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Verus Engineering Throttle Pedal Spacer Black



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Quality Piece  2 years ago
4out of 5stars
Terrapin Rex
The spacer itself is a very high quality piece. Definitely over engineered, but has the price tag to go along with it. It's a little pricey for what it does, but you definitely get what you pay for. Initial impressions are it certainly does what it claims it does. The gas pedal moves higher up and closer to the brake pedal. Verus recommends installing the spacer as far away from the brake pedal as the spacer allows. Prior to my 2012 WRX I always heel and toe down shifted with my 2000 civic si but since getting the wrx it's been more challenging considering the placement of the gas pedal in relation to the brake pedal. I didn't have problems heel and toe shifting with the wrx, but it was annoying enough that I just rev matched down shifted first then hit my brake pedal. All to say I wish there was a way to move the gas pedal closer to the brake pedal WITHOUT it moving higher. When hitting the brakes to the point where the car is slowing down my gas pedal is higher than my brake pedal which can feel unnatural. I'm sure I just need to acclimate to the new setup, but for what it's worth heel and toe is easier, and I can't say enough about the build quality.
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Moves gas pedal a bit too high 10 months ago
3out of 5stars
Had this in my 2017 WRX. Over engineered by a mile, really nice product. BUT by the time the brakes would bite, the gas pedal was too high to get my heel up to. Really wish the increase towards driver was s the perfect either though.
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