awesome 5 years ago
My sti use to run at a operating temp of 190-205 on average during the winter. Now that's its spring and its getting hotter out I install these and now my car is running around 180-185 tops. That tells me right there these dropped my temps significantly.grimmspeed FTW!
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Must have when the intake is off.  6 years ago
Do all the upgrades at once with the intake manifold off it saves on labor. @ $60ish its worth it
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Must have when the intake is off.  6 years ago
As the title states when the intake is off these are a must. The 3mm spacers fit perfectly and did make a noticeable difference in temperature on the intake manifold. Thanks RSD.
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Best cooling mod yet 6 years ago
Installation was a pain but it was so worth it. My intake manifold, even after pushing it, was still cool enough to touch.
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They work! 7 years ago
Easy to install once the difficult intake manifold comes off. Significant different in the temps on the exterior of the intake. It's only logical to do when deleting TGV's
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questionable... 4 years ago
Looks and feels like a great item just not sure if it warrants the $70 price, seems to do what it's made for.
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Just get IAG.  9 months ago
Elliot Hahn
You can get the same exact thing from IAG for $45 AND it includes gaskets. Pretty annoying that you spend almost $70 and don't even get install hardware.
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Check your clearances 7 years ago
The benefits are hard to measure, but if your intake manifold is off there isn't much reason to avoid it. Once thing to check for would be any clearance issues if your IM were to sit 3mm higher.
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2013 Sti 9 months ago
I couldn't identified any difference in the temp. I think it's because all the heat that comes out of the radiator hit the intake manifold heating it up making this gasket not much useful.
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No difference 3 years ago
PLN 33
I have these installed along with the 2 recommended gaskets and notice no difference. my manifold is still very hot even when I just cruise around town in 75 degree weather. maybe i have a defective pair if that's possible. kind of surprised me since all the other reviews are 5 stars
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GrimmSpeed Phenolic Thermal Spacer 3mm (Part Number: )
GrimmSpeed Phenolic Thermal Spacer 3mm (Part Number: )