Power Enterprise Mag Power 2 Oil Filter  ( Part Number:POW OF-02A-2)

Power Enterprise Mag Power 2 Oil Filter

Part #: POW OF-02A-2


Brand: Power Enterprise
Color: White
Pressure Relief Valve: Yes
Includes Drain Plug Gasket: No

Condition: New Product
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The Power Enterprise Mag Power 2 Oil Filter features drastic improvements in filter media technology with ultra fine 15 microns media, as opposed to stock (30 microns), provides exceptional filtering efficiency with minimal pressure loss. This new filter media maintains its integrity as it is reinforced 1.5 times stronger than the stock. The Mag Power 2 is designed with outer mesh lath core instead of conventional punched core improves oil flow and helps to lower pressure loss. Small abrasive metallic dust trapped by center mount 3.000 gauss magnetic force magnet, with a seriously strong adsorption power of 2.4kg. The Neodymium magnet is excellent in heat resistance demonstrates high magnetic force between -20C and +140C. A reinforced relief valve prevents overflow of dirty oil with sludge and metallic dust at cold start. The silicone leak strap rubber holds oil inside to prevent any oil leakage. The bottom of the Mag Power 2 is seamed with a nitrite rubber gasket that is excellent in heat resistance.


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darkmoonkhan313 4 years ago
If you don't get it you never will, Prova aka Power enterprise in japan's highest end mfg of performance everything.
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excellent oil filter
kfedick 5 years ago
This oil filter is great!!. Since subaru stopped making the black ones a lot of people are forced to use other oil filters such as purolator, wix, the blue subaru ones... Everyone thinks I'm nuts for spending $20 on an oil filter...but look at the price of canton and similar high quality oil filters. This is the part that keeps pieces of metal and crud out of your engine?!?!?! People should USE THESE!! they filter out twice as small of material, while having no loss in flow, probably an increase in flow actually. Just looking inside you can see that it is well built... I am completing my engine build now and plan on using these exclusively. After the first oil change I will post a picture of this filter cut open... just add some of these to your next order, why spend money on an engine build and not protect it..

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