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STI JDM Black STI R205 Ornament Right Side

MODEL # STI ST91123ZR020


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STI JDM Black STI R205 Ornament Right Side ( Part Number: ST91123ZR020)
STI JDM Black STI R205 Ornament Right Side ( Part Number: ST91123ZR020)
2011 STi Hatchback 4 years ago
Straight from Japan, these things are certified 'Ninja'!
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Looks Good 5 years ago
This was super easy to do and looks really good.
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Elegant look 5 years ago
Install was easy, except for removing the residue from the OEM silver ornaments. Adds a very subtle, elegant look to the car.
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STI JDM Black R205 Ornament  5 years ago
This adds a really nice look to the STI. It takes time to take off the old one with all the sticky tape, but its not very hard.
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Well worth it 5 years ago
Excellent quality. Perfect fit. Easy install took about 30 mins tops to do both sides. Most of that was removing the old adhesive. So much better than the chrome trim.
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Sweeeet 5 years ago
Josh B
This was a pretty good cosmetic change for my Subaru. Love it, good product and fit perfect!
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Easy install :) 5 years ago
the sti hatch guy
Talk about a minor but dramatic change. It give just the right amount of change in such a subtle way that you can't resist to just stare at. Simple install makes it all that much better. Well worth the time and minimal effort. Thanks RSD!!
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Great Look. Perfect Fitment 5 years ago
Easy Install
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Look great! 5 years ago
Simple install. Takes a few minutes to remove old badge and remove remaining adhesive. Fast shipping.
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Just What I Expected 5 years ago
Couldn't ask for more. Fast shipping and quality products. Best service ever when it comes to shopping for parts online.
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Pull The Trigger! 5 years ago
Clean, match OEM center caps on wheels, compliment all body colors. Install is easy just takes a little time and patience.
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Easy install 5 years ago
A great improvement on the look of the car with such an easy installation, Looks great with the Rally Armour Mud flaps too, Thanks RSD!
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Amazing!!!  6 years ago
It's quite amazing as to how much it changes the way the car looks with something so small and simple... Love it!!!
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STI JDM Black STI R205 Ornament 6 years ago
Something so simple can make a huge difference. I love it
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Easy, subtle, cool 6 years ago
Looks great on my white STi. Matches my black w/ red mudflaps perfectly. Can't wait to get some more JDM goodness on this car. If you don't have any adhesive remover on hand don't worry. I just scored the old adhesive then soaked in WD40 for a few minutes and it scraped right off. Also helped that I made a miniature scraper out of a flathead screwdriver using my grinder, heh heh.
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Simple & Straight-forward 6 years ago
You dont need to fully take off the side fenders, save yourself some beer time, open the door, pop the top of the fender off, hit it with a heat gun & peel off the stock ornament, then clean it with some rubbing alcohol & apply the JDM Ornament, they look great!
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Perfect fitment! Look awesome! 6 years ago
Another perfect transaction with RSD! I love this place!
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Sti fender 7 years ago
I love it, easy to install and looks great
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Very cool... 7 years ago
Easy to install... really simple. Getting the old adhesive off was the most time consuming for me. I have the black STi, so these look way better than the silver stock ones in my opinion.
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It's the litte things 7 years ago
Have a 12 lightning red wrx and the silver badges just weren't fitting in. This is the perfect replacement piece versus the alternatives of painting, Plastidip, etc. Very easy to install.
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Perfect 7 years ago
Just what the car needed. Fast shipping, great support. Thanks.
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Great Piece 7 years ago
I'd buy it again. Tough to get the oem adhesive off. Use 3M adhesive remover, and you'll be ok.
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looks great 7 years ago
nice piece to enhance the exterior, though a little pricey.
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Nice!! 7 years ago
Look great and very easy to install
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Little money big result  8 years ago
I have a red 2011 STI and the brushed aluminum look didn't fit at all. After I put these on I have gotten a lot of compliments really goes well with the car.
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Very good replacement 8 years ago
OEM-quality and very good looking, especially on darker cars. Easy to replace ( fixed with 3M-tape) .
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STI JDM Black STI R205 Ornament Right Side (Part Number: )
STI JDM Black STI R205 Ornament Right Side (Part Number: )