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Cusco Wide Accelerator Pedal

MODEL # CUS 965 766 A



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Excellent addition to my BRZ!
treminaor 2 years ago
Love this pedal. If you have trouble blipping the gas pedal in your FRS/BRZ this will solve the problem. I've also found that this pedal makes the throttle response feel much more natural to me, coming from my last car which was a Porsche with a floor-mounted gas pedal. The installation is a little confusing because the instructions are in Japanese exclusively, but this should be enough to help you: 1) Clean your gas pedal with rubbing alcohol. 2) Stick the black rubber anti-slip pad onto your gas pedal and apply pressure for a bit. 3) Thread all 4 screws into the pedal and place the brackets onto the screws as shown on the picture instructions. Twist the nuts onto the screws to keep the brackets from falling off. 4) Slide the pedal sideways onto your gas pedal, it should fit loosely. Align it to your preference. 5) Use a Size 6 metric wrench or whatever you can find to hold the nut on the back while you tighten the allen screw with an allen key.


Subaru BRZ
av8226294 3 years ago
Great product! Increases the width of the pedal which helps with blipping with the side of my feet.

Stock Pedal sucks for BRZ/FR-S
pkfbdtr1 3 years ago
Installed this on my brz and heel and toeing is such a breeze way better.
Verified Purchase

Excellent Upgrade
guitarplayer0376 4 years ago
I installed this on my 2014 WRX. Remove the entire foot pedal arm (2 bolts) and unclip the wiring harness. One snip with some metal cutters, and this installs nicely on the WRX pedal. This pedal was actually TOO wide for me at first, I kept hitting the gas and brake at the same time unintentionally. So, I actually used a grinder and took some off of it, fits me perfect now.
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Great product for heel&toe shifting
felicialien63832 4 years ago
I was having difficulty heel & toe on my subaru BRZ. After a straightforward but mildly annoying installation, heel&toe is now easy to learn. Highly recommended.

Fits '11 STi
STiLuke 4 years ago
Installed it in my '11 STi, just needed to trim smaller tab to fit perfectly. Makes it easy to heel-toe and looks great!
Verified Purchase

works on my WRX too!!!!
socalf4#51 4 years ago
Installed this on my 09 WRX with very minor modification. Just had to grind down one tab a bit and went on perfect. Much easier to heel-toe with
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Great for track use
overlookedx 4 years ago
Got this before a track day since I wanted to try the heel-toe technique and the stock BRZ pedals were falling just a bit short. It was probably the hardest thing to install on the car so far (and that includes 4 different exhausts, springs, wheels, etc), just because of having to fiddle with 4 little screws in the hardest to reach part of the car. But once it's on.. it's perfect! Heel-toeing is so much easier now and the pedal looks and feels great. Just be weary when sitting at a stoplight with your foot on the brake, I find that if I'm being especially lazy I can accidentally rev the engine a little.

Fitment on other Subaru Chassis Confirmed
Steve @ Cusco USA 4 years ago
We have confirmed fitment for this item on the following Subaru Models (Chassis Code): Impreza WRX/STI(GH/GR/GV) Impreza Sports (GP) XV (GP7) Impreza G4 (GJ) Legacy Touring Wagon (BR) Legacy B4 (BM) Exiga (YA) Forester (SJ, SH)
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Great product!
Brn12345 4 years ago
The gap between the throttle and brake pedal on a stock BRZ/FRS/86 is massive. Installing the Cusco Wide Pedal really helps. Install is simple and the pedal fits very securely. As expected from Cusco the quailty of parts is very high. Friends who drove my car absolutely love it.
Verified Purchase

'08 STI
MaximNYC 5 years ago
Fits 08+ STI with some minor modifications.
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Gain gas pedal surface area and aids in easy Heel-toe.
Alliedforces8660783 5 years ago
Purchased this pedal to aid in my heel-toe maneuvers. Sometimes I wear narrow shoes and heel-toe becomes a tricky challenge and my consistency suffers. So far driving with the new pedal installed I haven't had any problems. Cheap simple solution that even adds more class to the interior and will give you confidence on the track or a windy road.
Verified Purchase

Easier heel-toe blipping
MikeG 6 months ago
I was having a lot of trouble blipping the throttle in the BRZ. I tried a couple heel-toe techniques but none of them really worked for me. This part completely fixed my problem. Nice quality, reasonably easy install provided you pull the entire accelerator pedal assembly (just 2 bolts and an electrical plug).
Verified Purchase

Hard to install
j.mandery85689 4 years ago
This is a pain in the neck to install for a big man, but once in it is great!!