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K&N Oil Filter HP-1008

MODEL # KN HP-1008


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K&N Oil Filter HP-1008 ( Part Number: HP-1008)
K&N Oil Filter HP-1008 ( Part Number: HP-1008)
K&N Oil Filter HP-1008 ( Part Number: HP-1008)
K&N Oil Filter HP-1008 ( Part Number: HP-1008)
good service from rallysport and kn 3 years ago
after posting my review rally sport contacted me directly and got me in touch with a kn rep who sorted me out, may not be the best product still, but they do take care of their customers. and of course rallysport does as well.
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No longer made in USA 4 years ago
Even though i own a car made in japan. i value products made in the USA. so when possible i choose products made in the USA, even if it cost more. i have used K&N oil filters and intake filters since i bought my car new. 5 years later they are now made in Korea, Mexico, and probably China...I called K&N and they didn't seem to care about my feedback so i will be looking to a new brand oil filter...
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Sorry K&N 6 years ago
This filter is not as good as the OEM Blues were and or the black's are week. 2k on stock wrx 2011 and oil is already dark. My air oil has been working overtime. Never liked my drop'n either went to the apexi or aem dry flow. If you got the paper check into Prova dry drop in oh ya power enterprise is there oil filter and I'm never going back.
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Fantastic oil filter! 6 years ago
I use this filter EVERY time I change my oil and have had absolutely no problems. I love K&N filters and they are very good quality for the price.
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Nice solid piece  6 years ago
looks nice and solid compare to other brands and it's really small compare to other ones I've used and I was concern about it but I guess it's said to made for the wrx but we'll see how it goes
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quality! 7 years ago
i have been using k&n oil filters since the second oil change on my 2011 wrx and they have not let me down! very well made and the nut helps so much with taking it off!
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7 years ago
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great filter 7 years ago
good quality and wrench off design. cant go wrong
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Great product 7 years ago
I have one of 'em in my 06 wrx right now and a stack of 'em waiting in my garage! You should probably throw a few into your next order like I often do when buying from RSD.
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Another great product from K&N 7 years ago
Tanner S.
K&N products are very high quality. I use this filter on all of my cars and have been for years.
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good quality filter 7 years ago
high quality oil filter and wrench off design is nice. cant go wrong with the parts supplied at rallysport
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Screw it 8 years ago
Best filter ever, only because you can actually get it off with a normal tool and safety wire it if so desired.
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Good filter but not the best 5 years ago
This filter worked well and did its job, but the nut on top to aid in removal isn't as useful as I had imagined. I think I'll just stick to the oem blue filters and my hand.
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Oil Leaks 5 years ago
I have had two of these filters leak oil from the top where the nut mates to the canister. I never put a wrench on it except to remove it and I only ever put them on hand tight. It seems that this is a weak point in the design and not due to improper installation . I'm not going to give it a single star because I have used it on my car before without issue. That being said, I've lost faith in the quality of this filter and can't trust it to protect the car anymore, so I won't be buying a k&n filter again.
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Just get oem 3 months ago
Jonas Bos
It is covered in oil runoff and its not even close to change time. RSD awesome as usual though.
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Leaking oil filter 3 years ago
My car was pissing oil when I got under to check what was happening it looks like the oil filter leaks from the tac welds that they do to get the nut onto the oil case. Just terrible.
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Oil leakers guarantee 4 years ago
I bought 4 of these nut design filters thinking that this design is a good one. After the first leaked I installed another of the same type, now this is leaking too. As an engineer I can only recommend to stay away from this design, in the worst case you will blow your engine because of poor engineering performance of somebody else. Whom to blame if my GTR engine blows at 200mph...stay away from these...btw I have two filters to sell.... very cheap. To be honest I would not take them even for free.
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oil leaks!!!!!!! 4 years ago
oil leak very bad!!!! dont get this guys!!! take a look at the pic
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Oil leaking 4 years ago
I bought 1 from Rally Sport Direct which began leaking oil, I did not notice the leak until it was almost too late. I had like a quart left in the engine. Luckily I flushed what was left and put a brand new K&N filter (HP-1008) which began leaking IMMEDIATELY! I was shocked, needless to say I have to look into better brands than K&N. I will definitely not be purchasing again from K&N again, and I most likely will just revert back to good ol' OEM filter.
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K&N Oil Filter HP-1008 (Part Number: )
K&N Oil Filter HP-1008 (Part Number: )
K&N Oil Filter HP-1008 (Part Number: )
K&N Oil Filter HP-1008 (Part Number: )