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Subaru Genuine OEM Oil Filter

MODEL # SUB 15208AA12A


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Subaru Genuine OEM Oil Filter ( Part Number: 15208AA12A)
Honestly, why not OEM? 2 months ago
OEM filter. Does the job. I’ve never had issues with them.
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Preferred over Other Brands 7 months ago
The OEM oil filter is great and has very competitive flow rates
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The only oil filter I use 9 months ago
This is one of those items where OEM is the way to go. You get good quality at a reasonable price. Never had issues with these.
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Yep, it's a filter. 1 year ago
Oh boy, it sure does filter my oil. You pop this baby in and it'll do exactly what it's supposed to. Good job you little blue champ. You make papa proud. P.S. be sure to burn your hand on the headers when replacing your old filter. It's part of the ritual.
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Oil change 1 year ago
Great filter.
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Dont mess around. This is a crucial element. Use this filter and no other
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Subaru oem oil filter  2 years ago
I'm sure Subaru have spent money and time , making sure this filter is great and will not have any issue for their boxer engines . I've use this on my 2006 sti and the engine is still great . No issues and cheap .
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Sometimes You Can't Beat the Original 2 years ago
Mark R.
I've been buying these since I first owned my 2009 Subaru WRX. Overall, I believe, after reading reviews and actual comparisons and studies between filters, that these are the best filters for the WRX. Aside from that, I've received plenty of recommendations to stick with genuine OEM filters with the Subarus.
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Great Filter at a Great Price! 3 years ago
Not much to say about this, as the filter speaks for itself. OEM Subaru quality & I have never had one fail me.
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Nothing less then expected 3 years ago
I have no reason not to love this filter. I used it when switching to synthetic oil my 04 WRX. It does its job, I haven't encountered any problems.
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does what its supposed to  3 years ago
Simply picked up a few for future oil changes; does what it was made to do..
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Oil Change 4 years ago
Great for the DIY oil changer
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Good solid filters. 4 years ago
In my small town all the places to change oil act like this is the first wrx they have seen and tell me they cant change my oil because no one carries that filter. I order these from rsd and now the oil change people trip when i show up with my own filters and oil. Only filter i use in my car.
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can't beat it 4 years ago
OEM ftw!
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2013 STi Limited Sedan 4 years ago
Great filter. High quality. VERY GREAT PRICE. and of course. buy this from RSD. they dont play around when it comes to getting things to u fast
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Oil Filter 4 years ago
Fits with no issues.
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+25 HP!! 4 years ago
dont waste money on the fancy ones that cost 4 times as much. this works just fine on my 2011 wrx moderately modded running a slightly heavier redline oil.
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Filters Hardcore 5 years ago
Fits my '06 WRX... when I put it on my car, my oil was being filtered, I asked my car how it liked the oil filter and it said it was great... seems to be taking in non-filtered oil and pushing out filtered oil. YEY!
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Oem  5 years ago
[email protected]
The perfect filter for our motors. I will continue o stick with these as I have found, they work the best for our wrx's. I suggest 3-4k mile oil changes as our motors are designed for the performance driver. Combine these with the black hole magnets and you got yourself one hell of a filter. Thanks rsd
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Buy It 5 years ago
Need it for every oil change. Buy it from RSD because they are awesome.
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OEM Subaru Oil Filter 5 years ago
Perfect Fit on my 2000 Impreza!
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good simple reliable filter 5 years ago
Does its job.The oil stays clean longer than with any other I've tried, even the more expensive ones.can't go wrong with this one just buy it.
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2006 STI 5 years ago
Good enough for Subaru, good enough for me. Price is also reasonable compared to other oil filters.
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Nothing wrong with OEM! 5 years ago
Can't go wrong with the OEM filter. I debated going with the K&N or Fram, but with the price of the OEM filter on RSD so reasonable who could pass up the deal!
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OEM is great 5 years ago
Subaru makes a great filter.
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OEM filter, always my first choice 5 years ago
This is the same OEM filter that I typically drive to the subaru dealer to purchase. I use these filters every oil change on my Saab 9-2x Aero. Great fitment and function as expected from an OEM product.
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Works like it should 5 years ago
Def filters very well! Once agin thanks RSD for great service, from a loyal and forever customer.
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Good 5 years ago
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Aftermarket isnt always better 5 years ago
Great filter!!! It speaks for itself.
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SIMPLE and EASY 5 years ago
Got to love OEM products sometimes. Very easy when changing my oil. Had no trouble with attaching this back on to my filter spot. Thanks RSD for the quick shipping, for sure going to be using this product again. See you in a few thousand miles again.
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